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Archive of the featured articles for 2010.

Week 50


Lilyth Goldweaver was born 145 years ago in a village nested deep within Eversong Woods. Both parents were avid arcane practitioners, though her father hailed from a family of traders; and both were deeply loving and careful for the young lass.

Her childhood was spent in relative harmony; surrounded by the wonders of Arcane energy it is no wonder she threw herself in the arts of Arcane. She did not excel, for sure; but like every mage offspring, she very often was found with something magical in her hands or on her mind. Mischievous, she was often devising rather odd enchantments and potions serving just as odd purposes; the times she was shunned for turning her fellow classmates into sheep – or oppositely – are most likely countless.


Week 49


Prior to the destruction of Silvermoon, Anaiya Sorrowleaf was a lively woman, quick to laugh and always up for a game or a dance. She grew up simply, living a quiet life with her parents and only sister until she decided it was time to strike out on her own. She tried and failed miserably at playing the flute, but kept at it until she could make a passable tune. She loved the peace and quiet of the woods, so, coupled with her unusually sharp senses and elven affinity for archery, becoming a Farstrider was an easy choice.

Though certainly not of the same caliber as the rangers of legend, Anaiya was no slouch either when it came to stealth and marksmanship. What she lacked in natural talent she made up for with dedication and hours upon hours of training until she got it right.


Week 48

Draven logo2.png

Born in Stratholme, Draven Woodrow saw Arthas with his army and Malganis along with the undead hordes destroy his city of birth. His mother was dead before she was even able to get out of bed and his father tried to lead Draven and his sister Sharon out of the city to safety, but he was hit by an archer's arrow. Draven swore at his father's dead body that he shall avenge his death and punish all those responsible.

While Draven was swearing to avenge his father's death his sister ran away to hide in the woods. He followed her and saw that Sharon was caught by bandits. He tried his best to fight the bandits off and save her, but he was too young to fight against a group of grown men. Injured Draven was left there to die.


Week 47


Perin Devicious Shortstout was birthed in Gnomeregan, his parents both brilliant and devoted engineers with a true passion for all things mechanical. Sadly he was born with an odd condition, leaving him strangely undersized for a gnome as well as frail and feeble. His parents where caring, yet their obsession with tinkering would always come between him and them during his childhood.. Perin himself had little interest in engineering, he would rather spend his time reading or watching other children as they would play.Being extremely introvert and reserved by nature he had a great difficulty in gaining friends, not to mention that he was often bullied and abused by the other children due to his condition.


Week 46

15 November 2010 - 21 November 2010

Dael'ar wiki.png

Dael'ar Falor'melorn was born into Elven society to a common family to the south of Eversong Woods, and lived for years in an establishment of little consequence. He showed an affinity for the arcane arts, and was recruited to Dalaran to study as a mage. He completed his apprenticeship without much fuss, and chose to specialize in Transmutation as a first and Evocation as a second. He proceeded thus, taking infrequent trips back to elven lands until he was well off enough in his studies to return and practice magic there.

Thus, his role in defending the Sunwell during Arthas's Siege of the Third War. Initially, he had fought with elven forces before being beaten back to their precious source of magic.


Week 41

11 October 2010 - 17 October 2010


Lady Bruhara D'Argent was born to a wealthy noble family in Stormwind. At the age of seven, she ran away from home, not liking the stern and often cold upbringing of a lady. She found refuge in Redridge with a farmer named Marcus Shyemlye, whose brother Sterling was a smithy in Goldshire and would later become the father of Jonoth. Marcus took care of young Bruhara like a daughter, and she loved him dearly.

As she grew older however, he became increasingly delusional, eventually leaving the now fifteen year old Bruhara on her own with a locked box and a note saying "There are some things man was not meant for, and this is one. Keep this away from any prying eyes, especially your own."


Week 40

4 October 2010 - 10 October 2010


Arineme Lora Serisfal was born in the kingdom of Lordaeron, specifically on a small farmstead to the North of the capital city. She is the only child of Christine and Mitchell Serisfal, and was thus expected from an early age to assist with the tending of crops. Aside from a small orchard of apples, the family also produced a crop of wheat; apart from that, they raised cows, chickens, and a pig, whom Arineme named Oinkles. As a girl, she enjoyed the task of tending to the animals far more than she did threshing, or planting. In her spare time, she sang, and strolled through the nearby woods.

