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Horde Zeein Rae'donne Silverfang
Player JTJP770
Gender Male
Race Blood Elf
Class [Hunter
Age 377
Height 6' 4"
Weight 152 lbs
Eyes Bright Fel Green
Hair Dark brown, thick and usually styled to flip over his shoulder. A band holds the bottom part together, making it thin out over his shoulder.
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon, Blades of the Silverfang
Occupation Noble, Politician, Actor, Dancer, Ranger and Militant officer of the Blades of the Silverfangs, Entertainer
Relative(s) Lenorius Silverfang (Father), Melyndra Silverfang (Mother), Leron Silverfang (Brother), Kyran Silverfang (Nephew), Eliana Silverfang (Neice), Ruibarra Silverfang (Cousin), Xaiden Silverfang (Cousin)Nelany Silverfang (Daughter) Len'fal Silverfang (Son) Cerus Silverfang
Mentor(s) Lenorius Silverfang Leron Silverfang
Companion(s) Cryna Silverfang (Mate)
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Status Alive


Zeein has never been one to dress flashy, like his brother Leron he can mostly be seen in casual clothing and occasionally his armor which is usually a mixture of leather and mail. When having to present himself on behalf of the family or in public, he tends to dress a bit more upscale while managing to keep his stylish and loose look to him. His face is free of scars of blemishes, with angular features and an ever present smirk.


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Charming, sly, and smooth were words that could be used to describe Zeein. More often then none a kind word, a flip of his hair and a flash of his smirk get him his way. Generally, Zeein is carefree and even a bit lazy at times. A frequent party goer in his youth, he developed a taste for the life of relaxation and the many vices of life. Always the favorite of the brothers, Zeein often got off with doing a lot of things Leron and Volus would of gotten punished for by charming Lenorius and Melyndra. A womanizer, Zeein always has a tendency to flirt and chat up women -- even if he sometimes doesn't realize he's doing it!

However, much of this changed after the Scourge marched through Quel'thalas. A reality check for the young elf, that life was not all about partying and promiscuous activities. This caused Zeein to become rather involved with the family, using what was taught to him by his father and brother to aid how ever he could. He still enjoys the things he did before, but not quite as wild as he once was. Calming down quite a bit to aid his house and the Sin'dorei.


Born to the Silverfang noble house , Zeein's childhood was rather laid back and relaxed, his father Lenorius and his mother Melyndra babied him in his early years. Zeein was rather chubby as a child, which looked comical in comparison to other Sin'dorei children. He spoke with a stutter, had odd looking teeth and was a magnet for teasing by pretty much anyone. His brothers, his parents on occasion and the other children were quick to point out his flaws. Though through the awkwardness, he was still able to somehow charm his mother and father into cutting him slack or giving him what he wanted.

No matter how hard Zeein tried to lose weight, or correct the funny way he spoke; it ended up in no results. Often told, "You'll grow out of it," frustrated him to no end. But those who spoke those words were right. In his late teens, he started to grow into his body. His extra weight was divided, his stutter started to fade and his teeth started to shift in place as well. When his coming of age was over and done with, Zeein had managed to pull off the classic ugly duckling to swan transformation. With a new found confidence, Zeein plunged himself into the life that came with his new-found popularity.

With the new change in looks and attitude, Leron decided it was time for Zeein to be taken under his wing in the performing arts. Acting, singing, dancing were all part of Zeein's youth with Leron. He seemed to excel at acting, able to adopt to various situations and make the character he was playing feel real, this of course helped greatly when interacting with the other nobles. During the performing arts training, he was also taught the art of combat that was passed along to Lenorius to Leron, and then to Zeein. An average sword fighter, he had found his true calling was archery.

Through the influence of the family, they were able to find an ex-ranger to teach Zeein what he knew of combat with a bow, tracking, and other various survival techniques. The training went on for years but when his teacher felt Zeein was ready he gifted him a bow. Then shortly after set out to walk his own path.

After that, Zeein began to work at Leron's theater. He began to delve more into plays, becoming well known in the inner circle of performing arts in Silvermoon. This led to Zeein using many of his years attending after parties and often waking up the next morning with a woman in his bed and his head throbbing from a hang over. This continued for many years until he met a woman named Cryna.

