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  • Name: Orvisha Lorewolf
  • Character In-game Name: Orvisha
  • Nickname(s): Visha, Vish, (Foolish) Jade
  • Association(s): The Earthen Ring, her family, Orgrimmar, The Horde
  • Age: 20
  • Sex: Female
  • Hair: Rich coal black, thick, some of it braided or in dreads, as long as the model shows. In these braids are wound various beads, etched bones, stones, or seeds.
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Weight: 330lbs
  • Height: 6'3'"


Not the warrior her father, mother, or siblings might be, her stature is a tad smaller. Alongside her art, she had once taken up the path of the hunter for her people, though that has given way to agility-based Enhancement shamanism. Bladed claws and lighter leather replace bow, axe, and kilt.

Her usual attire for travel is either her old hunter's wear, or the new set of leather for her shaman training. Simple sandals dress her feet, a fur cloak keeping the elements off her. A headband of orange and blue feathers rests in her hair. As well, she has in her posession a basic grunt's set of equipment, though she rarely wears it.

Freckles of a darker shade of brownish-green dot her cheeks. Tattoos detailing figures from orcish lore and history are inked upon her skin, in the form of symbolic wolves.

The tattoos are as follows:

  • Lo'gash is the largest of them, upon her back. White, sitting upon his haunches, staring stoically at the viewer. The other wolves surround him.
  • Grom Hellscream's wolf possesses glowing red eyes, drolls blackish-green and seems to have a face-off against something big off-scene.
  • Thrall's representation is of a serene, blueish ghost wolf.
  • Drek'thar is an elderly blind white wolf, near Thrall.
  • Orgrim Doomhammer is represented by a black wolf, its back to the viewer. There, a large wound, as if from a lance bleeds. He looks to Thrall's representation.
  • Garona's symbol is a shadowy wolf, slinking low. She seems to be half-dog.
  • Broxigar is a sorrowful red wolf.
  • Gul'dan's symbol is that of a sickly wolf with its head being a skull.
  • Kargath is equally sickly, a leg replaced by a scythe.
  • Kilrogg Deadeye is also sickly, and elderly. His right eye is missing, the socket glows with green fire.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Orvisha is something of a daydreamer, a lover of stories by the bonfire. She generally accepts the war-like culture of her people, and more often than not honors those who rise high in it. She adores stories of glory in battle, but the blood-spilling is not for her. Someone has to keep their lore from dying out. That isn't to say she fears battle. Give her an axe and an honorable foe without much other recourse, and she'll have it (herself as well) bleeding before too long.

She is relatively gentle for an orc, more inclined to be out in the wilds with the winds and grasses, practicing her haiku than tearing Alliance pig-dogs limb from limb. Her speech drifts back and forth between the eloquent Common and Old Orcish her parents taught her, to accented slang in casual company. Far as her shamanism goes, she has found she leans toward Enhancement. One part of a trio of shamans in her family. Her sister taking on the mantle of Elemental, her cousin Restoration. Using her agility learned as a hunter, she bobs, weaves, then brutally smashes with a jab.

Far as the Alliance goes, she is curious. The draenei are of particular interest to her. And, while she respects the kal'dorei's attunement with nature, she considers them hypocrites, as a society. Gnomish and dwarven technology, far as she's concerned, harms nature as much as (or more) than any Warsong operation. She would like to see her people victorious and prosperous, but without seeing the Alliance's nations torn asunder. There is already one army set on doing that to both the Alliance and her people, and she does not want the orcs to return to their ways.

Her favorite gemstone is turqoiuse; a perfect union of sky and earth. She also loves the strange Alliance confection called cake.


Orvisha was born to one Flowerpicker orc and one with clan unknown on the run from the impending threat of the internment camps. For a while, they were successful with the other fleeing Warsong, Orvisha getting about two years with her mother, father, and older sister Emra. It wasn't to last, her father eventually being taken, her mother fleeing with her and her sister. Being so young, she remembers little of this. During quiet, relatively secure times she was amazed with stories of the past glory of her people. She wondered how people remembered every word to pass down. Unlike her sister who reveled in the images of blood and glory, she wondered at the technique and play of the words. What ultimate use the stories were to orcish culture. However, just like her sister, she loved stories of her father.