It was by chance that a young Arineme met Scibryn Flinn during one such walk.


Week 39

27 September 2010 - 3 October 2010


Aemondall Jackson spent most of his early childhood in the care of Philea and Jorgen Jackson. His parents were crude people, but their parenting was firm. He could consider himself lucky he wasn't beaten. Often. Nothing exceptionally exciting ever happened, despite his mother and father's obvious eccentricities. Nothing, that is, until he came.

Aemondall was at the far edge of his homestead, near the woods. It was in his interests to carve notches in a stump to pass the time, there being no other boys to play with. The only usual distractions was a spider or howl, which would usurp his attention for the better part of a few seconds until he was intent on making another notch again. The usual sounds were present, none to his surprise, but then...there was a sound. It itched at the back of his mind, like...a voice.


Week 38

20 September 2010 - 26 September 2010


Like the many other Orcs in the Horde, Draknir Blackeye was raised in the internment camps after the defeat of the Second War. When they were being rounded up, his mother was killed when she attempted to resist capture due to her lethargic state. Draknir's father, Rom'thar Bloodthrottle, attempted to stop her but it was too late. His remaining family was his father, two brothers and sisters.

Whenever they weren't put through exhausting hard labour, Rom'thar would lecture his children about the Horde, depending if they hadn't collapsed or fallen asleep. He would teach them about when to show mercy to those who deserve it, and to show your enemies your might. Along with his teachings of honour and advice in combat, he would tell stories of his ancestors.


Week 37

13 September 2010 - 19 September 2010


As a child, Lilah Summer Stroghthorn was loved by her mother and father, and grew up being extremely logical and talented. She would play many pranks on her parents that would make her parents laugh, because they would not be too bad of a prank. Lilah thought that nothing could ever go wrong in her life if she was in the hands of her father. Her father would protect her no matter what.

Lilah's parents were farmers, and Lilah grew up around animals, she loves animals, and loves being around them. She thinks that if an animal could speak, that they would say that they wanted to be free, so, one day, as a prank, or not a prank, as Lilah would say, she let the animals go. This is when her father started getting a bit more angry.


Week 36

6 September 2010 - 12 September 2010


Surienna Oathkeeper was born long after the major conflicts of the Night Elven people. Her mother was a warrior and Sentinel of Astranaar, and her father a Druid of the Claw. She was concieved during one of the rare, brief meetings of her parents when her father was awake.

Surienna never spent much time with her mother, growing up. From a young age, she sought out the natural world beyond Astranaar, going as far into the untamed wilderness as the adult elves of the town would allow. There, she learned survival skills and gained an affinity for nature. In the few moments she had with her mother, she learned of combat.


Week 35

30 August 2010 - 5 September 2010


Saif Nasir Ibn Al-Essa was born along with his twin brother Said in a nomadic caravan tribe which had journeyed along the Azeroth coast for generations. Being deeply traditional and cultural the tribe had excluded itself from the rest of society, valuing their roots over the benefits of being part of a greater community.

Saif where raised along with his twin under the tribes ideology and their fathers stern tutelage. Both learning to do their part for the family and the tribe as a whole from a young age. Their mother showed them little appreciation, even if they did their best to aid her. She would discipline them both with lashings and hard labor such as carrying heavy bucket's of water day in and day out to fuel the caravan water reserves for the whole tribe.


Week 34

23 August 2010 - 29 August 2010


Alexas Lynn Kalter was born in the forests of Tirisfal to a somewhat wealthy landowner. Her father, Xander Kalter, was the son of a merchant and was able to run a successful farmstead in the southern portion of the forest before the plague of undeath. Her mother, Idona Kalter, was in charge of the accounts for the farm while her husband tended to the farmhands and the manual labor.

Their business started out slow, many years before Alexas was born and during this time Idona and Xander were plagued with many stillbirths. They had all but given up hope of an heir by the time Alexas was born. So it was not a surprise that her birth prompted a great celebration that was followed by much pampering.


Week 33

16 August 2010 - 22 August 2010


Neptulon was born in the middle of a light snow eleven years ago, to a mother and father of white coated Talbuks. He lived much like a horse does for the first years of his life, starting off by learning to walk, run, and graze. As the years went on, Neptulon survived on the acres and acres of grass in the reaches of Outland, avoiding the larger settlements, and escaping the arrows and spears of the Mag'har hunters, and the chains of the Broken Draenei mount trainers.