It was a normal night for one of the plays, a woman had caught Zeein's eye. He'd approached her after the show, and the two began talking. Though to his surprise, his usual charms and good looks weren't exactly working the way he had planned. She brushed his advances off and left with out giving him a name. It bothered the young man that she had refused him, though the next night.. he saw her at the play again.

Again, he approached her and began to talk to her. It was the same thing, Cryna turning him down and laughing at his crude attempts to bed her. Though this time, he was able to get her name. Zeein pestered her every time he saw her, but Cryna never seemed unhappy or annoyed with him, merely amused. After weeks of this, she finally let up and allowed Zeein to take her on a date. Zeein took her back home for their date, the lavish estate providing a good setting. Though, it was a simple makeshift picnic that was eaten in the garden. The food was made by Zeein himself, and it wasn't very good. But it was the thought that counted. Cryna found she didn't regret her decision to give him a shot, and agreed to let him take her out again.

The two eventually fell in love, which ended Zeein's days of womanizing. The partying and drinking continued, though he just began to drag Cryna with him for all his goings on. This stopped when the two found out they were expecting a child, their first son: Cerus. The parties stopped, as did his excessive drinking. The two got married quickly before the news spread of her becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Cerus was born a normal, healthy baby boy.

Years after, the two decided they wanted another. Cryna became a mother for the second time as their daughter Nelany was born. Unlike his brother, Zeein did not leave to fight in the Second War. He stayed behind to run the theater with one of Leron's best friends

Without Leron there to keep him in check, eventually his career was beginning to suffer due to his focus on being a parent. He valued his family over his acting and spent all his time spoiling his children and his wife. He would miss play practices, which turned to showing up late to actual performances. He was close to being out of a job when the Scourge marched through. Upon Leron's return, Zeein was too far gone to be on top of the acting game again. He was enjoying the care-free life far too much.

When the Scourge marched through Silvermoon, he stood at Leron's side and fought tooth and nail to get out alive. The House was in shambles after the attack, many dead, ...including his father, and countless... this was the reality check that was given to Zeein as the way he lived his life would never be the same. Thankful that Cryna and the kids were unharmed he went to meet with the remaining members of the House. He had a duty to fill as a Silverfang, and it was time he acted like it. While he loved his family, he wasn't about to forget he was a noble and had a duty to his house that gave him the means to make his life possible.

With Leron missing during the Chaos, Zeein had stepped up and taken his place as Leron's replacement. He began to help lead the militant district of the house, as well as acting as a minor political assistant. This, plus the destruction of the Sunwell caused a lot of stress on the family with the arcane addiction breaking countless others. He made sure to get Cryna and the children sated before himself as Fel was introduced as the savior of their people.

As Leron returned, he was greeted with the House somewhat back on it's feet and managing to rise in popularity once more. Willing to help Leron with his theater, he offered his aid as an actor once more to help gain it's popularity once more. Once everything returned to normal, Zeein and Cryna decided another baby was what they wanted.

Their empty nest didn't stay empty for long as they welcomed their second son, Len'fal, a few years before the Cataclysm.

Skills and Abilities

Do it right, the first time!: Due to Leron's extensive and brutal acting, singing and dancing classes, Zeein has learned how to generally grasp something the first time he tries it out of fear of Leron's wrath.

Politics and Policies: Under Leron's teachings, Zeein has become a back up for his elder brother when dealing with Noble houses and the way the Silverfangs work. This has caused him to have a good grasp on the politics of the Noble court.

Isn't he charming?: Though the years of womanizing, getting out of trouble, and getting his way; Zeein has learned how to charm and impress others. Be it warming others up to him, or getting a free drink this skill comes in handy often.

Empathy?: Part of the way he charms others, is placing himself in their shoes. Saying what he thinks they want to hear, or simply pretending to be on their side. This makes great with forming alliances with other houses and organizations.

Holy Archer : Zeein has taken his knowledge of using a bow and his faith as a follower of the Light; and mixed them into one. He's able to weave holy Light into his arrows.