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How do I get my character leveled up to 85?

In order to get your character dinged up to 85 you've got to post a profile for said character. The forum section for character profiles is located here. Be sure to check the sticky topic(s) in that forum for any further information! The profile itself will need to be approved before the character can be leveled. If you are a new player to the server you must also post an introduction so that we can all wave at you in-game! The introductions section of the forum is located here. After both of these have been done, and you've spent about a month active on the server (Both forum and ingame), you're then eligible to take the Peon Questionnaire. This can be found at the top-right of your forum screen. Once this is all done (introduction posted, profile approved and questionnaire accepted) then simply contact a GM via an ingame ticket and request them to level you up accordingly.

  • If you are new to the server: To be leveled to 85, you will need to first get out there and RP!
  • When you're leveled, you'll also receive 2 Foror's Crate of Endless Resist Gear and a rather large chunk of gold from Garokk the Destroyer on GM Island, in exchange for 5 pieces of Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake purchasable from Mok'tar for free.
  • Remember: Do not ask GMs to look over your profile! They will get to it as soon as they can, and asking or "bumping" your profile will actually slow the process down.

Can I actually play my character before posting a profile?

Indeed you can! In fact, it's encouraged to give the concept you have a 'test drive' before submitting a profile, as that will help you decide if you actually want to play it or not. You only need to have a profile submitted and approved if you want to be able to go above level 60 on that character (and/or get a bump up to level 80).

What if I go above level 60 on an unapproved character?

If you go above level 60 on an unapproved character, the first time you'll simply be able to get de-leveled back to 60 by a GM. You should really toggle off XP using the NPC in the OOC zone so you don't "accidentally" do it again. If you go above 60 again on any unapproved character, they will be locked until the profile for that character is approved. Remember that if you are not a Grunt yet, you should not go above 60 on any character.

How big does my profile have to be?

We're not looking for your senior research paper or some beautiful, breath-taking essay here. Your character's profile has to have 10 lines on a 1024x768 resolution screen combined between your character's personality and history. Remember that GMs will ultimately have the final say on whether or not your character is okay and your profile is long enough. Please do not consider 10 lines a limit. The best way to ensure you have a good profile is to read profiles of characters that have been accepted, then write your own, and have someone who doesn't know your character read it. If they seem to "get" your character, you've probably got a good profile.

How long does it take for my profile to be approved?

As long as it's going to. We are always refining our approval process, and trying to keep the wait fairly short. However, remember that all the GMs are unpaid VOLUNTEERS, and they do the approval process on their own time. DO NOT ASK GMs TO LOOK AT YOUR PROFILE. They will get to it.

How can I speed up the approval process for myself?

Read the information in Creating a Character and be honest with yourself. If there's anything in there that makes you suspect your character won't pass inspection, don't do it. Also, submitting your profile to the Workshop section first encourages other players to take a look and help you out. Most of the established players know what GMs are looking for, and can help you out without that ugly "DENIED" stamp. Remember, spelling and grammar count! Once you post your profile in the actual Profiles section, if a GM asks you to make a correction, make it right away, then add a reply saying you've done so.

What about "bumping" my profile, or reposting it? It needs attention!

Bumping your profile only annoys everyone and puts you at a disadvantage. GMs work from the bottom of the forum listing to the top, making sure they get to those who were waiting the longest first. When you bump or repost your profile, you are essentially sending yourself to the back of the line AND getting on the GMs' bad side, because they are aware of your attempts to be greedy.

What is the approval process, exactly?

Once you submit your profile to the Profiles section and a GM gets to it (see the answer above), they will read over it carefully. If you have used the Character Sheet Template, carefully checked your spelling and grammar, checked your story against the information in Creating a Character, and not abused lore, your profile will likely be approved right off the bat.

If your profile needs work in a specific area, a GM will tell you so, and it will be your job to correct it (see: "How can I speed up the approval process for myself?").

What do the different GM responses mean?

Initial Approval

The GM that checked it thought it mostly looked good, but wants the opinion of another GM before it's stamped with approval.


Yeah, you're good to go! You rarely see this, as usually it's up on the wiki when it's approved. Again, your profile doesn't disappear. If it's gone, it's approved.

