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Of late we've had new players who have come to the server and happily spent their time leveling away rather than posting their profile. It is perfectly acceptable for players to come to this server and not want their level/cash/gift, however all players are required to post a profile here to be allowed to play upon the server.

Therefore, players are required to have a profile posted and approved if they are to go beyond level 60, otherwise the character will be locked for a short period. If a profile is still not posted within the next few days, the character will likely be deleted. Stringent, yet we wish to get to know people and keep our community feel. We feel people who are merely here to level and not interact are not a benefit to the community.

Please note: The Personality and History sections must be AT LEAST 10 lines long on a 1024x786 resolution screen. See for more information.

ALSO: Please be sure to keep one line of empty space between each section of the profile when submitting it. This will not only make the workload of the GM and Helper teams less, but get you approved much faster. Thanks in advance for complying, it means a great deal to us.

Title of thread: Character name [Race] (Ex: Kretol Earthshaker [Orc] )


Character Full Name:

Character In-Game Name:





Skills and Abilities: (Only necessary if there are any abnormal/notable skills/abilities for the character's class)





Scale/Height: (Scale range between 0.85-1.15. Height optional.)

Weight: (Optional)

Usual Garments/Armor:


Alignment:(Optional.) (See the quick-reference or in-depth explanation!)