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Neutral Amelia Westmarch
Title <Junior Apothecary>
Gender Female
Race Forsaken
Class Necromancer
Affilliation(s) Herself, The Undercity
Occupation Specialist in abomination repair
Relative(s) Eva Westmarch (mother), Idris Donal (father), Galehaut Westmarch (brother), Garnet Westmarch (niece)
Status Active

Player: valonforth

Character Full Name: Amelia Westmarch

Character In-Game Name: Amelia

Nickname(s): Ames

Association(s): Herself, formerly Royal Apothecary Society, the Undercity

Race: Forsaken

Class: Necromancer

Skills and Abilities: Skilll in repairing undead flesh with a needle and thread, as well as with necromantic magic. Minor skill in giving commands to weak-willed undead (ghouls, lesser skeletons, abominations)

Age: 33 (25 at death)

Sex: Female

Hair: Black, very short

Eyes: Yellow and glowy

Weight: 106 lbs

Height: 4'11"

Usual Garments/Armor: Modest robes in black or purple. Lots of layers. Sometimes wears a full-length duster overtop if she's out traveling.

Other: Almost always carrying a book of some kind.


Alignment:' True Neutral

Amelia learned from a very young age that no one could be relied on to take care of her except herself. With one notable exception, she makes alliances of convenience, not loyalty. Even in undeath, she trusted Sylvanas only to a certain extent and always had a plan to run if the Dark Lady failed to protect Amelia's interests. She is wary, private, highly independent and intelligent, and would make a good intellectual if not for her pragmatism. Her own self-preservation is her first priority, and she expects the same of everyone else.

Emotionally, Amelia is dependent on her "brother" and prone to fits of anger and self-loathing. She will approach an unfamiliar situation expecting the worse and armed for bear. Although she is dedicated to protecting herself, she is audacious when her temper is roused and often makes rash desicions. A sure way to set off her temper is to challenge her strong feminist beliefs - though the female role models in her life were far from perfect, they were undoubtedly strong, and it is this image of an assertive, dominant woman that serves her own destiny first that she tries to model herself off of.


Amelia was the product of an affair her mother had while serving in the army of the Alliance. There was never a time in her life when she was not painfully aware of this. Even as a child, she looked nothing like her brother - she was short, dark, with sharp features, and he was tall and pale and red-headed. The Westmarches fled the Arathi highlands when the Orcs sacked it during the second war and came to settle in Hillsbrad. Amelia lived in the shadow of Dalaran during this period but was not permitted to attend due to financial concerns. She was a knowledge-hungry girl, though, and made a habit of stealing books from mages and wizards. She cobbled together a rudimentary grasp of the arcane, but not quite enough to prevent her family from being slaughtered by the Scourge.

She remembers her mother, sick with the same plague that Amelia was bedridden with, barricading the door to their cottage in a last stand and fighting off the undead with a hatchet before finally vanishing under a pile of teeth and grasping fingers. She does not remember slipping unconcious and joining the undead hordes without a struggle herself, or tearing her brother apart when he returned home later and refused to fight against his neighbors and friends.

She was wrist-deep in a corpse when the Lich King's mental domination fell from her, and was dragged sobbing from the river she attempted to drown herself in by her fellow Forsaken. In the years following, she claimed to be a fully-trained mage and biologist and was hired by the Royal Apothecary Society to repair and train abominations. She became convinced that one abomination in particular contained the remains of her brother and became unusually protective of it. When the Undercity was invaded by the Horde and Alliance, she fled with the abomination rather than stand and fight.

As it stands currently, "her" abomination is one of only few still left in the Undercity, stationed in the sewer entrance where the Kor'kron did not consider security a high enough priority to withstand the smell. She maintains that she was never associated with the RAS, and is no longer convinced that the Undercity and the Forsaken are a safe haven for her.

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