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Horde Aurion Fal'areth Eduriel
Player Kaghuros
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class Blood Mage
Age 230
Eyes Green
Hair Auburn
Affilliation(s) House Eduriel
Status Alive


Aurion is usually seen in the finery befitting a Magister, and is occasionally sporting the garb of a Blood Mage. However, in private, he prefers to wear comfortable working clothes instead of robes. His favored weapons are the sword and staff, and much of what he wears is carefully enchanted to protect his well-being, whether it be in the form of magic-resisting wards on his work clothes (in the case of an accident) or blade-turning on his elegant social robes (to avoid another sort of accident).

Aurion's hands were permanently burned by fel-fire in a magical accident. They have been rendered red to a jagged edge on his forearm, and he wears gloves to prevent this unsightly mark from being seen. In addition, a spiderweb of burns runs across his chest and the inside of his arms from another failed spell.

He has deep auburn hair that falls almost haphazardly over his shoulders, and possesses the same Fel-green eyes as all Blood Elves.


Aurion is calculatingly intelligent and has aims for power both socially and magically. His charisma is not nearly as great as other Elves of his status, but what he lacks in social presence he attempts to make up for in expertise. The value of his work and the badge of the Blood Magi often end up as tools for gaining friends and forging alliances. His first love is science, and politics is merely a burden that was thrust upon him. However he's come to know that that burden gives him great freedom to pursue the knowledge he desires, and as much as he detests the Great Game played by the houses of Silvermoon he knows he must play it to keep his land and title from falling into ruin.

Though he seeks mystical power actively through tomes and experiments, he prefers to keep his research controlled if he can. One thing that centuries' worth of mistakes tells you is that the best thing to be is prepared, and prepared is what he tries to be. His contingencies sometimes seem unrealistic, but that's entirely acceptable when the alternative is being killed by magical blowback or flung through the Twisting Nether.

Morally Aurion has been broken in many ways by the realities of his position. He has become used to so many "necessary evils" that he can no longer be considered the same idealistic young man that vowed he'd change his house when his favorite "sister" was taken away to become a servant. He uses her to support his aims as he would use any other tool, and will not hesitate to use others as well. However, somewhere within him lies that core of decency and idealistic moralism. The same spark that led him to sell his landholdings rather than his favorite relative also prevents him from falling completely to the nihilism that would otherwise have him to abandon his duties. Rebuilding the House and making a good name for his family matters to him in a positive and fulfilling way. It's getting there that's the problem.


Aurion's family history was one of many known men and women, but none rising to quite the esteem they wanted during their own lifetimes. Initially of Low Blood, a merchant family, each successive generation built on the name of House Eduriel until, by the time of Aurion's father, it was a major player in the politics of the Elven Court. Athren Eduriel was a consummate statesman, but he couldn't break through to the Upper Court of Silvermoon. This was a duty he was to leave to his son.

Aurion was born to one of Athren's favored concubines, but he was not the heir that his father chose to rule the house. His eldest brother, Faloras, was over two centuries older and a consummate politician like their father. As the second son of a house with big aims, Aurion was raised to live on the sidelines, to support the House but never to rule it. Aurion did not often envy his brother. Instead, he formed a bond with his 'sister,' Faloras' daughter who was nearly the same age. However she was taken away from the household in his 16th year under circumstances Aurion never truly understood, while he was sent off to the Dalaran to become the Magister he always wished to be. He trained in Dalaran to be an Enchanter and a Magister and found joy in manipulating the essence of the world. He grew, he founded his own business, and he forgot about the troubles of his family and nobility. At the age of 220 he was to marry the eleventh niece of a Sunfury nobleman to cement his house's ties to importance.

But then the Third War rolled around and Aurion's life crashed down on top of him. The political power of House Eduriel vanished with half of Silvermoon City, and the vast majority of his family was killed. However, being a proficient mage and a loyal subject of the Sunstriders, Aurion saw a way out of the dark times in Kael'thas' new order. He joined with the forces in Outland and pledged his loyalty to the Prince and his council. As the Elves worked in Outland, Aurion took on the mantle of the Order of the Blood Magi. He delved deeply into forbidden knowledge and came out scarred but alive.

When he returned to his estate he found a different, much more bitter surprise awaited him. Vaela, the young girl who he considered his sister, had been broken by the Servant's Guild under orders from the previous Lord Eduriel and was now a woman of shattered spirits. Her servile and frightened nature was unrecognizable in comparison with the bright enthusiasm of her youth. Aurion spent a number of years shut in his tower, furiously experimenting to drive away the guilt of the war and his sister's state. However, he eventually grew resolute enough to begin rebuilding. He resumed his business in Silvermoon, reconnecting with the remainder of his house, and attempted to rebuild his shattered world one piece at a time.

The betrayal of Kael'thas was another great blow to him, but with the Sunwell renewed and the Blood Elves rebuilding, he knows in his heart that Silvermoon will endure for centuries more. And in those centuries he sees great promise for his house and perhaps a legacy for himself and his remaining family that will eclipse the sins of the past.

Skills and Abilities

Bonds of Blood: Aurion is a Bloodmage, and with that title comes training in the arts of Fel and Fire. He can temporarily summon a phoenix to do his bidding, and augments his flame and Fel-based powers with a trio of verdant spheres that he always keeps close by.

A Fiery Bloodline: For centuries the House Eduriel has pruned and managed their bloodline to produce excellent Magisters. Aurion is the product of that process, and as such is naturally skilled in the arts of magic. An unfortunate consequence of this mystical pedigree is increased addiction to the Arcane (and more recently darker magics) and a greater danger of over-channeling and causing magical backlash.

Step Through the Nether: One of Aurion's great victories was the creation of a teleportation magic utilizing the same Fel energy of the Warlock's runes of demonic recall to transport the caster (relatively) safely across a much greater distance via the Twisting Nether. Unfortunately, as is the nature of the original spell, he can only travel to locations marked with the appropriate guidance runes. The runic markings for distant travel are far more complex, and require a finer and more robust grade of reagent to handle repeated discharges of raw Nether energy. This unfortunately makes marking locations time-consuming and difficult.

The Rune and Shield: Aurion has spent decades in Dalaran honing his craft to become a masterful enchanter. One of the few things keeping House Eduriel afloat is its holdings in the reagent business and The Rune and Shield, and enchanting shop based in Dalaran from which Aurion himself receives commissions.

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