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Player: ImagenAshyun

Character Full Name: Adrien-Rene Genet (registered in Gilneas as Adrian-Reynard Genner)

Character In-Game Name: Rene

Nickname(s): Rene, “Owl Eyes”; Adrien/Adrian (but please don't call him that)

Association(s): Himself

Race: Worgen

Class: Rogue

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Hair: In human form, dark auburn hair, nearly black, with kinks at the bottom that curl up. As a worgen, it’s a blue-gray coat with curls on his mane.

Eyes: Blue

Scale: 0.98


Usual Garments/Armor: Rene keeps a large array of different clothing to represent different nations and occupations--all of it false imitations of real armors gears. Otherwise, he often goes about in simple clothing, be it the Gilnean three-piece suit or Arathi tunic and trousers. Rene dresses to blend in with his surroundings, to look non-threatening as much as possible. When out on a casual day, he may be in a longcoat with a top hat.

When in Worgen form, he typically wears deliberately thuggish clothing to make himself look more intimidating. He hides his identifiable blue eyes behind deeper blue shades.

Other: Rene wears thick-rimmed glasses, as he’s farsighted--he cannot see objects up close clearly without his specs.



Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Mathematical, concrete, but no abstraction: that is how Rene thinks. To Rene, there are patterns, formulas, and linear thinking when it comes to other people. He applies these patterns in his way of life, from how he lives at home to how he deals with people. Yet despite these, Rene--even before the worgen curse--was a man who succumbed to his more animalistic instincts to dominate others; he is petty, selfish, irritable, and frequently driven to overwhelm and overcome others as a demonstration of power. Everything is hidden behind a well-groomed facade and sly smile; the imagery of politeness and warm friendliness is fabricated for the sake of fitting in among crowds and appearing as non-threatening as much as possible. Behind his thick-rimmed specs, however, are eyes that scan his surroundings often, looking for possible prey to scam, steal, rob, and possibly murder if they irk him enough. He will lie, cheat, deceive, and even seduce in order to obtain the trust he needs to overwhelm others before he would enact whatever scheme he'd have in mind. When he’s not hiding his vices behind a virtuous face, he is cold, calculating, and ever watching and thinking.

Despite his drives for interpersonal power, should anyone catch Rene in his schemes, he will quietly concede defeat... and designate the person as a personal nemesis. To Rene, those who catch him will begin a game of cat-and-mouse: he will see smarter, stronger opponents as worthy of his game. The drive to dominion will become an obsession, and he will not stop until either his opponent falls, or he will.

Rene, in other words, is a man who has completely embraced his beastly side, only emphasized now that he is a worgen. Perhaps it’s for this very reason he has full control of his transformation: he lacks the feral nature, in its place the obsession of becoming the alpha male over everyone he encounters.


Adrien-Rene Genet born in Duskhaven to an Alterac father, Dr. Albert-Gerald, and Gilnean mother, Marie, the second born to an older brother, Rogier. Dr. Gerald and Marie had no involvement of the Second War by the time the Alliance of Lordaeron rose against the Orcish Horde. When the treachery of Alterac became known, however, Rene’s fathe denied his heritage and changed family names, claiming to be fully Gilnean; for this reason, Rene was raised under the registered name “Adrian-Reynard Genner”. As the Greymane Wall was raised to keep the Kingdom of Gilneas away from the rest of the world, the “Genner” family resigned themselves in isolation. During this period, Dr. Genner worked as a doctor for the sick, and he urged his sons to follow his footsteps.

Though Rene showed intelligence and eagerness in his young age, Rogier, being the older and smarter brother, surpassed him in almost every way. As the boys grew up, Rene grew to be jealous of his brother. As the years passed and Rene was approaching adolescence, a secret hatred was developing for his family. The conditions of the city were growing more and more cramped; life at home was a routine. Despite his skills and intelligence, he couldn’t surpass the perfect Rogier in any way. Rage and jealousy developed within the young Rene, and his means of letting out his anger were done by simple pranks with the local people; they would range from hiding smoke bombs in a library to catching and releasing rats in a restaurant. The pranks started harmless, at first, but when it came to the point where Rene hid a slaughtered cat in a children’s school, he was caught and appropriately punished. Dr. Gerald grew angry with Rene and held Rogier into higher favor. Rene’s hatred would only increase.