However, the Talbuk's luck came to a stand still when he was drinking from a small lake outside of Telaar. Don Bronco, fresh out of the Dark Portal, had found the white beast, and lassoed his neck.


Week 32

9 August 2010 - 15 August 2010

Telah Exodar 01.jpg

It was almost seventeen millennia ago that was Telah born and first saw the universe within a dimly lit hall of Oshu'gun. Like all draenei carried and born in trans-dimension, Telah was small, fragile and almost looking underdeveloped during his infantile years. In contradiction of a stereotype that vessel-born are motherbound and generally very needy, Telah was very independent, not always taking his size or rather lack of it into consideration, but his stubbornness compensated for that.

Early into his second century Telah along with other young draenei were summoned to the Chamber of the Naaru by anchorite Uleen. There, in league with K'ure each child's future was decided and Telah was chosen to tread the path of the Light of Creation, to become an anchorite. And it all began at the end of that same illumination-cycle.


Week 31

2 August 2010 - 8 August 2010


Duron Bloodaxe was born the year of the opening of the Dark Portal, a single child in a family of the Warsong clan. At a young age he lived with the Warsong clan in the northern reaches of Draenor, training to be warrior just as his father was. Even though the year he was born was the opening of the dark portal, his life was normal for any orc his age until the age of six.

As he grew in life the Warsong clan began to get more involved in the affairs of the Dark portal. The clan as a whole was called to guard the Dark Portal. He grew up around it for most of his life, and began to take guarding positions at it as soon as he reached adulthood. For a few years he guarded with his father from various assaults made by the alliance. Ultimately Ner'zhul betrayed the Warsong, and they were stranded on Azeroth.


Week 30

26 July 2010 - 1 August 2010


A child of Antonius and Grace Serpicus, Gaius spent his early days on a small farmstead in southern Elwynn, in an area now known as Duskwood. His mother died in childbirth, leaving Antonius and Catherine, his stepmother to bring him up. As the only son of a farmhand, he was caught between a strict but kind father and a highly overbearing stepmother. They lived in a small house next to the main Farmhouse, owned by a retired guard from Stormwind.

He had a relatively easy childhood, often spending long hours resting in the shade instead of helping his father till the fields or watching for predators encroaching from the woods. An outspoken child, he made and lost many friends as his confidence grew into cockiness throughout the years.


Week 29

19 July 2010 - 25 July 2010

Drumgar... Gladiator Edit1.jpg

Drumgar Bloodpaw was the first living son of a Raider of the Warsong Clan; his first two sons being too weak, they were drowned at birth. Being the healthiest, he was raised with much blessing, his father passing on the importance of their Wolves as partners and companions. So Drumgar grew to have a great reverence for the animal at an early age, and spent much of his time with wolves as his father was off in battle. Playing with them as any other wolf would, running and wrestling, how he earned his name "Mutt" poking fun at all the hours he spent wallowing in filth with the animals, rather then playing with the other children of his clan.

While the orcs were being rounded up into the internment camps he like many were captured and imprisoned. He often worked hard, and was slight trouble on the matter of unruly violent behavior, it is likely his own luck, and the fact he was fun to watch fight, that kept him from a swift execution.


Week 28

12 July 2010 - 18 July 2010


Born to an ex-paladin and priestess, Lucius and Lilith von Rosenstiel, the tender little bundle of still-forming bones and expanding flesh that was Valira Echart von Rosenstiel was thrust into a life.

And she was not wanted.

Well, not exactly. Not wanted is a strong term to use in this case. It is not as if her parents hated her or that they wished they could have a boy or no child at all. It is better to say that she was not expected. The holy couple was zealots descended from a long-since defunct clerical family of Stromgarde. They hadn't expected to have a child. Nor did they expect her to interrupt their Pilgrimage to join up with the Scarlet Crusade. Which was why they were mildly irritated that the child had to chosen to delay their departure for the unnecessary months. When Valira finally did decide to scream her way out into the world they had bundled her up and left with her a week after her birth


Week 27

5 July 2010 - 11 July 2010


Lordearon, she still remembers how it used to be. Gigantic stone walls, towers reaching above them. Clean, white stones with gardens around as far as the eye could see. She had believed it to be tranquil, living a luxurious life unaware of the dangers and actual news. She would go to school, complaining how boring it was at times, constantly learning to write, read, do maths. Little did she realised that in some good years, everything would change.

