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Neutral Kirabo
Player Kirabo
Gender Male
Race Gnome
Class Rogue
Age 45
Height 0.88cm
Weight 19.4kg
Eyes Bright purple
Hair Shaggy pink
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Alive


Usual Garments/Armor: His usual attire is assembled from leather and cloth items - usually light enough to allow for easy movement, but thick enough to give him some viable protection. When in safe zones such as Alliance capital cities, he wears a robe.

Other: He carries four blades with him at all times, two mounted on his back, two on the sides of his waist. When on a mission, he will be found with sixteen throwing daggers spread evenly and symmetrically across his body – four on each thigh, two on his sides, and two on his upper arms. The throwable blades are Kirabo's prized possessions, and he loves them enough to have named them - Arc, Beam, Code, Dots, Eerie, Fate, Gulp, Home, Iris, Joke, Kite, Lost, Mine, Nix, Orb, Poke

He has a pair of night vision goggles which he uses when necessary.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Kirabo knows what he’s doing. He may appear clueless every now or then, but it’s far from the truth. It’s most likely that the Gnome is trying to pull a certain reaction out of his victim by acting obscenely confused, or utterly lost. By following rules of logic and deduction he finds out a lot about people just through chats with them, which he seems to have no problem with starting. If explained in one word, his outer self can be explained as ‘random’, but his inner self would lean more towards ‘calculated’ or ‘cunning’. He’s eloquent, although rarely ever tries to manipulate people into doing what he wants them to do for him.

Kirabo’s sense of trust in friendship and otherwise relationships is forcefully twisted, leaving him very doubtful about real relationships with people. He easily forms and quits business partnerships, but rarely ever begins and maintains an affectionate relationship with others. Even when he does so, he keeps a healthy amount of paranoia at the back of his head.

He generally dislikes people, no matter their background. That, however, doesn’t stop him from probing everyone he gets his hands on, even if it ends up with him being annoying or - in extreme cases - aggressive. He has an insatiable curiosity, and a gargantuan will to learn. If there’s knowledge somewhere, he wants it. Be it ancient historical knowledge, or modern engineering one, he’ll be eagerly asking questions and looking for answers. Seeing that he has nothing else to do with his life, this leads him to new adventures and endeavors.


He was born in Gnomeregan, no different than any other Gnome. His father was an engineer, mother a technomage. Like the rest of the Gnomish population, he showed keen intellect and interest in mechanical science, starting to learn from his parents as soon as possible. He’d read books, tinker on and about, and at an early age develop his own tool, and claim the surname “Twinklebolt”. The gadget he constructed would, when aimed at an object, teleport it into an arcane vault which would leave it stored at the Gnome's disposal, until he requests the said item back in his grasp.

He felt as if he accomplished everything in life after this feat, so he decided to quit the studying life, and embrace a more fun one. Observing mechanical squirrels which were the only animals found in the deep underground maze that is Gnomeregan, he found a new love – acrobatics. With the pipes, cogs and gaps all over the capital city, it was a perfect playground and training ground for Kirabo to enjoy.

After aimlessly training for a while, he decided to up the challenge. He’d make deliveries throughout the districts, deliveries like mechanical parts, engineering patents, payments, food and water rations. Having been to the parts of Gnomeregan which nobody knew about, partially because nobody cared to visit them, but more importantly because they were very high up and unreachable by a mere walk, young Kirabo had knowledge of many a hiding place throughout the steampunk complex he had lived in. He’d take his soon-to-be deliveries there with him and unveil their secrets just to satisfy his curiosity. He learned more about engineering by reading patents he was meant to deliver without delay.

A while passed, he decided to try and up the challenge again. From then on, he aimed to make his deliveries without being spotted by anyone from point A to point B. At first, of course, this was silly. The people who’d spotted him would react with either confusion, rage, or amusement. This didn’t stop him. It took him years, but he finally taught himself how to use the shadows to his advantage, the huge metal transport pipes as cover, and the sounds of shrieking metal and spinning cogs as a distraction.

And then came the fall of Gnomeregan. Kirabo was in one of his hidey-holes when it started. He didn’t get to see his parents one last time before they were killed, so he ran away. Taking the high way, he didn’t have a problem leaving the capital city unharmed and unseen. Following the rest of the refugees, he went to Ironforge, where he found rest and shelter.

He first got into blade-fighting when he was on an expedition with the Explorer’s League, which he decided to join briefly after first arriving at Ironforge. An undercover member of the SI:7 was sent along with the Dwarven convoy for protection purposes, and his interest got piqued by Kirabo’s story. During the expedition, the agent decided to show him the basics, but nothing more. He did, however, tell the Gnome that he should visit Stormwind if he wishes to learn more. And so he did.

Most of what he learned he learned on his own, sparring with anyone he could find on the training grounds of the Old Town district. He would train until his muscles were hopelessly sore, and his joints exhausted to the max. He learned to fight using daggers and shortswords, and tossing knives at target dummies. He eventually moved onto dual-wielding, his being ambidextrous aiding him in it greatly, but his main focus always was tactics and strategy. He still has the notebook in which he wrote tactics he made up while fighting enemies in his head - strategies for fighting against Tauren, Undead, Trolls, Gnomes, Night Elves, anyone at all.

After several years, Kirabo went into the open world, and with the training he had, he was confident enough to begin earning money by headhunting wanted criminals. He started small, and at first relied on running away from enemies if things got bad, but soon learned that outsmarting enemies was not as hard as he originally assumed. He started earning good money, improving his abilities, and traveling the world. He still does the same, and aims to stay alive and keep honing his skills for at least a few more decades.

Skills and Abilities

Agility (Parkour): Having spent most of his life jumping, running and climbing, Kirabo’s developed high maneuverability, the ability of quickly traversing most obstacles he finds on his way. His acrobatic skills in terms of gymnastics are another thing to mention.

Spatial awareness: Partially due to his sharp mind but otherwise due to training, Kirabo’s awareness of his surroundings is on a very high level.

Third party: Kirabo crafts and uses many mechanical gadgets which aid him in his endeavors, be it bombs, a pair of binoculars, mechanical lockpicks, or traps. He also knows how to make some very simple potions and poisons from extracts of common herbs.

Subtlety: Taking advantage of the fact that he’s minuscule, Kirabo can move through shadows, foliage, or otherwise cover, retaining his stealth.

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