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Where is everyone?

There is no official RP "area". Everywhere except for the current designated OOC zone is considered an IC area and therefore open to RP. That said, the RP hotspots are usually Stormwind, Orgrimmar, Ratchet, and Booty Bay. Goldshire is usually fairly quiet.

No, really, where is everyone? There's only (insert number) players on!

This server is small by choice, and our players come from all over the world, often with school or work to contend with, so it's hard to judge when peak times are. "Peak" numbers are usually in the 30s to 40s, though we have gone as high as the 80s. Yes, we really are happy with these numbers. No, we really don't desire a server with 100+ players at peak. Honestly. Really. Keep in mind that we prefer the quality roleplayers we have versus the quantity of players logged on.

Will players want to RP when I log on?

Yes, absolutely! As this is a strictly RP server, it's fairly safe to assume that the majority of people logged in either are currently RPing or would like to be. Due to the diversity of characters, it isn't guaranteed that their style of RP will mesh with yours, but be patient!

How do I find RP?

Send a message in the LookingForGroup channel (see Chat FAQs for more details). Generally the most effective way to ask is to give a general description of your character and either ask if there's current RP you can join or state where you are going to be: "Female troll looking for RP!" or "Male human headed to Stormwind, I will be in the Blue Recluse for RP!". Taverns, as in many fantasy settings, are generally a good spot to meet people and begin forming connections.

Will I be restricted to RPing only with my own faction?

Nope! On CotH, you're able to communicate with members of the opposite faction. Orcish and Common are a universal language. Just remember that simply because you 'can' interact with opposite faction members doesn't mean your character should be all lovey-dovey and completely peaceful. Ensure your character acts as you believe they should!

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