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Horde Gabril Gatsbi'nore
Player SachikoMaeda
Gender Male
Race Sin'dorei
Class Cryomancer
Age 536
Height 6' 3"
Weight 120 lbs
Eyes Bright Fel Green
Hair Blonde and shoulder length. It's usually slicked back
Affilliation(s) Horde, Silvermoon
Occupation Entertainer, Performer, Crimelord, Slave Driver, "Entrepreneur", Cult Leader
Relative(s) Lostarin Gatsbi'nore (Brother, Deceased), Vynthori Gatsbi'nore (Brother)
Mentor(s) Exarion Faersong
Companion(s) Leiatrius Atho'lenar
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Alive


Always clean no matter what. He dresses himself in the finest he can find. Everything about what he wears seems to be made to attract attention. By looks alone people could think he has lived the life of an aristocrat.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

He seems to be rather shallow. He'll change his views to match that of who he's talking to so there's always an agreement. He enjoys the life of the party and enjoys the easy life. Underneath is all he's not as shallow as he leads on. He tries to keep people away through a number of acquaintances and very, very few close friends.

He will never turn down a compliment and will try to return one. Even if he dislikes someone either from their personality or looks, he will try to compliment them. His "show must go on" outlook makes him try to keep from making enemies. Those he dislikes he can manipulate later down the road for whatever reason. Every person is a resource to him someway, somehow.

The Scourge invasion has done a major number to his psyche. He has a firm belief that undead have achieved a state of perfection. This delusional man believes himself to be above those others that are still alive and to have achieved as close a state of perfection as he could without being undead himself. He strives to create what he believes to be a perfect world where undead are supreme. He often only finds his right-hand man Leiatrius Atho'lenar's words to be truth.


Gabril was born to a middle class family in Silvermoon with little to no financial problems. He began studying arcane at an early age with hopes of becoming something better. He began studying to become a magister when he was in his forties. His training went well until he was sidetracked by a group of performers. Their use of arcane amazed him to no end. He left his magistry training behind to learn from the performers. It didn't take long for their lifestyle to rub off on the young elf. He focused less and less on books and more on learning by example or enjoying the moment.

When the second war came around, he returned home with his troupe, supporting the troops of his homeland on the sidelines. In time the war passed and his troupe continued on their way. Gabril stayed within the city to learn what arcane he couldn't learn from the performers. He stayed within the walls of the city when the Scourge came around. He ran and hid during the invasion, defending himself and only himself. The invasion did a number to his mentality. Watching his city fall forced him to believe that the undead were an unstoppable force not to be trifled with.

The withdrawals were a long an agonizing period in his life. Most of this time he spent with his brothers Lostarin and Vynthori. He and his elder brother Lostarin were incapacitated from their heavy reliance on arcane as magi, leaving the youngest Vynthori to care for them at this time. When fel came to Silvermoon, Gabril was quick to try and snatch it for himself. His now twisted mind gave him the idea to try and scavenge his own fel crystals to sell to elves scattered outside of Silvermoon and too far out to feel the effects of the demonic magics. During this time he started amassing himself quite a small fortune.

He never bothered weaning himself off of fel when the Sunwell was restored. While his business in fel trafficking has taken quite a nosedive, he's turned to other sources of wealth. The sales of narcotics, slaves, and other shady services have furthered his own personal ventures. He has worked hard on amassing a sizable fortune and paying off politicians to look away from his ill deeds. He currently spends his time organizing his underground trade routes, managing various business fronts, and furthering his dreams of creating his own "perfect world".

Skills and Abilities

Fire Show: His arcane fire spells take on various shapes from geometric shapes, to animals, to people. It's purely aesthetic and has no change of the power of the spell.

Play Pretend: His walking stick can be used to better aim arcane attacks. "Pew pew" goes the pretend gun. He seems to only use Arcane Missiles in this manner. He will also cast polymorph spells while pretending his cane is a gun of sorts.

Liar, Liar, Plants for Hire: Gabril has gained quite the skill in lying. He can parade himself around as a noble while in Silvermoon, pose as a simple businessman in Hearthglen, and continue his dirty business in his own home. He's a man of many faces and has come to enjoy it.

He's a Little Runaway: He has various scrolls of recall on his person at all times. As soon as things seem they might be getting a little hairy, he'll scramble for one of his pre-made scrolls and high-tail it on out of there. To avoid any sort of arcane drawbacks, he does his best to limit use of these scrolls.

Undertaker: Gabril's obsession with the undead has lead him to research on proper care for the dead. While refusing to delve into necromancy, he has become a skilled mortician. He works on developing ways to use his mortician skills to aid the undead in any way he can.