Approved Pending Gruntship

When you are a peon, and you see a big green approved in your profile, you -still- need gruntship in order to get to level 80 and have your character placed in the wiki. We have a separate forum to keep track of this. Information on how to become a grunt is present elsewhere on the wiki, and the stickies on the forums.


Basically, when you receive this it's due to a -major- problem within the character profile. If the GM hasn't alerted you as to why, which they more than likely will, you may wish to check the Character Creation Policies, as well as other Character Creation information as to why. This is normally used to show that you -need- to change what is asked of you.

My profile was denied! WHYYYYY?

Have a look at the Creating a Character section. If your character is of an unacceptable race or affiliation, or is overpowered, they will be denied. This is in the best interests of the server as a whole.

My profile was deleted! WHYYYYYY? YOU JERKS!

Yes, I have gotten PMs like this. When your profile is approved, it is moved to a GM archive so that they can later move it to the Character Profiles section of the wiki. WE DO NOT DELETE PROFILES IF THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH THEM. We either ask you to correct it or mark it as denied. If your profile is missing, it's because it is in the archives section, waiting to be posted in the wiki. Just keep checking the Character Profiles section, and stop freaking out at the GMs.

What are Special Profiles all about?

Special profile means that these are not NORMAL characters. They are characters of rank, wealth or of importants to their race. Special profiles are given more attention and are judged a bit more than your average profile, so they tend to take a little bit longer than normal. You may only have one special profile up at a time and are free to post another once the first gets approved. All special profiles will be posted in the Private Discussion forum for the GMs to review. Each proifle will require three okays from three different GMs before it is considered approved. Once it gains three okays, it will be moved to the profile's to wiki section for a period of time, and then added to the wiki.

There used to be a section just for them under character profiles, do not be alarmed if you no longer see that. See this announcement for full details on the recent change.

What counts as a Special Profile?

  • The character is a Noble; A descendant of a Noble house which holds status and power. (This does not count if your character is from a fallen house, as that house is technically not a Noble house anymore.) [1]
  • Mountian Kings; They are usually considered Thanes and as such considered nobility.
  • The character has accumulated wealth of some significance, or a significant amount of land/property under their name.
  • The character holds a position of power within a government or established organization by lore (Argent Crusade, Blood Knights, The Scryers, Kirin Tor...). (We know that Shamans are generally revered in Orcish society. Unless you've got any special kind of authority or power, however, you're not qualified for a Special Profile.)
  • The character counts as a Guard of a city or settlement with legal "authority", obligation and the ability to arrest other characters. (This includes Wardens, for instance.)
  • The character is supposed to have a force of NPCs to their name and under their command, that is significant and past the "for storyline purposes" single NPC that shows up once in a while.
  • The character is either a Demon Hunter (because of the very special skillset and training, and their rarity), Fel-Sworn (because of their ties to the Legion) or Dragonsworn [2] (because dragons).
  • The character is a bound servant of another character, such as a non-cmc ghoul.
  • Druids of the Pack. (Night Elf Worgen) [3]
  • Mini-Custom Model Characters. [4]
  • Evil Faction Characters (Twilight Cultists, Cult of the Damned, ect).[5]
  • The Horde's Kor'Kron and Alliance's 7th Legion. [6]
  • Priestess of the Moon. [7]
  • Runemasters that are also Ley-walkers. [8]
  • Spirit Companions. [9]
  • Blood Mages; Note that they don't have archmage abilities or use actual blood to power their spells. They are equivalent to a Magister. [10]
  • Spellbreakers; due to their exotic abilities.

How do I post a Special Profile?

All special profiles require GM approval before they may even be posted. As well as all special characters must be approved before they are made in-game.

Can I edit my profile on the wiki?

You can, but be sure to read this topic on the forums with what is acceptable to edit.

Is it possible to change my character's class?

It is possible to get it changed, though you need to talk to a GM first. Class changes should be a very rare occurrence overall, and should only happen later in a character's life or through retcons. There should be a good storyline behind it, and it should have a GM's approval. When a class change is approved and the character is already level 80, the character will be rerolled and leveled back to 80, however the 2k gold that is received from the quest will have to be handed over to the GM aiding with the re-roll. Failure to pay for the class change will result in the character getting locked until payment is made.

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