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Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Blair Byrne

Character In-Game Name: Blair

Nickname(s): None

Association(s): House Bluethorn ("court" sorcerer), Alterac

Race: Human

Class: Shadow Mage

Age: 30

Sex: Female

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Scale: 1.0

Skills and Abilities

Blair, as a shadow mage, focuses her fel use on binding shadows and souls. She has very little demonic control, only being able to summon and control her void walker (which isn't even a demon anyway) and has zero control of and use for destructive fire.

  • Shadowbolt – Her preferred method of direct assault, it is more refined than most warlocks', but not necessarily more powerful.
  • Shadow Teleporting – Most warlocks have a set of two skills, Demonic Circle: Summon, and Demonic Circle: Teleport. Blair has adjusted these two spells to allow her transition between shadows large enough to accommodate her.
  • Are You Afraid of the Dark – Her Fear spells are stronger in darker places.
  • No, This is My Coinpurse, Sorry - She is fairly skilled in pickpocketing, and lockpicking.
  • Moderate Wilds Survival - Her time in the Syndicate has made her not totally helpless in surviving outside a manor. She can pitch tents, start fires, cook, sew, and last fairly well in the cold.


Usual Garments/Armor: Blair sticks to dark robes, elegant but simple. She carries a few necessary magical trinkets, and a staff. Her days in the Syndicate have her keeping a hidden dagger on hand.

Other: What jewelry she wears is also simple.


A seeker of knowledge, plain and simple. Despite her tactics, she is not an overly cruel person. She does, at heart, seek to improve Alterac's standing and fortunes; the methods at hand are just limited. She is not one for extremes, and certainly isn't one for world domination and cackling mania.

As far as ending life goes, she considers it unnecessary unless in extreme circumstances. Should she find herself amongst a group of (for example) Twilight cultists, she will let the darker side shadow has developed out. Prim, proper, business-like, studious, punctual, usually appearing quite tranquil. She fit her job in Bluethorn's court well. She is shy to a certain degree, despite her skilled work, feeling not quite a fit in the noble circle. She would rather stay in the libraries and dictate from there.

Looking ahead to her future in House Bluethorn excites and frightens her both. Such freedom and resources, but she wonders if she will live up to all its associated expectations.


Blair was born to a fairly well to do family of arcanists in Alterac, not necessarily in a bubble, but sheltered enough to not be too aware of the political goings on with orcs using their mountain passages and such. Sheltered aside, she was less than six years old anyway. What child like her would know about war?

She would learn further soon as Stromgarde tightened its militaristic chokehold on the hard land. Blair still didn't know much, being around six, but she knew not to make the ones in red armor angry. She also learned to distrust and hate them from her parents. It was their fault things were so hard and stringent. There was also grumbling about the higher lords for being too nice to the greenskins.

As Blair aged towards a decade, she would gain a clearer idea of Alterac's state. She had also been learning very basic arcanistry; enough to put on a cute little show of sparkles to earn her family a tossed coin. And perhaps enough to throw in someone's face if they wanted that coin, and were willing to trade a dagger in her side for it.

Things were about to get even harder. Despite the son of Lord Perenolde's attempts to alleviate tensions, the Lord sides fully with the Horde. As a result, Alterac is dissolved, and Blair's little street shows are even less safe. Years later, they certainly weren't enough to defend against the looting of her family's home. Thankfully, they lived, and her family's skill in magic was enough to keep them warm and provide conjured bread. A few other friends moved in as well into the fairly spacious house to provide their skills and tools for survival.

As time passed, it became apparent Blair's family would have to leave for greener pastures. Leaving with a group on the road, fate would bestow on them a mugging, but a strangely fortunate one. A family friend that had not moved in with them in the shelter of their house had taken to banditry, and had established himself as a leader. And, Light bless, he had enough compassion left to take them in, though they would have to work like everyone else. Her parents took to training potential casters, Blair still learning as well. Slowly, this band grew, finding others to work with. The color orange became far more common, and soon enough Blair found herself in what was known as the Syndicate. Hey—at least she was warm, had her magic, her family, and food.

Blair grew like this from then on, her parents having to aid on raids now and then, but mostly stayng to tend to arcane needs. She would learn a few new skills as well; pickpocketing, dagger use, wilds survival, and something called fel. Her parents had been hesitant to teach her this new magic themselves, but they weren't the only arcanists around anymore. When they found out, she did not receive much reprimand; it was new, dangerous, but survival was survival, and power was power. And Blair was leaning towards a fairly stable brand of it—Shadow Magery.

Blair grew and learned further, nearing ten years after Alterac's fall now, eventually going on bandit raids herself, mostly at night. She was quite adept at inciting fear in the dark. Further years passed, including the Third War, which she stayed well out of.

One thing remained constant through her training in shadow; a distrust and dislike of the Legion. She had little want for ultimate power, world domination, or malicious cruelty. This magic was a tool for a job, though she did have a taste for knowledge. As such, she began to grow suspicious. It was distant, but she felt the ripples of another force directing and affecting the Syndicate in ways she did not like. By this time, her parents had died to one thing or another. She felt it was time to strike out on her own after the Third War and its dangers had passed. Using her skills in fear and darkness, she fled in the night towards the South.

From here on for the following years, she was on her own. Other darkcasters were fairly easy to find for her, but she always split when they got too strange, too pushy about chaos and the ultimate dark and asking her to try this vial of somesuch blood. Eventually, she would find one last darkcaster, an Alteracean like herself. Stable and with vision, he seemed to be just the right fit for her. She settled by a man named Tressian's side, though was not always right next to him. She drifted back and forth, gathering her own resources and power, helping him when he needed it.

Recently, he seemed to be striking hard in establishing himself in Alterac. And now she would decide to stick solidly around.