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Featured character profiles are a way of showcasing various characters and their profiles on the wiki. They are selected randomly based on a very lax criteria:

  1. The article is well-written and comprehensible
  2. The profile features an image
  3. The article can be easily read, usually due to use of formatting

The following articles were featured on the Main Page as part of featured character profile. They are updated on a weekly basis. A small book (This is used to indicate a featured article.) on the top right corner of an article's page indicates that the article is featured.

Staff members interested in learning how to update and maintain this template should read the updating guide.

Featured character profile

Week 3


Aurion Fal'areth Eduriel was born to one of Athren's favored concubines, but he was not the heir that his father chose to rule the house. As the second son of a house with big aims, he was raised to live on the sidelines, to support the House but never to rule it.

He was sent off to the Dalaran to become the Magister he always wished to be. He trained in Dalaran to be an Enchanter and a Magister and found joy in manipulating the essence of the world. He grew, he founded his own business, and he forgot about the troubles of his family and nobility.


Week 4


Born to a once noble household, Lovar'thil Dire'belore's childhood was exceedingly easy. He was given all he needed and wanted rather swiftly. Far from spoiled, he always felt the need to give back to those around him. He went through school with high grades and great credentials, in time moving on to learn more in the medical field.

He worked a small charity practice within the city, seeing those in poverty for little to no charge. His life remained quiet, rarely making his way into family politics when large amounts of money were to be thrown around. He never had much care with such matters until his parents' passing due to old age. Being an only child, he was left with all inheritance.


Week 5


Son of the knightly polygamist Rufus Trevelyan and his mistress Adela Cavendish, Reginald Trevelyan was born one year before the First War within the vicinity of Southshore inside a rented room in the local tavern. His genetic mother, Adela, was sent by order of House Trevelyan to deliver the child in an obscure yet reachable location. Adela chose Southshore, her place of origin.

When Reginald was five years of age, his mother had received a message, marking the official seal of House Trevelyan. The message explained to her in details what had happened to House Trevelyan and its former Head, Rufus, who had died during the First War. It also explained its possible future, detailing its heirs and the court's current condition. Reginald was labeled as being one of the claimants to rule House Trevelyan when he was of appropriate age to lead.


Week 6


Roux Blackwood was born after the closing of the Second War and after the erection of the wall that had brought the famine to the stormy peninsula of Gilneas. The family that received her were simple farmers that had nestled themselves between Stormglen and the Blackwald for a moderate number of generations on her mother's side; long enough to have adopted the name of the wood as their own.

The family was fairly average, matriarchal Harvest Witch traditions aside. While the men-folk of the family weren't entirely kept out, they left the majority of the Harvest Magicks to the women. So Roux grew amidst a climate of a love for nature, and a general distaste for the higher echelons of society. At such a young age, she did not much consider the wall or the dangers beyond it. All were distant mists and legend to her mind.


Week 7


Amelia Westmarch was the product of an affair her mother had while serving in the army of the Alliance. There was never a time in her life when she was not painfully aware of this. Even as a child, she looked nothing like her brother - she was short, dark, with sharp features, and he was tall and pale and red-headed.

The Westmarches fled the Arathi highlands when the Orcs sacked it during the second war and came to settle in Hillsbrad. Amelia lived in the shadow of Dalaran during this period but was not permitted to attend due to financial concerns. She was a knowledge-hungry girl, though, and made a habit of stealing books from mages and wizards. She cobbled together a rudimentary grasp of the arcane, but not quite enough to prevent her family from being slaughtered by the Scourge.


Week 8


Aellia was born a few centuries before the Draenei arrival at Draenor. She led a rather peaceful life, despite the hardships the Draenei had with the Legion. Her childhood was well-lived, she had few, reliable friends, good parents and a rather aspiring career as a spellcaster. During her teenage she got infatuated with a draenei man named Korben. The two grew together to adulthood and they became mates.

After the death of her first child and her mate, she dedicated her life to helping with rebuilding the city, turning into a more recluse person after the bad happenings of her life. When she heard the draenei at Zangarmash were readying for an assault on the Tempest Keep, she moved to join them. Unfortunately, things didn't happen so well.


Week 9


Odetta Mosle was born and raised on a farm in Lordaeron's breadbasket, Hillsbrad. Like so many other families, hers fled to Tirisfal when the Horde overran much of the conintent during the Second War. Their refuge was spent in the land surrounding Capital City, until the Horde marched to its walls. Again they fled, holding out during the siege in the Cathedral.

Her family chose to remain in the north. Odetta took to studying the arcane when she grew into her teens. Finding a skill and interest in concoctions beyond simple kitchen 'magic', she found her way to Dalaran. Not able to afford living in the spired city itself, she found a comfortable rented residence in the outlying settlement.


Week 10


Penandion Weepwillow was born in the area around Mount Hyjal. Though he did not have the amber eyes that often signified druidic potential, his parents pushed him towards that path, one he showed little to no interest in. Seemingly lost, he would grow up an awkward man, intimidating in presence yet apathetic in nature.

He secretly he watched the Sentinels. He had heard stories of male warriors such as Jarod Shadowsong and Kur'talos Ravencrest, and wondered why men who wished to fight as soldiers were so so few. He resigned himself to become a great warrior and prove capable of joining the Sentinel ranks in spite of this, sneaking away with an old discarded sword and training in the seclusion of the forest.


Week 11

Brohn Stonehart.png

Brohn Stonehart was the elder of two sons born and raised in Kharanos, Dun Morogh. Brohn and his brother Burt never got along growing up. Often Brohn would find himself cleaning up his brother's mess to protect his families' reputation. When the call went out for able-bodied Dwarves to fight in the Second War, Brohn left his brother to his own devices.

After the victory Brohn returned to Kharanos. He found his brother had made 'dealings' with a shady dwarf treasure-hunter. Burt had run up a great deal of debt due to his gambling, and 'went missing' during the War. Brohn was told if he wanted to see his brother again, he'd have to pay off his debt. Seeing no other way to safely rescue his brother, Brohn set out to make some coin.


Week 12


Kirabo Twinklebolt was born in Gnomeregan, no different than any other Gnome. His father was an engineer, mother a technomage. He showed keen intellect and interest in mechanical science, starting to learn from his parents as soon as possible. At an early age develop his own tool and claimed the surname "Twinklebolt".

He felt as if he accomplished everything in life after this feat, so he decided to quit the studying life, and embrace a more fun one. Observing mechanical squirrels which were the only animals found in the deep underground maze that is Gnomeregan, he found a new love – acrobatics. With the pipes, cogs and gaps all over the capital city, it was a perfect playground and training ground for Kirabo to enjoy.