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Character Activity and Information
Name Race Class Alignment Guild Activity Target RP
Roux Blackwood Worgen female Druid C. Good Thornsong Coven Active Gilnean, Light/Witch Conflict
Orvisha Lorewolf Orc female Shaman C. Good Earthen Ring Active Shaman
Marwaz Troll female Priest Neutral NA Semi Horde
Odetta Mosle Forsaken female Mage Neutral N/A Semi Forsaken Loyalist Conflict
Ithildess Pyrefeather Bloodelf female Priest L. Good Blood Knights Semi National
Maegwyna Wyberg Human female Death Knight Neutral Ebon Blade Semi Death Knight/Ebon Blade
Annabelle Greene-Bronco Human female Priest C. Good NA Retired NA
Blair Byrne Human female Priest Neutral NA Retired NA
Zephyaluu Draenei female Hunter Good NA Retired NA
Tandraelyn Vielthaldonis Bloodelf female Paladin L. Good NA Retired NA