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Is this server right for me?

Conquest of the Horde is an RP ONLY server. If you love roleplaying and the Warcraft universe, you've come to the right place. However, our server is not for everyone. You will want to find a different server if:

  • You cannot agree to/follow the rules
  • You do not want to read large amounts of text
  • You enjoy griefing
  • You are worried about the server drop rate
  • You want to level/be leveled to 85 as fast as possible
  • You cannot write a sentence without using "u" instead of "you", "4" instead of "for", or acronyms like "lol", "lqtm", "rofl", or "stfu"
  • You want to purchase a GM position
  • You feel that if someone is not in charge, you do not need to respect them
  • You want to RP without any restrictions (ie, playing a dragon, being the best friend of Thrall, being a Grand Marshal of the Stormwind Army, etc.)

If none of these apply to you, welcome!

How do I connect to the server?

First, you'll want to post an introduction. The stickies in the Introductions section of the forum explain how to do this. Once you have created an introduction and have it approved (you'll know it's approved if you can see your intro thread), you can create a server account and post character profiles.

To create a server account, log into the forums and click on the Account Management link in the left menu of the site. You can choose a different password than your forum account if you wish, but your username must be the same (this includes capitalization!). Once that is done, you'll then need to alter your realmlist file to be able to connect to the server with your client! This is detailed below.

In order to connect to the server, you'll first need to rename your current file (located in the C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Data\*locale*\ folder as of WotLK - *locale* is your version of the game, such as enUS or enGB) into something different; I use to save the normal file, as an example. Bear in mind that if you still have a realmlist file in your base WoW directory, it can be removed -or- used instead, as long as there isn't one in the aforementioned folder as well.

Then, you'll need to download the realmlist file located here.) It's important to make sure that you rename your file before downloading the new one; if your old one is deleted you'll have to run repair.exe to fix it!

Alternatively, you could manually change both addresses in the realmlist file to if you prefer. You can open up your .WTF file in notepad, delete the Blizzard information, and set it to the Conquest of The Horde realmlist. In other words, it should look something like:

set realmlist
set patchlist
set realmlistbn ""
set portal us

(Note, the last two lines of code are not necessarily needed.)

If CotH is at the Retail Patch...

There are times when the server is at the same patch as retail. As of this writing, the server is still at WotLK and retail is at Cataclysm, at patch 4.1. However, should the server get Cataclysm and be at the same patch as retail, there's one other option you can use for the realmlist - using the same one for both retail and here. For example:

/set realmlist
/set patchlist
set realmlist
set patchlist

set realmlistbn ""
set portal us

This is what it would look like if you were connecting to CotH. If you wanted to switch to retail, you could remove the slashes from in front of the retail addresses, and add them in front of the CotH addresses.

Something I noticed when doing this is that I didn't actually have to change my realmlist when switching between CotH and retail. I'd try putting in my live account info and logged in... I'd exit back to the login screen and put in my CotH account info, and it worked as well! So, presuming you have different account names for here and retail, you may be able to do the same thing! Just don't forgot to purge your cache whenever switching servers.

I'm sorry, but I'm kind of a n00b. Are there any guides elaborating on how to connect?

You are in luck! Feel free to take a look at:

What else should I do before connecting?

It is important to purge your cache whenever switching between servers! In your World of Warcraft folder there should be a sub-folder of Cache, and in there your WDB folder--delete this! It will be remade everytime you log into WoW. Again, it is especially important to delete it if you ever switch between any servers while using the same WoW folder!

How do I return to normal WoW servers?

(This is mostly only accurate when CotH is at the same patch as retail servers. But this is also useful when switching between private servers that may be at the same patch!)

Returning to the retail servers is easy! In order to switch back to your regular realms you'll have to go into your World of Warcraft folder and simply rename your current file into something along the lines of and your previously renamed realmlist back into It's still important here to delete your cache as though you were coming back to the server, if you don't you might be dealing with mobs and items with incorrect displays, and other potential issues.

What is my account name, password, and/or email for the server?

Remember, your account name and email must be the same as the one you chose when registering on the forums. However, your password may be different if you wish, and is whatever you chose when creating a server account.

Bear in mind that when registering a server account, your email must match your forum email exactly. To verify what you used for your email (and to try copy/pasting), go to your forum User Control Panel. Right under your name it will display your email address.

My account has been temporarily suspended! What gives?

All the information you need has been mailed to you. Please check the email address you specified when you created your server account(s). If you do not have a message, it may be a result of attempting to log in with an incorrect password too many times. If that happens, your IP is temporarily suspended (and it will claim that your account has been closed). You will need to reset your password via the Account Management site (Forgot password?), wait about 10-15 minutes, and then try logging in with the new password.

I can't seem to connect! WHY?!

READ THE RECENT NEWS POSTS AND CHECK THE SERVER STATUS FORUM. You'd be amazed how many of your connection issues are explained there. It may be that we've just updated to a new patch and are having stability issues, that the server is down for maintenance, or a whole raft of other reasons. Barring that, the Tech Support forum or the Bugs forum may have a post from someone having similar problems.

DO NOT post shouts complaining about this, or make a new thread about it without first checking to see if there's another existing thread already.

How can I get a second account?

First, please do not simply register another forum account and post another introduction. That just means more work for both you and GMs.

To create a second or third account, simply use the Second Account Creation component in the Components section of the forums.

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