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Kap Update impr.png

Player: imagenashyun

Character Full Name: Kapre.

Character In-Game Name: Kapre

Nickname(s): Kap, Kappy, Runt, Blueberry, (Mr.) Matchmaker, Boss

Association(s): The Exodar, The Love Exchange

Race: Draenei

Class: Spirit Walker (formerly a paladin)

Age: 306

Sex: Male

Hair: Born naturally with purple-black hair, but since training in spirit walking, his hair has begun to whiten. It has also gotten courser and rougher since spirit walking training has begun.

Eyes: Blue

Weight: 400 lbs

Height: 8'0"


What Kapre wears depends on the occasion or situation. When meeting with Azerothians, he typically wears human-influenced clothing consisting of trousers, tunics, and waistcoats, but when with other Draenei, he is often in proper draenic robes.

When preparing for spirit walking, however, Kapre would switch to a simple fetlock-length kilt and a cloak over his head and shoulders. The minimalist dress is intended for him to be more exposed to the elements as well as to lessen his annoyance with sweat-soaked clothing that tends to result whenever channeling the spirits.

Other: Kapre's appears different from his in-game model in that his tail and tendrils are much longer, is fairly hairy for a draenei, and that he isn't as burly as the model suggests. He also has a fuller, albeit trimmed beard.


Alignment: Neutral Good

Kapre, once upon a time, was a far simpler, if ditzy and gullible, man who often held a greater preference in the quieter sides of life as opposed to that of adventure into the wonderous wild. Long ago, he was a paladin, and even to this day he held onto many of the vindicator's creeds such as the high value of compassion and audacity. Back then, most of his daily pursuits tend to be geared towards his professions as a jewelcrafter and matchmaker, making friends and socializing with other people as well as finding companionship in Azeroth. For this reason, he was trusting and friendly towards everyone around him, regardless of race and political faction. In many ways, even today, he still is very much that. Still learning the ways and customs of Azeroth, Kapre can often come off as a bit of a git, and his strong belief that all people are inherently good and that circumstances are what make them bad can give the impression that he is overly idealistic at best and broken in the head at worst.

Experiences in his life that occurred since the founding of The Love Exchange, however, has surely changed Kapre. While his general outlook in life is positive, Kapre has come to realize that much of his cheerfulness and friendliness is but a facade and a lie. As of late, Kapre has become more serious and somber, more knowledgable of the evils and hardships of the world as well as the dangers of unresolved grief and sorrow. Though his heart is still open to those around him, Kapre now excercises far more caution with those whom he opens his arms to in fear of becoming a victim of spite, hatred, and jealousy once again.


Kapre and Diwaata were two grown orphans raised by a matron while living in Shattrath in Draenor. They, among others around their age, were those who gathered south of Telaar and west of the Burning Blade and Bleeding Hollow villages in Nagrand. There, they attempted a settlement that was to provide a new home for these young draenei as well as to open a trading post with the neighboring orcs. During this time, Kapre, Diwaata, and their circle of friends befriended some orcs, including a shaman, named Mahen'tosh Blindthunder, and a warrior who would become Mahen's mate, Ka'wal.

Sometime before the draenic purge, Kapre, who was training to be a vindicator at the time, took a mate in Mahaala, who was a childhood acquaintance and Diwaata's rival. A son, Saya, was born to Kapre and Mahaala when the orcs began their sudden attack on the draenei. The settlement was just finished building and very insufficiently armed; thus, the orcs made little efforts in wiping it out completely. Kapre, Diwaata, Mahaala, Saya, and their friends and their own families fled and fought together as a group, but eventually--one by one--men, women, and even children, were felled. Mahaala later then became victim of exposure to fel energies, devolving her into a Broken. Though they would have become enemies, Kapre made attempts to reunite with the love he once knew. Tragically, the corruption progressed, and Mahaala became a Lost One. Circumstances arose where Mahaala, having lost her sanity and self-awareness, would come to attack the remaining family, even threatening Saya's life. The brother and sister were forced to fight her, and it was Kapre who dealt the killing blow, ending the life of his love with his very own hands.

With Saya as their only family left, Kapre and Diwaata continued their struggle for survival, being among those who managed to live when Draenor exploded and fragments of the planet were flung into the Nether. Going from hiding place to place, the family stayed close together until they came to rest in Telredor. There, Saya would grow up, and Kapre by this time has already abandoned his path to paladinism with his sister the same for priesthood, as both have become very detached from their past lives. The time then came for the Draenei to escape--Kapre, Diwaata, and Saya boarded the Exodar with their surviving bretheren while blood elves there would make their attempts to sabatoge their escape. During the crossing of dimensions, Saya would become separated from his father and aunt amidst the chaos. Come the crashing into the Azuremyst Isles, Kapre and Diwaata became gravely injured but survived... but Saya would not. Saya was then buried among others in Ammen Vale, where Kapre stayed to mourn while Diwaata departed for the remains of the Exodar.

