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Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Imagen Ashyunixx

Character In-Game Name: Imagen

Nickname(s): Immy

Association(s): Bilgewater Cartel

Race: Goblin

Class: Demolitionist (Rogue)

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Hair: Cerulean blue, shoulder-length hair tied to a ponytail.

Eyes: Brown

Weight: 80 lbs.

Height: 4'1"


Usual Garments/Armor: Immy wears whatever is comfortable and practical to her line of work. In the lab when creating her bombs and explosives, she wears a leather apron and gloves with safety goggles. In the field, she's in leather boots and light leather armor, preferring to be armored enough to resist some damage without sacrificing mobility.

Other: Immy is never far from a cigar she constantly chews on when not lit and smokes when it is. Nevermind she works with gunpowder and explosives.

Her surname is pronounced "ASH-yoo-Nicks".


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

"Don't think of me as a loose cannon! I'm loose, but I ain't no cannon!"

Despite her occupation as a demolitionist (especially as one who gains much pleasure from watching and starting explosions), Immy isn't at all a trigger-happy suicidal maniac often viewed towards sappers or other bomb experts. Instead, she's rather relaxed, her thrill-seeking ways tamed for the sake of safety--after all, one would have to stay alive to enjoy a life with explosions. For this reason, she's of sound-mind, and she is thoughtful of safety in herself and others around her. Even though she practices caution, she still contains excitability when it comes to any opportunity to destroy something with her explosives.

Whereas the explosions in her jobs are carefully planned and indulged, the explosions of her social life are another story. Immy, ever a shallow, cheeky, and excitable one, gets easily distracted, and her loose morals regarding relationships with others (especially men) tend to have people keep at arm's length from her. Despite her friendliness, sly smiles, light humor, and unfettered energy, Immy's cheer can be mistaken for ulterior motive and underhanded sliminess. Immy can assure anyone, however, that there are no lies with this goblin: she's an honest worker with an honest mind. Much of her goblin intelligence lies in creative ways to blow stuff up, not steal from one's wallet.


Imagen Ashyunixx may not have been the richest and most successful goblin in Kezan, but her life was relatively happy with what she had. As a worker demolitionist in the mines, Immy was often assigned in either clearing out rubble or creating new mining routes through her explosives. Though just as money-hungry as any other goblin of the Bilgewater Cartel, Immy tended to prefer the satisfaction and pleasure of blowing stuff up mixed with moolah-making business. As such, Immy had no problem with taking up offers to blow anything and everything up as needed--even if it meant to compete with other demolitionists in who had the better explosions and who provided greater, more productive destruction. Alas, Immy's never-ending hunger for thrilling explosives left her unsatisfied day by day, especially as her devotion to her job constantly meant unstable relationships with chains of Boyfriend-of-the-Week. No steady paycheck, no steady boyfriend. Over time, life became monotonous, but Immy couldn't afford to leave Kezan... at least until Deathwing's arrival and eruption of Mount Kajaro, which prompted the evacuation from the island.

As with the other goblins, Immy fell to Trade Prince Gallywix's deceit and was enslaved. Deep within the Gallywix Labor Mine in the Lost Isles, Immy's skills as a demolitionist were ignored for the sake of mining whatever kaja'mite can be found. Down below, Immy conspired and schemed, hoping for an opportunity to get back at Gallywix by, how else?: Blowing stuff up. This opportunity never came up, however, as Immy was never able to gather the materials to create her beloved explosives. She was still working within the mines when word came about that Thrall would assist the slaves in overthrowing Gallywix. As Gallywix surrendered and promised reform and loyalty to the Horde, Immy watched as the Bilgewaters ally themselves with the Horde. With eyes rolled and a reluctant shrug of her shoulder, Immy went along with the others in Aszhara to settle. Joy and glee would return to her, however, as work would return posthaste: quarries were needed to be built, and a project was presented in which goblins would shape Azhara to the symbol of the Horde. Without being asked twice, Immy hopped on board to assist in the quarries and set up bombs and explosions along the coasts of Aszhara.

Though Immy had a stable job as a demolitionist in Aszhara, the free and open world was hers to explore. By the time the settlements were completed, Immy decided to leave behind the quarry for opportunities to explore. Though not a personal follower of the Horde, she decided to seek out other ways to put her bombing skills to use. Perhaps she could get a hand at mercenary work! Or blow up another location to find kaja'mite! Or maybe some chump would like her to destroy a building to build a new one. Who knows? Immy, she felt, was always meant to live away from the mines. They were cramping her style, after all.

At current, Imagen hopes to get to know the other people of Azeroth, using the money she earned in the quarries to travel. She isn't asking much: a companion here, a bomb there, and perhaps, for once, regular arm candy. She was always a simple goblin with simple plans and simple needs. With the world before her, all she has to do is follow where the coin leads her.

Skills and Abilities

Though classed as a rogue, Immy's skills lie primarily in what, where, and how she plants her explosives; anything "rogue"-like lies in her mobility and agility used to plant mines and bombs in hard-to-reach places. A dabbler in alchemy, Imagen is also well-skilled in mixing components of gunpowder and fuel, especially considering their volatility. She creates her own bombs, and she takes great care in making sure they don't explode prematurely--even though it still happens at times.

Though Immy specializes primarily in sabateur, she has her own set of weapons to her arsenel should the fight be brought to her. She possesses a grenade launcher (nicknamed "Sweetiekins") of different functions, capable of shooting small grenades with delayed detonations for the elements of surprise and destruction.

Also never leaving her side is her collapsable spade ("Princess Diggy"). Useful in digging holes and trenches, Immy takes advantage of these spaces to plant bombs in the heats of battle. Admittedly, she has used it for melee, even though this spade wasn't meant for that. But at least that clanging sound was pretty.