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Reigen SachikoMaeda (contribs)

WoW History

Many a days I've spent back on Vanilla. Waaaay back not long after WoW had first started. Oh how I remember it. Wasn't on an RP server. Nope. I hadn't even considered it then. I was a Night Elf Warrior running around and slaying stuff. Oh how fun that was. And then Burning Crusade came out. Ooooh how wonderful that was. Night Elves? Forget them! Blood Elves are where it's at! I quickly rolled me a Blood Elf Warlock and got to leveling! But, things happen. School takes priority, and what with having dialup in the home, we couldn't really afford to keep a WoW. And so I had to leave not long after my new love for the Sin'dorei came about. I didn't get very far, my Night Elf being level 29 and my Blood Elf being only a pathetic level 13...

CotH Time

Some years later in the dark dark future of 2011, a horrible abomination was slapped on the forums of CotH. Sachiko's introduction post. Needless to say it was HORRIBLY REJECTED. Not really. Nope. It was approved. In honor of my old Night Elf, i thought I'd roll a new one! After the restart, she became known as Rinwen. I might not've known much on Nelves, but we all have to start some day. But in time I didn't enjoy my Nelf quite like I used to. So, I rolled a male Belf. AND SO THE PROCESS BEGAN WITH DORAN. Oh how I enjoy RP with my Doran. I loved it so much, I rolled another Belf. Leron. Then Aendron. Then Kirolan... And so many in between that were never approved. There's a reason I'm "Sachiko and her many belves".

I feel I managed to throw myself into the community quite well. I help co-run the Blades of the Silverfang with Ruibarra, run Disciples of Shadow, and now I'm a forum helper to help with your forum needs! I've grown to love this community and I hope to give back as best as I possibly can.

The Player

"Sachiko is the biggest nub ever". That's possibly the most common thing you'll hear. Hm. Well. Make what you want of it. They're just jelly. BUT ANYWAYS. I'm always open to talk to people and help them out when I can. Want to complain? I got ears to listen. Want some input? I tend to yack a lot anyways. Want somene to sit there and give you a blank stare while you go on and on about whatever you desire? Booyeah. Right here. I can be your friend if you give me the chance to be. Feel free to PM me whenever or yell at me in game. Any way, s'all good. I'm just your typical Louisianian. Minus the banjo and swamp-dwelling.

Wanna know more? Well, just talk to me!