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Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Brother Kitson Rudoff Hunter (formerly Myrlon)

Character In-Game Name: Kitson

Nickname(s): Kit, First Aid Kit

Association(s): Church of the Holy Light, Stormwind Cathedral, the Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Priest

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 6'2"

Height: 145 lbs.


Usual Garments/Armor: Kitson doesn't have much choice in what he wears--what he dons is what he's given within the Stormwind Cathedral. Appearance means nothing to him; only comfort. Thus, he is often in comfortable, lightweight robes that give him plenty of mobility when travelling about the city. In addition to priest garbs, he often wears a hood over his head. He used to wear a blindfold over his eyes, but this fell out of practice.

Other: Kitson is much thinner than his model suggests; as a priest who walks often, he is by no means a hulking slab of meat on legs. This slenderness, paired with a relatively youthful, frequently clean-shaven face tends to give the impression that he's much younger than he really is.


  • Alignment: Lawful Good

Having lived a long, lonely life in the Cathedral, Kitson is naturally curious and adventurous. Not willing to let his blindness inhibit his ability to explore, Kitson will follow anyone into the terrifying unknown. This would often get him into trouble, as the priest’s eagerness forms recklessness and even a flawed sense of self-preservation.

Kitson is a very open and friendly person, though ever since he was deceptively used to assist criminals and their unlawful activities, the young priest is apprehensive of people’s attempts to guide and help him; thus, he will repeatedly remind people of his independence and self-sufficiency as a means of protecting himself. Despite his tendency to distrust people, he is otherwise eager to help others and be a friend.

The young priest is almost entirely that of smiles and sunshine to those around him, hoping to be a spiritual guide despite being a fairly new cleric. Ever since he discovered his family, he is also very willing to make sure friendships and family bonds remain close and iron strong. Like the Light that heals and strengthens people, Kitson presents himself as a lifter of spirits. It’s just that his curiosity and adventurous nature would cause him more trouble than it is really worth.


Kitson has very little recollection of his life prior to being dropped off at the Stormwind Orphanage--all he had to him when he was admitted was a scratched medal from the Second War. Because he had no name given, the orphanage named him "Kitson Myrlon" out of a list of names readily available for nameless orphans. Though only two years old at the time, the matrons there recognized a problem within the boy--he would not respond to actions made before him, and he couldn't navigate about the rooms without bumping into things. Suspected his vision may be impaired, the matrons took him to the Stormwind Cathedral. It turns out they were right: Kitson is blind. Thinking the blindness could be cured, Kitson was left at the Cathedral in the hands of the priests. As the years would pass, no signs of improvement came. By this point, Kitson became moreso attached to the priests who cared for him than the matrons who checked on him; thus, the matron decided to let Kitson remain within the church, seeing that the Cathedral essentially adopted the boy.

Though Kitson did form bonds with priests within the Cathedral, he could barely cite names or recognize anyone... or talk much, for that matter. The boy was just about spoonfed in his upbringing-- food and clothing was chosen and given directly to him, and the tones of people speaking to him were slow and simplistic. It was not until he turned almost ten when a priest of noble birth named Brother Gunther Colemann noticed the detrimentally delayed development of the blind boy. Feeling much sympathy for him, Gunther assigned himself as Kitson's mentor, taking up time to teach him how to become more independent. Gunther became the closest to a father figure to Kitson, and eventually, Kitson would be able to think and move about for himself. By the time he turned twelve, he was able to cook his own food, wash his own clothes, and judge his surroundings using his ears and nose almost as well as a person using his eyes. Of all the lessons Kitson learned from Gunther, however, the most valuable was to learn how to be social and pleasant despite his disabilities--Kitson would overcome his crippling delays and grow to be self-sufficient.

However, Gunther would fear the outside world would be very cruel to the blind boy, and thus, despite the self-sufficiency, the young acolyte would still live almost strictly within the Cathedral walls. As Kitson entered his teen years, he grew to be restless and even a bit rebellious. Though faithful in the Light as he was raised, he became irritable towards the priests as they try to keep him focused solely on priestly duties. Eventually, Kitson would escape the Cathedral during sleeping hours, uninhibited by the darkness that cloaks the city of Stormwind. It was around this time he began making friends... of the shady sort. A group of thieves realized Kitson's training in certain spells taught only to priests such as that of levitation. Presenting themselves as good Samaritans, the thieves would cook up schemes in which levitation would be used to their advantage, such as floating to rooftops to climb into chimneys and steal from the rich. Kitson was suckered into this false friendship, thinking he's genuinely assisting Samaritans who are fixing broken homes and rescuing lost cats. The facade lasted years, with Kitson keeping secrets of his escapades at night from Brother Gunther.

