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How can I talk to everyone?

Check out the FAQs on Chat!

How do I get my character leveled up to 85?

In order to get your character leveled to 85, you must post a profile for said character. The forum section for character profiles is located here. Be sure to check the sticky topic(s) in that forum for any further information!

The profile itself will need to be approved before the character can be leveled.

The other requirement is that you be a grunt. You will be able to find our grunt questionnaire sheet here.

Once this is all done (introduction posted, grunthood achieved, and profile approved) then simply contact a GM by submitting a ticket and request them to level you up accordingly.

  • If you are new to the server: To be leveled to 85, you will need to first get out there and RP! After a month of activity you can send in a questionnaire (see the link above) that the GM team will read and, if deemed acceptable, approve. After this, assuming you have a approved profile (read the rules), you will be leveled.
  • When you're leveled, you should head to the OOC zone (currently Shatterspear) and speak to Garokk the Destroyer. He'll have you do a menial task before helping you in return, though!
  • Remember: Do not ask Forum Helperss to look over your profile! They will get to it as soon as they can, and asking or "bumping" your profile will actually slow the process down as Forum Helpers generally work from the bottom of the list up.

How big does my profile have to be?

We're not looking for your senior research paper or some beautiful, breath-taking essay here. Your character's profile has to have 10 lines on a 1024x768 resolution screen combined between your character's personality and history. Remember that GMs will ultimately have the final say on whether or not your character is okay and your profile is long enough. Please do not consider 10 lines a limit. The best way to ensure you have a good profile is to read profiles of characters that have been accepted, then write your own, and have someone who doesn't know your character read it. If they seem to "get" your character, you've probably got a good profile.

Are there any GMs on?

Please keep in mind that by checking the server status by clicking on the "Account Mgmt" link on the left side of the forums, you can always see who is online, where they are and which GMs--if any--are online! Asking this in chat is not as reliable as using that little link, so USE IT! In addition, with certain commands being available to players in-game, you can also utilize the ".gm ingame" command to see if any GMs are in-game as well!

What is the OOC zone? How can I get there?

The OOC zone (currently Shatterspear) is the area where characters may purchase various items as well as find class and riding trainers. There are portals to the OOC zone in every major capital city. There is also a portal to the OOC zone located in Shattrath City behind G'eras and his vindicators within the main temple on the Terrace of Light, as well as in Dalaran within the middle of the city.

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