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Archive of the featured articles for 2012.

Week 23

3 June 2012 - 9 June 2012


Ranzel was created in the far north of the old Kalimdor, in what is now Northrend. He worked and toiled for untold years, building up massive cities like Ulduar and the like, toiling with the masses of his brothers and sisters. He lived a peaceable existence under the watchful eye of the Titanic Watchers, and was eventually put to work chronicling the knowledge of the ages into enormous Titan databases.

His race's peaceful existence was never to last, however, as the Old Gods began extending their tendrils of influence across the world yet again. The Curse of Flesh took its hold on Azeroth, destroying the pure, metallic flesh of all it impacted. Ranzel saw legions of his brothers and sisters flee, due to their now-fleshy bodies. They burrowed into the hills in Southern Eastern Kingdoms, about the same time as the Earthen, fleshy as they may be, came out of Uldaman and Uldum. Ranzel was one of the lucky ones, who escaped the curse of mortality and flesh.


Week 22

27 May 2012 - 2 June 2012

Riael young 01.png

Riael Novalight was born a high elf in Quel’Thalas, second child out of his generation of the Novalight bloodline, the first son. Another son was born just a few years later, named Jidaeo after the families paragon. The brothers were close and together shared every moment they were allowed to.

Unlike his older sister Naveria and younger brother, Riael shown no interest in their noble ways. To him etiquette was an inefficient way of eating and gaudy adorned robes were a waste of money and craftsmanship. Instead his mind wandered beyond the safety of Silvermoon, into legends of heroes and their adventures. It was the clever words of his mother that let him become apprentice to a well-known skymistress, to learn about the proud dragonhawk.


Week 21

20 May 2012 - 26 May 2012


Long ago in the Barrens a male calf was born to the warrior Tarku and his mate Ba'leh, from the Dawnseeker tribe. The joyous couple named their offspring Kashu Dawnseeker and raised him with utmost care: they made sure that Kashu trained for long to learn how to survive alongside his nomad tribe in the Barrens.

As he waited for his brawn to develop, he was taught by his mother, Ba'leh, the finest Tauren arts: leather crafting and sculpture. With this knowledge, he was able to help making clothes out of the animals' leathers and furs to dress up his tribe, as well as create totems to appeal the Earthmother. Besides, the young tauren learned how to cook, mostly simple meals as the tribe rarely had time to stand by and wait for the meat to roast; they usually dried it for later consumption.


Week 20

13 May 2012 - 19 May 2012


Faeliel Starstrike lived years of peace during her infant and growing stages, living in the forests of Ashenvale. She took part in the War of the Ancients, playing a part on it as a soldier, her skills with blades increasing after surviving the multiple encounters with the Legion subjects. She didn't take part in any event worth mentioning during the said war. She fought and joined battles, like other Kal'dorei soldiers did, but nothing other than that.

By the end of the War of the Ancients, having joined the newly-created Sentinels, Faeliel dedicated herself to more stealthy tasks, though not specifically as a Sentinel. She employed her abilities as an assassin and trained them in high regard for close to one thousand years until Illidan Stormrage was imprisoned and the organization named Watchers was created. Faeliel was invited to join the organization, taking tutoring from one of the Wardens.


Week 19

6 May 2012 - 12 May 2012


Mochla Stormcaller was born sixty-two years ago in one of Nagrand's many villages. Her mother, Zarga Wildfist, was prone to having romantic escapades and it was due to one of these that Mochla was created. Zarga kept her secrets throughout most of her lifetime, ashamed that she had been disloyal to her mate. She did not tell Mochla of her secret lusts, and instead lied about who her father actually was. Mochla did not know any better at the time, for her childhood was a busy one. There was not enough time to question trivial things such as minor differences in facial features. In fact, Mochla rarely studied other Orcs at all. She came to adore her surroundings and the natural world and much preferred this to the company of others.

Seeing that her daughter was taking a liking to Spirits, Zarga decided to help train her in the ways of the Shaman.


Week 18

29 April 2012 - 5 May 2012


Grazmot Windseeker was born in the bloody land that was Hellfire Peninsula. Draenor had not been always that way, but after the orc's sealed the Shadow Pack and slaughtered the Draenei, the land had been ravaged and drained by the Warlock's dark magic and the bloodthirsty Horde's needs.

