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As of the change to Cataclysm, tokens are no longer utilised on the server.

Item Tokens were originally utilized on Conquest of the Horde as a way to reward players who had become Grunts and had approved character profiles. These tokens allowed them to obtain almost any item in-game by submitting a ticket to the GMs.

The item token system was abolished once the server switched to TrinityCore, largely due to the introduction of the .addrpitem command. However, there is one token that is currently in use:

Bronze Token: You can redeem this to level your character up to 50. Just submit a ticket stating you have a bronze token and are requesting a level-up! You are also allowed to state in Chat that you have one and are requesting a level-up if a GM is available.

How do I get tokens?

You can purchase them from Mok'tar on GM Island!

Wait a tic. Weren't there other tokens?

You're very perspicacious! Yes, there used to be other tokens that we'd use, but stopped due to them being a huge time-sink. We may, at some point, bring them back, however! They are:

Silver Tokens allow any existing item on Live to be summoned into your inventory. For example, if you wanted me to pull Deathcharger's Reins out of my hat and give it to you, you'd need a Silver Token. Legendary items (with their names in orange) like the Ashbringer will not be summoned. This is mainly due to the fact that we don't want people to include such heavily lore-based weapons in their roleplay, unless given express permission.

Gold Tokens allow the customization of armor or weapons. Essentially, you can get an item with upper-level tier stats (or non-set equivalent) while having it look like and be named whatever you please. These tokens are given by GMs at their discretion, so please don't ask for them.

Platinum Tokens allow for custom, legendary weapon-slot items specifically. You actually have some say on the stats as far as these weapons go, to be explained later. These tokens are given by GMs at their discretion, so please don't ask for them.

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