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Horde Lovar'thil Dire'belore
Player SachikoMaeda
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Warlock
Age 681
Height 6' 10"
Weight 154 lbs
Eyes Bright Fel Green
Hair Long and black, usually tied back in a very loose ponytail.
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon
Occupation Doctor, Pharmacist, Potion Merchant, Vagabond, Astronomer
Relative(s) Unknown
Mentor(s) Unknown
Companion(s) Single
Alignment Neutral Good
Status Alive


His clothing will always cover every inch of skin from the neck down. A hood usually hides his head. The color palette of his outfits is usually limited to black, red, and gold. His clothes appear to have the quality worn by nobles. underneath his clothes he is a rather thin individual. Hidden under his clothes is a long series of black runic tattoos that cover almost his entire body.


Calm, cool, and calculated, Lovar'thil always takes his time when running over possibilities. He's rather sharp in discussion and loves to engage in conversation. He is curious about all of those he meets and yearns to learn more of them. He is a strong believer in fate and believes in a purpose behind every encounter. Even though all, he can be a rather quirky individual. He tries his best to stay in a positive mood and do good for those around him. He naturally tries his best to help those around him. He does, however, have an unhealthy addiction to fel.


Born to a once noble household, Lovar'thil's childhood was exceedingly easy. He was given all he needed and wanted rather swiftly. Far from spoiled, he always felt the need to give back to those around him. He went through school with high grades and great credentials, in time moving on to learn more in the medical field. He took great care and time with his studies, writing a number of books worth of notes to keep everything in order.

He worked a small charity practice within the city, seeing those in poverty for little to no charge. In his off time, he would look more into astronomy. He enjoyed his hobby greatly and would occasionally teach small classes on both medicine and astronomy. His life remained quiet, rarely making his way into family politics when large amounts of money were to be thrown around. He never had much care with such matters until his parents' passing due to old age. Being an only child, he was left with all inheritance. All the fortune they had, the land, and assets. Even with all these resources at his hands, he was far from a good businessman or politician.

A series of bad investments took away the majority of his wealth and his poor politics thrust him out of the noble scene. After his mishaps, he left his investing to an old friend of his and took back to his practice. He focused on running his clinic and left family business elsewhere. When the Second War came, he left home to be a combat medic. His minor knowledge of the arcane proved to be useful in defending other medics working with him. His service lasted the duration of the war though his location was constantly changing. He enjoyed traveling while practicing his trade, even if the circumstances were not the best.

He returned home to more money troubles. His inheritance was almost completely gone and he was left with no choice but to sell his old family home as well as what assets they had remaining, sealing his fate of being a commoner. He ignored his problems and continued his work, trusting his friend to resolve any issues. His trust was well placed and he did see a return of profits to his home. Just as prosperity returned, the Scourge invasion came. Within the chaos, his clinic was lost and his friend was killed. He barely managed to survive, taking shelter under rubble as he comforted himself.

Recovering from the disaster was not easy on him. He could not simply ignore it as he had prior. With the withdrawals nagging him down constantly, he began following the words of Kael'thas closely. In time, he joined forces that were destined to the Outlands. His exposure to fel was one he welcomed rather quickly and started an addiction that he would keep with him for years to come. During his time in the Outlands, he took to studying demonic arts. It didn't take long for him to become a rather successful warlock. More of his time spent there was devoted to studies than actual combat situations.

He continued with Kael'thas and his forces until he saw those around him becoming mutated. Before partaking in such an activity, he quickly broke away from the armies and went into hiding in Hellfire Peninsula. He didn't emerge from his hiding for months, slowly making his return to Silvermoon. He learned of the fate of Kael'thas and those with him, taking it as a sign to continue his research with fel and its effects on the body. He took his previous research books and notes from his home along with his tools for alchemy, packed them in a trunk, and took to the roads.

Skills and Abilities

Warlock Mastery. His knowledge of the demonic arts is quite extensive. He has no one specific area of specialization and chooses to study all branches equally.

Stars Be My Witness. Lovar'thil has an affinity with astronomy and all there is about the stars. He is an avid believer in being able to tell the future and grand events by patterns in the night skies of either Azeroth or the Outlands. He believes his defenses are greater at night under a starry sky.

Dr. Feelgood. He is a fully licensed physician and pharmacist. his knowledge in alchemy allows him to synthesize his own medications as needed. He keeps a trunk around that contains all of his supplies. He has a deep-rooted belief, possibly a delusion, that demonic blood is a fix-all cure and usually adds it into all of his potions.

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