When Grazmot was old enough to chew bits of meat his mother could rarely find, she decided to sell her son to buy herself a better life. A grizzled warlock decided to do so, giving her some meat and furs in trade for the pup. Despite being a slave of a practitioner of the dark arts, Grazmot was quite fortunate. His master fed him well, and the young orc was able to ease his thirst with fine water. As soon as Grazmot was able to walk and carry a weapon at the same time, an ursine orc whose red hair was stroked with gray began to visit Grazmot and train him in the arts of combat a few hours per day.


Week 17

22 April 2012 - 28 April 2012

Zalthiel Profile.png

Zalthiel Nightwhisper was born into the Priesthood of Elune; her mother Tygrelle was a devout Priestess of the Moon, her sister followed her mother's path, and even her cousin Sagi was devoted to the priesthood. Zalthiel embraced the path Tygrelle pushed on her as best she could, following the trials and training all Priestesses must undergo. The first four and a half centuries of her life were quiet and uneventful, a tranquil existence in the forests of Ashenvale with her mother and family. There was no conflict, no violence to contend with in her half millennia of life.

All of that changed, however, with the coming of the orcs. When the savage orcs, crazed with Mannoroth's blood, first entered Ashenvale and cut a swath of destruction through the once-peaceful forest, Zalthiel was devastated. To one who had never so much as considered the notion, the senseless slaughter and violence was unthinkable. Zalthiel and her sister fled to the deepest reaches of Hyjal while their mother assisted in the defense of their homeland.


Week 16

15 April 2012 - 21 April 2012


Anissia Boltwing has always been one who liked to read, starting at a very young age. Through reading, she began learning magic as well, being able to use her first fireball before most of those she learned magic with. She was always the weird one out of everyone, the quiet one, the one that looked weird and what have you.

As she grew older, she found she was gifted when it came to mastery over spells dealing with fire. She had been the only one to be skilled in that tree, her father being skilled with spells dealing with ice, and her mother being skilled with in arcane. Though her personality hadn't changed, everything else did. She found she wasn't the 'weird' one anymore, and was instead the one people went to when they needed help with learning a new spell.


Week 15

8 April 2012 - 14 April 2012


Kerana Axestorm was born to well-respected axesmith Lhigar Axestorm and his wife, cook Aendria. During the Second War he had kept many a guard supplied with his high-quality axes and provided free blade sharpening as well. Lhigar had wanted a boy to carry on the tradition of fine smiths, but ended up having Kerana, who would be the couple's only child. When Kerana was little, she would watch her father at work, amazed at his quality as well as the attention he received. However, while still shown some care, she did not receive the "daddy's little girl" treatment, and would often go to her mother when she had problems or needed a shoulder to cry on.

As Kerana grew older, her mother knew that she was enamored with the forge, and she begged relentlessly for Lhigar to allow her to assist him in the shop. Despite his hesitation, he relented and allowed Kerana to learn the craft. In the beginning, he never gave her direct instruction, and Kerana learned by watching, and after much trial and error (as well as a few burns), she grew in her ability.


Week 14

1 April 2012 - 7 April 2012


Diwaata and Kapre were two grown orphans raised by a matron aboard the Oshu'Gun when they arrived on Draenor while among other Draenei. After settling in Shattrath for many years, they, among others around their age, were those who gathered south of Telaar and west of the Burning Blade and Bleeding Hollow villages in Nagrand. There, they attempted a settlement that was to provide a new home for these young draenei as well as to open a trading post with the neighboring orcs.

During this time, Diwaata, Kapre, and their circle of friends befriended some orcs, including a shaman, named Mahen'Tosh Blindthunder, and a warrior who would become Mahen's mate, Ka'Wal. However, it was not long when the orcs unleashed their attack shortly after Dia's brother took on his own family, sending them on a constant run as friends and family are felled.

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Week 13

25 March 2012 - 31 March 2012


As Tarania Moonrise was born well after the Sundering, she has not experienced many of the events that a lot of the older kaldorei have learned from. Her childhood was relatively uneventful, as compared to other night elves. Her mother was a priestess, and her father was druid that went back into the Emerald Dream before she was born. She had a brother, named Therinan, who was born well before her. He became both a father and a brother to her, and they became nigh inseparable.