During the recovery period of the Draenei, the twins would encounter Azerothian natives as their bretheren integrated into the Alliance. Among them was the valorous and poetic human paladin, Cristovao di Silvio, and the lazy but sweet-natured kaldorei druid, Kantado Starseer. The twins would reunite in the Exodar, and a new circle of friends was formed. The time would come for the friends would depart the isles; however, before then, Cristovao would encourage the draenei siblings to leave their lives of sorrow and explore Azeroth. The twins would be left behind for some time before they would pick up shamanism as a means of spiritual recovery. By then, Diwaata considered Cristovao's suggestion, and she departed the Isles before her own training was complete. This left a big emotional impact on Kapre--he was still grieving over Saya's death, and he wanted Diwaata to stay with him as support. However, Kapre did not bother to chase after his sister, as he was too much an emotional wreck to leave home.

Kapre stayed at the Exodar throughout the campaigns in Outland and then the Lich King. By the time Arthas was defeated, Kapre decided it was time to start a new life and departed the Isles. He would go through Ashenvale, stumbling into the Splintertree Post, where he was promptly chased by the guarding orcs. He was caught by two camping trolls, Madugo and Asul'na, whom both were accompanying a young orc girl named Mana'gal. Kapre was then warned of the dangers of just approaching Horde freely and was let go; however, instead of taking that piece of advice as justification for the opposition between the Alliance and the Horde, Kapre saw this as an opportunity to learn of the people of Azeroth and see if he could become a mediating force between people who wish to meet without hostility. He would then proceed to explore Azeroth, finally settling in Booty Bay where he made his decision on his goal in life: to become a matchmaker. Through this, he would bring people together and form new social bonds and families... and, above all else, see to it people become happy like he was when he had Mahaala and Saya with him.

Kapre would put this goal into development. He would start up a matchmaking business with a narcoleptic gnome named Bezington Whammelthrottle. He then would hire a shy tauren, Tibalan of the Earthhand, and meet up again with Kantado, who would also be employed. For a time, the business was run... but it came to sudden, month-long halt when Kapre was lured into a trap and kidnapped by a mysterious warlock who went by the name of "Torr". Kapre would eventually be rescued by his friends, Diwaata, and Cristovao; however, by this time, the business suffered from his absence. Kapre focused on recovery then joined other draenei in Outland for a spiritual pilgrimage. This stay, however, only added mental stress for him--bad memories and constant stays in the dark would haunt him. The business would suffer a second time when a fire occurred in Kapre and Kantado's room and the clientele list was destroyed. From there on, Kapre broadened his business from simply matchmaking to all aspects of love and togetherness in Azeroth--family, companionship, and peace. Other events such as the 'Love Is In The Air' Festival and other gatherings were made in celebration of love and friendship, all which are met with success. Yet deep inside of Kapre, even this was not enough.

It was not until other hauntings of different forms would follow Kapre that he realizes the true reasons behind the Love Exchange. While the intention to have people be happy like he was with Mahaala and Saya is still there, a certain guilt and sorrow was left unresolved in which he felt was responsible for the tearing of his family. Draenor, the Bloodlust, and the Crash still plagued Kapre, and this grief followed him even at the present. It interefered with relationships he was forming with females who could have been his mates, it added stress into balancing life and work with The Love Exchange, and it brought the attention of spirits that would be hexxed upon him and haunt him. Visions, nightmares, and dreams drifted into Kapre's mind day in and day out. Months would pass, and his ability to cope with the stresses of life--raising an adopted child from his last relationship, heading the business, matchmaking, social isolation, and spirit haunting--have left him feeling suicidal. After almost a year of having The Love Exchange, Kapre has decided to stop fooling himself and focus on his own needs by stepping down from administration and matchmaking. Since then, he decided upon a far different path he never thought he'd ever take--spirit walking.

Kapre then has since decided upon taking advantage of his hauntings and grief to release himself to the spirit world and making his body a medium for it. After continuously seeking advice and wisdom for months with shamans in the Exodar and Shattrath, Kapre has begun his own path of spirit walking. He has forgone his grasp of the elements in favor of more solid connections with the spirits, hoping to seek their wisdom as well as to bargain with them for strength. His abilities are not perfected yet--spirit channelling has proven to place near-death levels of emotional and physical stress, even to the point of his once purple-black hair becoming white. However, he would not give up--he is unwilling to let his grief and sorrow destroy him ever again, and if he wishes to bring love and peace to Azeroth, then he must devote himself to spiritual strength so that the living and the departed will be at ease... and hopefully, as would his own soul.

Kapre, at present, is still training and seeking wisdom from other shamans as well as the spirits that walk on Outland and Azeroth. He intends to continue the path of spirit walking and resolving his grief before he can return to The Love Exchange and work on bringing joy to the people of Azeroth once again.

Skills and Abilities

Kapre has essentially lessened his focus on elemental abilities and moreso concentrated on spirit channelling. All of his abilities involve spirits in some way, from calling upon the deceased walking upon the earth, channelling spirits into his own body for voluntary spiritual possession, to summoning spirits from the other plane and projecting his soul from his own body in the form of a ghost wolf. He is also able to receive visions, oftentimes as messages from spirits of the other realm. As of current, however, the abilities are not perfected, nor would they be mastered until years to come.

Other skills of Kapre lie in diplomacy and communication. As a Draenor-born Draenei, Kapre is fluent in both Orcish and Draenic, and while his Common is still a work in progress, it has improved since his departure from the Exodar. He has then used these skills to establish friendlier grounds whenever he's around mixed faction company, especially in regards to his business.