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Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Knight-Lieutenant Kogan Randoff Hunter (formerly Eigel)

Character In-Game Name: Kogan

Nickname(s): "Kyle"

Association(s): Stormwind Guard, Stormwind Kingdom; the Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Paladin

Age: 25

Sex: Male

Hair: Jet black

Eyes: Green

Weight: 6'2"

Height: 215 lbs.


Usual Garments/Armor: Standard issue Stormwind City Guard plate armor. As a civilian, he wears typical trousers and jacket, but he otherwise always tries to wear a wide-brimmed hat that at least covers his eyes.


Alignment: Lawful Good

Kogan might as well be married to his job as a Stormwind guard if not to the city and kingdom itself--almost everything he does is for Stormwind and the Royal Crown. He takes up every opportunity to serve the city with utmost dutiful devotion, even willing to sacrifice any semblance of free time just to do any tasks for the King. In fact, Kogan rarely has ever any voluntary free time--his waking hours is spent on patrol duties if not required paperwork.

It's for this very reason that once the helm and armor is removed and Kogan is released to the civilian world... Kogan, underneath his literal and figurative steely armor, is a very socially awkward man. This is especially in regards to casual gatherings with women, and Light forbid if this is done on the grounds of courtship--he'd then crumble into a stuttering mess or just freeze up like a statue. Casual gatherings with other men aren't any better, really, as Kogan would come off as a socially-inept lout.

To drive the nail home in Kogan's inability to function in society aside from being a guard, he has four notable weaknesses that penetrate even his plate armor. One is his name--he hates being made fun of his name because it "sounds" funny. The second is women--he cannot talk to members of the opposite sex unless he's talking to them as a city guard. Third is water--he sinks like a rock, and this weakness is rather unfortunate considering he'd be surrounded by canals in Stormwind (for this reason, he stays as far away from water -as much as possible-.) The fourth would probably outrank his fear of water in ludicrousness--ghosts. Kogan hates ghost stories, will not near any buildings rumored to have ghosts, and will not fight any ghosts despite being a -paladin-.

When not being a guard, Kogan is otherwise a failure at life. In spite of all this, there is one thing positive about Kogan as an individual: he loves storytelling as both a listener and a writer. Though he rarely has time to sit down and write, he does make efforts to listen in on traveller's tales whenever a slow day while on patrol comes up. At times, Kogan would be lost in an adventurer's tale of bravery, and he enjoys especially tales of heroism against the greatest odds. Still, Kogan is quite content to be a simple guard for the city, where he can be a simple hero in simple people's lives by doing otherwise simple duties--the duties of the city guard.


Kogan has very little recollection of his life prior to being dropped off at the Stormwind Orphanage. All he could remember back in his childhood was keeping to himself in the corners of his foster home, burying his nose in storybooks of heroism and history of the Alliance. Tales of courage inspired him deeply, sometimes to the point of daydreams while in the middle of the more straightforward academics. As he grew older, he would watch the Stonemasons rebuild a city he otherwise knew little about by personal experience. As he was nearing the age of ten, he would spot Queen Tiffin from afar as she would supervise the Stonemasons. From there on, little Kogan became infatuated with the Queen despite his youth, so alongside his daydreams of heroism, he'd imagine his own personal Queen Tiffin as a love of his very own.

His world would soon be rocked, however, when the House of Nobles left the Stonemasons unpaid, resulting in the riots. Kogan then remembered the chaos that arose, as well as the devastation filling his heart when news of Queen Tiffin's death reached him. Though Kogan felt the Stonemasons' plight, his sorrow for them turned to anger when the Defias Brotherhood formed. He was, however, too young to act out his anger in war against the Defias. Wanting revenge against the Defias for what he felt was their betrayal, Kogan sought out training to become a soldier. After two years, he'd gain the attention of a knight, who'd then take him as a squire and begin his training as a paladin.

It was around then that Kogan learned of the three virtues of the Light. Respect came in fairly easy--Kogan was always the quiet one, and being admirable of heroes before him, he didn't take long to learn humility. Tenacity was learned right after--Kogan wanted to become just like his heroes before him, with his faith in the Light and to the people of Stormwind growing stronger and more resistant to hardship. The third virtue--Compassion--however, took the longest to develop. Kogan was still enfuriated by the actions of the Defias and the death of Queen Tiffin, and his attempts to quell any suspected members of the Defias was soon met with much needed reprehension. His gusto and zeal was eventually humbled, and soon, Kogan learned the error of his ways. By the time he became an adult, Kogan was a full-fledged paladin.

Rather than depart from the city he was raised by and loved, Kogan turned down the opportunity to aggressively chase down the Defias in Westfall and, instead, stayed within the City of Stormwind to protect it with his life against all evil and turmoil. Shortly after becoming a paladin, Kogan signed up to be a part of the Stormwind City Guard, using his learned abilities in the Light as a means of serving the city directly. Though he has sacrificed his opportunity to become a hero in the outside world, Kogan has become humbled enough to simply serve the city as a guard--even if it means enduring the less savory parts of the job such as eventless patrols in the streets and piles of paperwork at the end of every month. Nevertheless, all of Kogan's love and devotion lied within the kingdom and the Crown, willing to turn down anything else like free time and courtship so he could devote himself fully to the city. He would eventually obtaining the rank of Lieutenant for his service to the Guard.

In a span of a few months, the otherwise mundane and formulaic world that is Kogan's life would turn upside down. He partnered with an SI:7 agent named Scarlet Durand, and he befriended a paladin named Matthew Hunter. On one fateful night while on patrol, Kogan was approached by another SI:7 agent named Elsamina Colemann, who revealed herself as Kogan's mother--and the widow of Matthew's late brother, Derrick. Before Kogan would know it, he is thrown into a twisting plot of family betrayal that caused the separation in the first place: He was dropped off into the orphanage so his mother could marry a noble. An attempted murder and a near-fatal chase later, the one responsible for it all has been arrested, and the family can be left in peace.

Though now a benefactor to his stepfather's estate, Kogan decided to take on the surname of his father in honor of his memory as well as thanks for Matthew in reuniting the family. He currently still serves in the Guard, though he now has family to fall back on. He considers starting his own, and he probably won't look very far for that opportunity to come.

Skills and Abilities

Kogan has fairly standard Light-based abilities, though most of it is concentrated on protecting civilians and stunning lawbreakers. More often than not, Kogan tries to settle things diplomatically, avoiding brute force as much as possible.

As a Lieutenant within the Guard, Kogan has the authority to make arrests over criminals, intruders, and other dissidents within the Kingdom of Stormwind, though his primary jurisdiction lies within the city and some parts of Elwynn. He has small command over those of lower ranks. In addition to player guards who can be assigned to him, he has the following (NPC) sergeants:

Sgt. Giorgina Bardi
Heavyset and strong, often used for brute force. A sardonic guard who tends to jab at her lieutenant without him knowing it.
Sgt. Michael Mograine
Smallest of the sergeants, but nimble and a fast thinker. Tends to joke and josh around his colleague Gregory.
Sgt. Gilbert Gregory
Taller and lankier, a fast shot and very knowledgeable of areas outside of Stormwind City. Tends to joke and josh around Mograine.
Sgt. Peter Piron
Newly promoted, very excellent in crises, crowd dissidence, and apprehensions of slippery criminals. Might fall asleep on the job if patrol is notably uneventful.