Tarania followed the path of the warrior priestess. She was trained as a sentinel, but at the same time she learned under her mother's wing of the beliefs and customs associated with Elune. By the time of the Third War, she was quite competent in both the art of war and her duties as a priestess.


Week 12

18 March 2012 - 24 March 2012


Vyndus Sunstone grew up in a relatively empty household. His parents were priests that were frequently out of the house for business reasons. He was frequently left alone with a nanny or a guardian that his parents conjured. As a result at a young age, he lacked the warmth of a parents love. This partially attributed to his personality in his teenage years. As a young boy, he played with many of the other high elven children, this filled the hole in his heart that his parents couldn't fill. However, when the day ended, and his friends were taken home by their parents, watching them made him resent his parents and feel an aching in his heart for people who wouldn't leave him by himself.

When he was a teenager, he would regularly take knives from his kitchen and go into the woods surrounding his house to practice throwing them at a makeshift post he had carved. Also due to his empty childhood years, he would often pick fights with other kids, only stopping when he could no longer fight, or he was pulled away by the guards. This continued on until his adult years.


Week 11

11 March 2012 - 17 March 2012


Yancy Boltwing was born in the great city of Gnomeregan. Like many Gnomes, he took to engineering like a fish to water, studying the intricate systems of moving parts and learning how things worked together. This would be a theme of the years to come, as Yancy came to strongly value working with others to achieve his building goals. He got along well with not only his fellow Gnomes, but with their neighboring Dwarven allies, enjoying their storytelling and especially their ale.

The first time Yancy laid eyes on an aircraft, he immediately fell in love. When the pilot noticed his fixation, he offered to give the Gnome a ride in the gyrocopter, as she was looking for some repairs and upgrades and wanted him to see first-hand some of what she wanted improved. And Yancy reveled in it!


Week 10

4 March 2012 - 10 March 2012


Thordin Thunderfist's began his life with a very rough start as his biological parents as shortly he was born, his parents died from a cave in from a mine. They did survive the war of Three Hammers and to die in such conditions was outright disgraceful for the clan, both were given a proper burial and Thordin, the infant he was back then got adopted by his uncle and aunt who never had any luck in getting a child. They nurtured him like if he really was their own son and he quickly learned to combine two passions when he was starting to become of age, fighting and crafting. The only thing he never wanted to do is pick up weapons and armour to fight, he preferred the clothing he had and the fists to be used as maces and wrecking balls.

In the first war he was regularly seen in the field and at the camp's field-smithy repairing and maintaining armaments. It's also where he got most of his scars due to his sometimes idiotic but ingenious plans when going head-on with the enemy. This pattern repeated itself in an endless cycle almost that allowed him to train both of his passions while feasting in between.


Week 9

26 February 2012 - 3 March 2012


Celestia's parents, Mezzul and Garina, first were partners in battle, seeking to assist their kind in any ways required. Mezzul was a Vindicator and Garina an Anchorite. They fought side on side in many battles, their respect and admiration for each other eventually became love and from that love Celes was born. She was born during the Draenei escape from Argus. She was born in the dimensional ship Oshu'gun, and like many births, hers was very celebrated. Garina expected to raise her to be an anchorite, like her. She was known for being a very strict woman, though Mezzul, in love with her, didn't think this would someday become something bad.

For some time, Celes grew learning of the ways of the Light, the same way many draenei do, however she never showed much skill or prowess with manipulating the Light, except to use the lowest form of Light draenei use, Gift of the Naaru. Her lack of ability frustrated Garina, who had her mind set into making Celes a proper Anchorite, one that could assist and perhaps replace her once the time was right. Garina set Celes to learn with a personal tutor, having private studies about the Light to see if she could yet develop the ability to use it.


Week 8

19 February 2012 - 25 February 2012


Annabelle Greene's family starts in the traitorous nation of Alterac. Her father, fleeing his noble family once the nation turned traitorous, ended up in the smokey city of Ironforge. Here, he would meet the girl's mother, also a refugee, but from the Southern Kingdoms once the orcs conquered the human lands. Love blossomed, the two married, the man adopting his wife's name and abandoning his old one: Bisen. Soon enough, the woman became expectant. Nine months later, Annabelle Greene was introduced to the world in one of Ironforge's medical rooms in the Mystic Ward.

