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Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Maegwyna Wyberg

Character In-Game Name: Maegwyna

Nickname(s): Mae, Meg, Gwyn

Association(s): Herself, Alliance

Race: Human

Class: Death Knight

Age: 33

Sex: Female

Hair: Snow white.

Eyes: Rune blue.

Weight: 150lbs

Height: 6'2"


Usual Garments/Armor: While she has her Acherus plate on hand in her home (read: scret lair where thieved valuabes are stashed), she daily dons leather and cloth. Her weapons are a series of runed daggers and rapier, or rapier-like swords. Her favored set of leather is a scaled-looking black and teal ensemble. She can move almost lizard-like in the thing. She also has a favorite black, wide-brimmed hat, decorated only with a large white plume.

Other: She moves with a willowy grace, joints loose. Being as dead as she is, and as prone to the ice magics of her order, her skin is somewhat tight on her bones. As well, her gums have shrunk, and thus her teeth look longer. Canines almost like fangs.


Alignment: Neutral

Usually donning a wide, pearlescent grin. Nothing quite so white as the bones of the dead. More prone to joking, snarking, and flirting. Granted, this is all a defense mechanism to distract her from the ever present hunger. She does not kill unless entirely necessary, however.

Her thieving is a remnant of her old life. While she used to purloin coins to support her family, she now thieves to preserve memory. That, and Old Town is still starving. She is quite happy to startle the jewlery off a lost noble while she moves in the shadows, then turn it over to charity.

When alone in her "lair", she enjoys recordings of violin and cello music on a Gnomish player. Accompanied with a sip of red wine that likely has an associated hole in a wine-rack in a noble's manor.


Like so many others in the great city of Stormwind, Maegwyna was born to a lower-class couple. Her father labored in construction, mother as a seamstress. Their simple two-room home sat squished in the curves and alleys of Old Town. Her family, while not reaching the security of the Middle Class, was not the most destitute either. Some nights they shared what extra they had with the even poorer, some nights they went without. As Maegwyna grew, she found her hands lithe enough to slip in and out of the pockets of higher citizenry as they happened to get lost in Old Town.

Her family remained safe while Stormwind was razed, her father one of the many tasked with rebuilding. While he labored, Maegwyna aided her mother at home, and refined her purloining. During a short exodus out of the city to flee the orcs, she also picked up a few entertainer's tricks; juggling, and odd ways to bend the body. Such made the recovery more light hearted at home. And she was able to come away with a few extra copper or silver after performing in the streets.

When the Stonemasons rightfully demanded their payment, and were summarily kicked out of the city they rebuilt, Maegwyna's father was left with barely any work. He had not participated in the rioting, being a peaceful man. But, the soreness from the spark of dissent left a lack of trust in any peasant worker. Maegwyna was reaching the beginnings of adulthood by this point, quite willing (perhaps not as ready as she thought) to make her own decisions and paths in life. As such, she sought out the Defias herself, under the pretense of traveling as an entertainer and sending coin back home. If her father lacked the will to grab what was his, she would do it for her family.

She found them easy enough, enduring a mugging to boot. During her time with her red bandanna, she refined her thieving skills, her contortion work, and discovered how amazing engineering could be for displays in entertainment. When she could, she would send the promised coin back to her family. For a while, all seemed on a righteous path. Until she caught wind of a larger plan that seemed ready to undo all the Stonemasons built. Something about a vast network of mines in Westfall. The righteousness of this group fadind in her eyes, she escaped. Far as her Defias compatriots know, never returning from a mission to spy out trade caravans.

For a time, Maegwyna made ends-meet on her own. Calling on her entertainer skills, pickpocketing the more opulant watchers. A twist, a turn, a leap! Whoopsy, landing upside with hands on some lord's shoulders, then hopping off before he topples. He won't realize that necklace is missing until he's home, and she's long gone.

Relatively honest work would find its way to her again when she joined as a lower member of SI:7. Something to redeem herself from her work in the Defias, though she never got very high there either. Back in Stormwind, she found her family again. Her father had turned to drinking, mother wasting away like the paint on the buildings in their part of town. So that's where the coin she sent went to. Even so, she still sent what coin she could, more often than not, delivering it straight to her mother. Or, if not coin, actual materials; food, supplies for work, such other things.

The work with SI:7 suited her well and her skills grew yet again. Her talent for bending and squeezing into confined places other burlier members could not reach earned her a mark or two. She was called on for some minor spy work. Dissidents in Old Town, that sort of thing.

Time passed, and then the Third War came. Washing over the North like a plague. A new organization rose, the Argent Dawn. And Maegwyna was assigned to work alongside them under a superior agent or two.

An ambush on one of their assignments with the Argents brought that to an end. The officers either too damaged to be of use outside of a meat wagon, or raised as generic undead. Maegwyna, however, was blessed. In some form or another. Perhaps a combination of luck, and her odd twisting grace had her survive the longest. Dagger and rapier de-limbing as much as she could. Eventually she fell like her companions...

And then awoke to find herself in the cold halls of Acherus.

Never having considered herself a hero like some of the other Risen, she was not quite so shattered as they. But, shattered enough in her own right. Defensively, what remained of her mind bore her signature wry grin. Gums slowly tightening and pulling back to allow "fangs" to form from her canines.

She fought and she killed like many other Death Knights. The two-handed runeblade so common proved too unwieldy for her, even with the streangth of undeath. She proved her skill in the use of her newly acquired Frost magics. Creative ways, such as quickly forming a rapier of ice to shatter inside a victim. Silencing her steps as the ground frosted over.

She and her "brethren" were then called to assault Light's Hope. And they were freed.

She awoke again, her mind returning. And a new feeling of fathomless guilt. Her defensive sardonic grin remained in the presence of others. She kept it at bay while she juggled snowballs. She eyed the material possessions of the living and how they discarded them, items that supposedly marked their own worth in life. She fought again with her Order when the Lich King fell, her twisting grace reaching new degrees as joints seemed to matter less.

And then she was lost again. She did not want to become a common mercenary like a good number had. She only returned to her family at a distance to gague their condition; father and mother had both died. He of alchohol poisioning, she of a robbery in Old Town gone wrong. She found their simple graves and paid her respects, tear ducts not working like they used to.

Robbery. Theft. Twisting, turning. A flash of a grin as things of value are turned to new purpose with new people.

Maegwyna stared down an alley in the dilapidated district, icey eyes hidden by a thick hood. The growing cheshire-smile is not, streetlamps glittering off the frost on her lips. She strides forth and vanishes in the shadows between the walls.

Let us see how Stormwind's wealth has grown these past years.

Skills and Abilities

Finders Keepers She has refined her Death Grip to snatch even the smallest objects. A fine tool for an ex-living thief.

Steps as Snowfall While she cannot use the shadows as a rogue might, her agility learned in life remains. And she uses it to be quiet as possible in dark corners and alleys.

Boneshifter Not unable to truly feel the pain of bent joints, she can contort to degrees that her living self could not. It can get creepy.

The Light's Eye Being very undead, she will be easily sensed by paladins and others with such skills. Doesn't mean they'll see her so quickly, as she still retains her stealthy talents.