For Caitlyn Shields, it came unexpected. As she grew older, she was conscripted into the local guard at the age of fifteen. She saw the tightening of the guards, the nerves on their faces. Nobody had told her exactly why, just that it was for the good of the city and her character. Though things seemed to change further as the years passed. The ever so friendly merchants had a habit of turning more nervous, some even turned grumpy. How naive she was back then, but seeing nobody told her most of the news, how couldn't she have been?


Week 26

28 June 2010 - 4 July 2010


The dwarf grinned craftily at the human over the edge of the pint, his teeth a mess of yellow enamel and black rot. There was a mischievous twinkle in his eye. His cheeks were flushed, but whether it was from the alcohol or the cold was impossible to tell. "I've seen things, lad, in my years. Things like yeh wouldn' believe. Alliance warships afire off the shoulder o' Menethil, burnin' with dragonfire. I've watched magical energy cracklin' through th'air, beams o' it glitterin' in the dark near Ironforge Gate. Och, and yeh call wot yer foightin' now a war!"

The world has changed since Cadmael Cairnsmith was born, for better or worse. Wars have come like the succession of waves at the shore, been fought, been won or lost. Kingdoms have fallen into shadow and ruin, only to rise again from their ashes like the phoenix. Cadmael shed his share of blood in the wars, and watched as the cities rebuilt, but time marches onwards, as they say, an implacable juggernaut. The dust of ages softens and covers, burying the relics of the past as a time capsule -- a glimpse into the world of the ancients, a window into the days of yore.


Week 25

21 June 2010 - 27 June 2010


Lucerne Elizabeth Chambers came into this life at the cost of another -- her mother's. As the only child to bless the household of her father, a shipping magnate on the cold shores of northern Lordaeron, she was privileged, perhaps, by a questionable boon of wealth, and the social status that comes naturally with it. The young girl lacked nothing that money could buy; her mind flourished under the education of private tutors even as her budding magical talents were groomed by the finest minds available. What her life was missing, however, was the love of her father.

A distant, cold man at the best of times, with a mind more dedicated to numbers than the emotional needs of a growing daughter, his thoughts were consumed with his inability to father a son to act as his heir, and the financial ruin that Lucerne's inevitable marriage dowry would wreak upon him. In short, her birth alone was a sin that her father would never be able to forgive.


Week 24

14 June 2010 - 20 June 2010

Therai Wiki.png

Therai Nightglade was not born long before the Sundering, and the events of her childhood, being surrounded by fighting demons, Highborne and Kaldorei, affected her quite greatly. She was surrounded by hate and sadness, and while she wasn't affected by it immediately, it came to be a large factor in her life as she grew older, whether she realized where it stemmed from or not.

She grew up as a priestess, opting for a more spiritual role as opposed to a warrior role among the Sentinels. She was a fairly devout practitioner of Elune's creed for quite a long time, almost unchanging in her ways for thousands of years. Among night elves, she was a somewhat more poignant member of society, but it by no means crippled her in day-to-day life.

Therai began to undergo some changes in her fundamental personality, however. She became more sobering and distant, even from her peers, and those that still saw her regularly noticed the beginnings of changes in the magic that she cast.


Week 23

7 June 2010 - 13 June 2010

Pig battle.jpg

Born in an internment camp, Mowg Kodoskin did not have much of a childhood with all the lethargy. Precious early-childhood would wither away with only the basics of things taught to him by a collection of Orcs, and he soon accepted as a young age of five that Orcs are meant to simply lie around and do nothing in these camps. He knew of the stories of the past, where his people had been great warriors, but none of that was seen. He, in a sense, inherited the laze that filled his people.

In this camp, Mowg made friends with a few of the other rare children born in this time, but they grew apart over the years save for two. The most significant thing to happen in his childhood was the exodus, when all of the Orcs were suddenly free and had a spirit in them like never before felt.


Week 22

31 May 2010 - 6 June 2010


Born in Stormwind, James "Butch" Butchards wasn't given the chance to enjoy the glamor of the big city. As a son of simple citizen, he wasn't aware of most of the things happening outside the walls. James was a very problematic child always starting fights with other children and getting involved in actions unacceptable by the rules of the Keep. He was often disciplined for his deeds, though he never seemed to change his behavior.

