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Stub.png Ural (contribs)

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  • Nightelf malePriest Barathil Stormleaf
  • Bloodelf maleRogue Gaelin Silverstring
  • Orc maleRogue Orren Bonefletcher
  • Troll maleDeath Knight Laoji
  • Dwarf femalePaladin Hiltrude Axewright
  • orc femaleMage Korrsul
  • Bloodelf femalePaladin Morraniel
  • dwarf maleWarrior Russel
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  • troll maleRogue Wahyu
  • gnome maleMage Hallord
  • dwarf femaleWarrior Zoe

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Well met!

My name is Ural and I've been on Conquest of the Horde since my early college days back in 2009. I've taken some breaks here and there to focus on the ever-changing life dynamic but I am still here. I've really enjoyed my time here learning how to Roleplay and to gather an even deeper appreciation for the lore in any game I play.

The characters to the right are sorted in various ways but I've enjoyed them all. Truly my favorite activity is creating and investing time into a profile. A few didn't quite work out but hopefully they have shaped how I design characters in the first place.

In January of this year, I was asked to volunteer my time and aid in moderating Conquest of the Horde. I've really enjoyed crafting storylines, creating events and giving my voice on the assorted issues that being worked out by the staff. I also thought it would be a good time to give my Userspace an update, so here it is!