Jealousy reached its peak when Rogier was arranged to marry a wealthy, pretty girl named Regina while Rene had none for his own. Rene interpreted this as his father holding higher favor in Rogier carrying on the Genner name than Rene. With a bit of trickery and manipulation of familial closeness, Rene lured Rogier to the ocean and pushed him in. As Rogier couldn’t swim, the young man died before he ever had his own start in the world. With the family lost of the brilliant young man, the honors of passing on the legacy and work went on to Rene... as well as the hand of Regine. Soon, however, Rene grew disinterested in Regine or the family... or the family legacy. He realizes that this need for approval isn’t what he wanted--he just took his brother’s life, without remorse. The control he had over the superior Rogier gave Rene a thirst he didn’t know he had: Domination. The ruling over someone’s fate. The Genner family no longer was important to him, and thus, he makes his plans to take more control. First, he sabotaged a surgery performed by his father by tainting his potions, killing his patients; Dr. Gerald then lost his means of life. Then, with his mother, he spread rumors that she was sleeping with a baker across the street. Rene watched as his family’s lives tore apart, all done with simple manipulation. He didn’t care for the fact it was his own family. They were merely guinea pigs in his experimentation with ruining other people. Just as he was plotting something for Regine, however, the bride was starting to suspect that the destruction of the family’s reputations had something to do with Rene. Taking a more cautious turn, Rene would do the same for Regine as he did for her first fiance: lure her to the sea and throw her there to drown.

With no stability remaining in the Genner family, Rene picked up what’s left to leave his life in the Duskhaven behind for Gilneas City; there, he busied himself in various jobs, ranging from a librarian to a clerk to a tavern manager. During this time, Rene would pick up skills used to mix honest truth with his claims alongside his schemes, which included inscription and minor engineering. His schemes continued there; they widened from pranks and saboteur to other ways of dominion over others’ lives: theft and confidence tricks. Rene would start small, seeing how far he can get away with robbing people of their money, bank accounts, reputations, and even their bodies. Rene was not above using his smiles and his doctor upbringing to lure in targets and victims. Eventually, he’d even take up partners to assist him, but if they proved to be a liability, he’d sever his ties immediately. Even then, however, he would have to keep one step ahead from the Gilnean guard. Alongside using inscription, alchemy, and his engineered tools, Rene eventually picked up the pistol, though he was cautious in whenever to use them, lest the bullets would bring unwanted attention. By this time, the bestial side of Rene was emerging... but it wouldn't take until that fateful day when the beast inside him would truly awaken.

Rene would find himself returning to Duskhaven for a reason he did not foresee: Gilneas was hit by the worgen curse. The man was reading in his home when a worgen burst through his window and attacked him, but he managed to get away and join the evacuees to Duskhaven. There, he stayed as the world shattered around him; the Greymane Wall would collapse, the Forsaken would overtake Gilneas, and the people would flee with the Night Elves to Darnassus. Rene travelled to Darnassus with the rest of his fellow Gilneans, not thinking twice of the crumbling home behind him. There, he settled for a time, waiting for things to settle so he could catch his breath.

Rene remained in Darnassus, simply watching the night elves as the worgens recovered from the disasters that came non-stop. After some time, he decides to leave, going out to explore the world before him. At last, the isolation has ended. He is no longer cramped behind the Greymane wall, trapping him with the same faces over and over. The same smells, the same tastes. Out there is bigger prey. And now, the hunt for new victims shall begin.

Skills and Abilities

Calculation, manipulation, examination, investigation--Rene does this, all for his purpose. Though an impatient and impulsive man, Rene uses his own flaws as fuel to his strengths--once he picks on a target, he would develop an obsession to know anything and everything about that individual. Rene is careful about observing people, though at times his impulsiveness may override caution. Thus, while Rene can make excellent observations, his impatience may be his downfall.

Besides scanning, reading, and plotting against people, Rene is a fair shot. Due to his calculating nature, Rene is careful when he makes his shots. Moreso a crackshot than a sniper, Rene’s primary weapons are pistols, revolvers, and other handguns. He is capable of carefully determining his shots, even in the heat of battle.

Though himself not a magic user, Rene does have enough knowledge in the arcane to create enhancements and spells through inscription, alchemy, and minor engineering. In lieu of active spellcasting and channelling, Rene can create scrolls, potions, and elixers that enhance his abilities, often devoted to physical strength, agility, and increased stealth. Among these potions include an invisibility potion, an illusion potion that'd make him look like someone else, and elixers that allow him to detect demons and the undead. As for engineering, Rene is far from an inventor and tinkerer, but he does produce some explosives and especially arcane bombs, used to drain and silence magic users when more physical means of interrupting their spells are not sufficient.

Due to his upbringing in a doctor’s home, Rene also has additional knowldge in first aid. In addition to medicines, Rene can create potions and elixers that can create more adverse effects such as recurring nightmares, ailments, and induced negative emotions such as rage. One should be careful as a target of Rene’s, however; he may use the cover of medicine to do away with the patient as an “angel of death”.

Rene is in full control of his two forms; for the most part, he's in human form as to appear harmless and non-threatening. The only times he shifts to his worgen form is whenever he'll attack anyone with brute force, or when pulling off a scheme that may put his human identity in danger.