Eventually, Kitson would run into genuinely good-hearted company in a retired paladin named Matthew Hunter and a Dalaran gnome mage named Carter. As the three would share stories, Kitson would present the medal he had since he was a toddler, primarily as a harmless excuse for an unfinished tale. With Carter's help in divination, the owner of the medal was revealed to be that of Matthew's dead brother, Derrick Hunter. With his curiosity satiated, Kitson made efforts to try to learn more about Derrick; however, his plans were rebuffed when he divulged them to Brother Gunther. Little did he know, however, was that thieves who "befriended" him would target Gunther next. As Kitson would inadvertently assist the thieves in burglarizing Gunther's home and kidnapping Gunther himself, Matthew, Carter, and companions Cristovao and Ruby would thwart the attempts altogether. Though the thieves' leader, Roekis, escaped, Gunther turned out to be all right, and Kitson finally saw through the deceit. Entirely apologetic and guilty for contributing to Gunther's danger, Kitson retired from going out of the Cathedral and stayed inside for penance.

Matthew Hunter, with a lead in learning about a family he didn't know he had through the medal, began connecting dots wherein he would find Kitson's birth mother--Elsamina, a Stormwind guard who now works for SI:7. A reunion was arranged, as well as an explanation as to why Kitson was abandoned as a baby: When Derrick died, Elsamina was forced into a marriage with the noble Gunther by both their families. In order for the marriage to be made, Elsa's sons--twin boys Rudoff and Randoff--were to be abandoned and no longer recognized as her children. As the decision was made by Elsa and Gunther's families and not themselves, Kitson held no bitterness for his pained mother. The reunion was made, and Kitson, identified as the blind Rudoff, could not be any happier. However, there was one more missing family member: "Randoff", Kitson's younger twin. As Matthew would continue the investigation, Kitson would wait as he caught up with his beloved mother and now stepfather.

Randoff was found, and like Kitson, he was renamed: Kogan Eigel, now a knight-lieutenant of the Stormwind Guard. Kitson and Kogan were reunited, though neither could identify themselves as brothers due being separated since their admission to the orphanage. Nevertheless, the brothers made efforts to connect, but they were interrupted when Gunther fell to food taint. Matthew deducted a murder attempt was at hand-- Elsamina's brother, Parker, would try to get his hands on Gunther's inheritance as long as Elsa and Gunther had no children of their own. The plot thickened as Kitson and Kogan were to be lured out and killed. Matthew, Kitson, and Kogan would answer the threat in hopes to catch the ones responsible for Gunther's attempted murder, but this effort was thwarted as well--an explosion would kill the thugs, though they leave behind a paper trail leading to Parker as their employer. Parker was arrested, and the family was not only safe, but whole at last.

Though Kitson is now a benefactor to Gunther's estate, as well as deeply bonded with him on a heartfelt level, Kitson refused to take the Colemann name--he wishes to share the surname of Hunter alongside Kogan, in honor of their father's memory as well as thanks for Matthew in saving their family. Kitson, now with family to fall back upon, is able to leave the Cathedral freely and explore the world. He wishes to learn about what he has missed out on for twenty-three years, to see Azeroth by the nose and ears of a curious cleric. Having overcome the deceit that plagued him all his life, he is now unwilling to let it shackle him once more.

Skills and Abilities

Because he has lived in a church almost all his life, Kitson is very knowledgeable of the Light and its virtues, as well as spells and abilities used by priests in combat. However, due to his blindness and late start in priest training, he is not at all skilled in channeling the Light--everything taught to him was through sound, smell, and touch. He can channel the Light just fine on and through himself, but should he have to target others for healing or other spells, he must be able to pinpoint their relative location and distance, usually by requesting the person talk to him if neither can approach each other directly. Oftentimes when stuck in a dangerous situation, Kitson would rely on a psychic scream to frighten his assailants away, though this only works on the weak-minded. As of current, Kitson is not very efficient in combat at all.

Though he cannot see at all, Kitson's senses of hearing and smell are well attuned. Though nowhere near the acuity of a dog's (as he is not allowed to have one for an assistant), Kitson is capable of isolating sounds and smells almost like how one would; this is useful for him to be able to identify his surroundings when he cannot be within their arm's reach--he can tell the difference between the waters of the Stormwind canals and the waters of the Elwynn ponds just by smelling them. He relies heavily on his hearing to identify space and location when it comes to others, and it's this hearing that helps him identify the race, age, and even disposition of who is addressing him: Draenei have larger, "crisp" vocal presences and distinct accents; night elves are slightly shorter and possess 'windy' traits to their voices; humans are closer to his height and can be distinguished by kingdom-appropriate speech patterns; dwarves are shorter, rougher, and more abrasive in their vocal patterns; and gnomes are the smallest and most technical in lexicon.

Despite his blindness, Kitson can also learn about his surroundings fairly quickly; alongside his smell, hearing, and touch, he can remember and predict spatial details fairly well. Kitson can tell something is off about his surroundings when certain details are altered, such as if a bottle is not at a specific corner of a shelf. Thus, he becomes quickly annoyed should someone "assist" him in using the stairs or navigating near the Stormwind canals--he doesn't need it, he can "picture" his surroundings just fine.