The girl grew for eight years amongst the smoke, ash, and rumble of machines in the mountain city. Her life was quite middle-class, supported by the small chest of gold her father fled with and other things that ended up being sold from his ex-life once he reached the city. She grew to love the tinkering of machines, but her spiritual side was also sparked in the peaceful temple of the Mystic Ward.


Week 7

12 February 2012 - 18 February 2012


Cassius Palenix was born from a widowed mother in the city of Stratholme. His father apparently died choking to death after drinking a mug of bourbon not to long after impregnating his wife. Little did anyone know that Cassius' father was actually poisoned by his own wife. Cassius' mother, Janice, was a selfish, hypocritical and demanding woman. Not to mention, she was an arcanist.

Cassius' childhood was a complicated one, his mother would always threaten to use arcane magic on him and even occasionally use him for her own twisted amusement. Cassius was obviously forced to do all the work around the house when he was physically capable of doing so, if he didn't, he'd be turned into a sheep, heavily beaten by his mother's arcane magic or in worst case scenarios, both. He was sometimes beaten to the point of getting a broken limb or getting heavily bruised by his mother's attacks. He was always threatened by his mother to not tell anything.


Week 6

5 February 2012 - 11 February 2012

Cry copy.png

Reigen Dawnsend was born in the village of Suncrown in what now is called the Ghostlands. She was the youngest of four children during the time, having two older brothers and two older sisters. A younger sibling, a sister, would follow later in life. The family was large and lived in a cramped, single room home. Curtains and clothing were used to divide the room up between the parents, the girls, and the boys. The family was of extremely low class, sacrificing much in order to get by. Sometimes they would go a while without food and soon grew used to it, though it did horrible things to the family's health.

Reigen was a premature child, though it's wondered by her family if that would have changed much. She was born very weak and fragile, anything more than a touch would cause the child to bruise. The small child was unable to move on her own, often rasping for breath and having to be force-fed in order to survive. Whatever she had to eat would be pushed into her mouth and her throat rubbed in order to make her swallow. If not for the donations that the little village would give to the small family, the young girl would have perished before she could even open her eyes.


Week 5

29 January 2012 - 4 February 2012


Cristovao di Silvio was born just before the First War, in Lordaeron. His father was a paladin who served the Alliance of Lordaeron, however when Cristovao was but a small child, his father was among the valiant knights who went into the Dark Portal and never returned, forever leaving an impression on the child.

Following the Second War, Cristo grew up a fairly normal lifestyle in Lordaeron, making friends with both the High Elves and the Dwarves, including who would become his closest traveling companion in years to come, a dwarf warrior named Skala. While his mother wished for Cristo to maintain a peaceful livelihood, raising him to be an academic and a scribe, Cristo would nonetheless take up the path of the paladin like his father before him. This would ultimately be what saves his life from the Third War.


Week 4

22 January 2012 - 28 January 2012


Dibykali was born in the orc internment camps. Like most of the orcs within the camps, her parents were listless and uninspired, made lethargic by the long imprisonment. She was named Dibykali for her mischief, though her parents did not mind as it was a rare sign of life in an otherwise dismal situation.

Finally, the day came when Thrall rescued the imprisoned orcs, and in their thankfulness they followed his plans to travel across the seas. It was during that time that the orcs shipwrecked on the Darkspear Islands, where Diby's parents were killed by the murlocs. During the escape, one of the Darkspears named Kela'rin saw Diby crying by her dead parents, and she took her to safety on the ships as Thrall held off the advancing forces.


Week 3

15 January 2012 - 21 January 2012


Dunkhaan was born on the vessel Oshu'gun during its travels to find a new home world. He had an early fascination with the many different worlds visited, and to this day felt that those times of exploration were the height of Draenei society.

Enjoying the landscapes and species on the different worlds, he had a connection with both the natural worlds they visited as well as the ship and technology used to explore. Growing up, he became a scout and explorer. During his trips at the various planets, he grew fond of the cultures of the inhabitants, and became a collector of small items that he received from these villages, mainly trinkets and small totems to remember the journey by.