By the time he was sixteen, the future of Stormwind was at stake. Hordes of wicked orcs invaded the lands. With no hesitation he volunteered to join the military. Being a warrior was his dream. He wasn't going to shed blood for the first time in his life as he almost beat to death one foolish thief who tried to steal some weapons. But little did James know about the horrors of war.


Week 21

24 May 2010 - 30 May 2010


Angus Silentwing was born in Astranaar. His father Thedus was a Druid and his mother Shelia was a Moon Priestess.

Angus has loved nature since he was a child. This led him to dreaming of becoming a Druid. With his father's help Angus got a great Druidism teacher. His mentor taught him to love nature and his surroundings even more. When Angus learned the basics, the teacher took the young Night Elf away from the crowd of Astranaar. He took him to his tent deep in the forest. There the master taught Angus the more advanced Druid magic.

Being away from all the commotion, it was easier than Angus thought. Having learned the basics, he ventured into the Emerald Dream, to continue his further training by instincts. Angus chose to follow the Storm Crow's totem.


Week 20

17 May 2010 - 23 May 2010

Rorbin taking names and kicking ass.

Rorbin Bladefizzle was born in Gnomeregan like all Gnomes. While he did show talent in engineering, it wasn't his main focus. As a child he often saw a group of entertainers performing with their sheer body strength and agility, along with talent in weaponry. He was amazed by the tricks and illusions they were pulling off and, whilst performing engineering for the sake of approval from his family, he began to attempt stunts. He did of course, break several parts of his body on several occasions, but the little daring Gnome didn't let it stop him, despite various warnings and lectures.

Over the years he also found schematics that his father and brother had used to build a flying machine, but they never got around to completing it. Rorbin had planned to try it out for himself, but then the Troggs had invaded.


Week 19

10 May 2010 - 16 May 2010

Clovis Briarthorn

Clovis Briarthorn was born on the mountainous outskirts of Stormwind. His father was a farmer who grew a variety of herbs, and his mother came from a higher ranking family, an eccentric black sheep who dabbled in Alchemy. Clovis was coddled by both his parents and received an adequate education from them. His parents were slaughtered during the invasion of Stormwind, when they were in town selling their wears. Clovis spent the next year wandering aimlessly till he was selected to act as a squire to a Paladin in a local Elwynn town. Clovis was a squire for a large portion of his life, as various conflicts had delayed his 'graduation'.

He had documented his experiences as a squire sporadically in his Journal. It's a bit of a messy read....


Week 18

3 May 2010 - 9 May 2010

Eklo'kai, the pious bounty hunter

Born on the Darkspear Isles like most Darkspear Trolls, Eklo'kai was brought up by a strong warrior and just a simple woman who accepted her fate (at the time) as inferior and naught but a tool. Eklo'kai would often wander the forests alone, much to the disapproval of his family who often scolded him. However, when he was roughly ten years of age his father soon realised that he shared the same curiosity for his surroundings as he did when he was his son's age, and he saw this as a sign from the Loa and began to train his son in the art of hunting, survival and weaponry.

Whether or not Eklo'kai was destined to become a great warrior like his father was anyone's guess -- but one thing's for sure, it's definitely not how he turned out to be


Week 17

26 April 2010 - 2 May 2010

Shindelor firing his bow

Quedanil Shindelor Anelorela'Na was born during a time of peace for the High Elven people. Shin grew up in Quel'Thalas in the city of Silvermoon as learned from his parents the secrets of elven rangers, a profession in which his family had partaken for generations. He learned first of the bow and how to hone his vision onto his target; he later was taught with use of short blades, as some may say daggers.

He was growing up a happy normal life, though he grew bored of the city and longed to see the wilderness that he was taught so much about. His father decided it was time that Shin learned the true purpose of the Elven ranger as he took him out as they protected the borders of their city.


Week 16

19 April 2010 - 25 April 2010

Webster in Ironforge

Webster Springsprockets was born in Gnomeregan, of course. His father was a tinker that worked inside city maintenance and his mother was a tomboyish fighter who served as a guard for the gates and main lift. While his mother was aloof and not seen very often, Webster's father often took him deep inside the secret maintenance tunnels and passageways, giving him lessons on how the air systems, electricity, and even sewage where taken in and out of the underground capital.

As he grew older, his own obsession grew -- and he inherited the job of his father, snaking his ways inside tunnels and pipelines that not many knew about in the first place. His dream was to become the next High Tinker, or at least become part of the council of advisers that helped make the city run.