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Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Stefano-Clemente Ricci

Character In-Game Name: Stefano

Nickname(s): Fano, Steffy, Mophead, Mopsweat

Association(s): Formerly the Scarlet Crusade, Formerly the Argent Dawn, the Argent Crusade

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Skills and Abilities: Due to brain injury, Stefano's abilities as a paladin has been impaired in that recall in wielding Light magic has been inhibited, thus making him much less reliable in combat. For the most part, his spells devote to protecting others from harm. Other spells will need assistance from others in order to cast.

Age: 33

Sex: Male

Hair: Messy golden blond mop of hair. His bangs have a tendency to obscure his eyes and ears.

Eyes: Green

Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 6'


As a civilian, he favors humble clothing with a simple black or brown hat. In uniform, he wears humble plate armor with the Argent Crusade tabard.

Other: Stefano suffers from impaired memory as a permanent feature of resurrection sickness due to being shot in the lower back of the head; this is mostly seen in his inability to recall how to cast Light magic as well as lowered reaction times in general. In addition to impaired memory, Stefano has mild prosopagnosia--"face blindness". Though he can see and recognize parts of the face, his ability to piece them together in order to recognize an individual is difficult for him. Thus, he must rely on other cues--voice, clothes, body shapes, and so forth--to distinguish individuals from one another. It is not so severe, however, that he cannot learn to identify new people--he'll have to rely on other cues to remember new friends and associates, especially if the individual has particularly outstanding features on his or her face.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Fano is usually a very blithe and lively fellow, often known for his light-hearted joker nature. For this reason, he often comes off as carefree and apathetic even during dire situations, resulting in being chastised for being irresponsible and indifferent. In reality, his humor is often used as a coping mechanism--should he become too serious or sad, he has a tendency to break down to the point of debilitating depression. For this reason, Fano almost literally cannot afford to be sad or too serious, as he fears breaking down and becoming weak. This could especially be seen lately as he tries to cope with his lessened ability to recognize faces, attributing his disability to being “dumb” or “frequently forgetful” when in reality, his ability to perceive facial construction has been broken.

Despite his light nature, Fano can be very short-tempered. He is prone to acting out his anger very quickly at the slightest of provocations, especially if statements are directed at his family or history. In addition to this, though Stefano can be very open and friendly towards others, he has little trust to any race besides other humans, dwarves, and high elves (due to being Lordaeron-born) despite once serving in the Argent Crusade. Individuals of other races would have to work hard to earn Fano's trust.


Stefano Ricci was born and raised in Capital City within the Kingdom of Lordaeron during its prosperous years before the First War broke out. His family was composed of teachers and historians--even his father delved deeply into Arathorian history, and Fano began following shortly. During his younger years as a teenager then as a young adult, Fano worked on the side as a tour guide around the city, often tasked with introducing foreigners to basic culture and history. For a time, Fano rarely ever left the Capital City, holding love and loyalty to the kingdom of Lordaeron like no other.

It was not until he met a visiting Southshore woman named Allegra Costa that he decided to leave his beloved city to court her. By an uncanny stroke of luck, Stefano managed to survive the Scourge's run throughout the Kingdom, though his family there was not spared. Infuriated with his feelings of helplessness, Stefano decided upon training himself in combat to protect himself and his newfound love. It was then that he and Allegra traveled together with a vow to fight the Scourge, with Stefano training as a paladin and Allegra in the arcane. Soon, they would marry, and Dante is born just before Stefano would join battle.

While Stefano's previous timing with the Scourge was of pure luck, his next wouldn't be so lucky--thinking he joined the remnants of the Knights of the Silver Hand, instead he would find himself joining the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. For a time he left Allegra behind in the safety of Ironforge, hoping she'd stay far away from the hordes of undead as much as she could while they would not be too far apart. He then fought for the Crusade for some years, though feelings of uncertainty would rise in his heart as well as his head regarding the intentions and sanity of the Crusade itself. After four years of serving the Crusade, a turnabout arrived in what felt like a heartbeat--a group of undead was discovered to wander about aimlessly in the Plaguelands, and Stefano and his unit were ordered to eradicate them. This seemed like a standard procedure... until Stefano looked closer upon the undead that were slaughtered. The slayed Forsaken were but a wandering group of undead Capital City civilians, one of them being Stefano's youngest sister. No longer wanting anything else to do with the Scarlet Crusade, Stefano departs to stay with his family until word spread of the Argent Dawn's formation. He would then serve among the Argents at Light's Hope Cathedral and remained there until the formation of the Argent Crusade. He continued to serve then, joining up campaigns against the Lich King in Northrend.

It was not until he was on Winter's Veil leave when his service to the Argent Crusade was cut short--while in Southshore visiting Allegra and their two sons Dante and Nico, Stefano was shot in the head then taken to the headquarters of a crime organization known as the Red Glove, where he was resurrected. It turned out that Allegra was a former member of the Glove and Stefano was intended to be held prisoner until her return. With his Light-wielding abilities held back through silencing magic, Stefano was forced into slavery as the Glove continued to threaten Allegra back to the organization. Two years have passed, however--no word from Allegra came up, and Stefano was transferred from base to base. He attempted to stage a revolt among other captives against the Glove, which resulted in the destruction of a base of operations in Dustwallow Marsh... but not his escape. He was transferred one last time to a mine in Badlands where he continued his work there for some time... until the arrival of Annabelle Greene and Hrodebert Rivermouth, where another revolt occurred. This time, Stefano was freed, but as he rushed home, Allegra and their children were gone.

Stefano now devotes his time plotting against the Glove as well as relearning the ways of the Light and keeping up with the times. Two years of being trapped resulted in a very confused and unsure paladin, and he has a lot to catch up with while still taking care of unfinished business. He has new friends since his escape, though, and fairly recently he just met up with his cousin Cristovao di Silvio, whom he assumed died with Lordaeron. Now all he has to do is rediscover his abilities in the Light, find his family, and get his life back together.