Like her sister, she was yet too young to really understand the coming of Thrall. Other than its potential to bring her the father she didn't remember meeting, but heard so many stories about. Once they settled with the Frostwolves, Orvisha stuck with her older sister in their exploring and play. For Orvisha, play was re-enacting glorious scenes of lore. For Emra, Orvisha got to re-enact a human being slaughtered in "war". Orvisha preferred the former.

During this time, Orvisha would meet a life-long friend in a pig farm that had been established in the Frostwolve's hidden home. She had been assigned to aid the farmer, every one of proper age assigned a job. A minor aid in a pig farm suited a child just fine. She grew close to one in particular, a boar. While pigs were valuable to the orcs, the bond Orvisha developed with the animal hinted at her potential skill as a hunter. Therefore, she was allowed to keep him. She dubbed him Atsuko. Atsuko enjoyed re-enactments of Lo'gash versus Agamaggan. During this time, word reached her and her sister of her father's freedom, and his movement with the Horde to aid the other imprisoned orcs. She prayed and worried with her sister.

Orvisha grew with her mother and sister in their hidden home, advancing in the path of the hunter while her sister grew as a shaman. Atsuko was by her side in her hunts, his snout and tusks true. Letters from her father were always eagerly read, playfully fought over who got to read first. Emra usually won with a tricky gust of wind. As well, whenever she was not tussling with her sister, or learning the basics of hunting, she sought out any means of learning the mysteries of music accompanyment to the stories by the fires. A difficult task in such an environment, to be sure. Difficult, but not impossible. Even in such harsh environs, the orcs kept their love of drums.

Orgrimmar eventually arose, Orvisha staying behind a bit longer with her family. A tattoo artist was found eventually among them, an idea hitting Orvisha. As she grew as a huntress, she also had grown as a storyteller and poet. Whenever letters were sent back to their father, Orvisha always included a haiku. Wishing to grow into something of a lorekeeper for her people, she deemed a step would be to keep key figures of the lore with her at all times. Thus, she spoke with her mother and sister, the gesture of inking symbolic wolves onto her skin deemed honorable and beautiful. However, she would have to wait until she passed her Om'riggor. While a good idea, as she was not yet an adult in the eyes of her people, it would seem flashy. She patiently waited, drawing her project in ocher on leathers.

Eventually, the wonderful day came when her family would finally be reunited with their father and husband. He was everything the stories made him to be, and better. She was beyond honored that he had carefully kept all her haiku pieces. After a week of family time, Orvisha bid her sister goodbye as she went to attain her place in orcish society. She chose to wait, readying herself to write down her sister's story in her best poetry. Only then would she go after her own test. From here, until the time she left, she continued her practice of her arts; written, painted, and played. Specifcally, from the trolls, she learned of the mbira and kalimba.

And what a story it turned out to be. A fel-orc! After her return she set to work, the words etched on a leather scroll and kept safely in their home in Orgrimmar.

A short while passed, and it came to be Orvisha's turn for her own test. Being a hunter, she chose to stalk a grand specimen. Hearing of the problem Quillboar were for Duotar and the orcs, she thought it poeticlly just to slay a fitting figure of their local enemy with her faithful companion Atsuko. As her days of stalking passed, she wrote down a journal of sorts. Naturally, all in haiku.

At last, the target her ancestral spirits had chosen for her was found. A savage Quillboar hunter that had tamed a wolf, possibly stolen from another orc. An insult to her people, who held the animal in such high regard. She stalked for another two or three days, Atsuko snorting and huffing in impatience, stamping his hooves to mark their territory in contest with the Quillboar.

Finally, the adult boar was let loose, furious in its charge toward its mistresses' prey. The Quillboar's wolf took the hit, and the two grappled while Orvisha took on the hunter himself. A tusk to the wolf's neck took it down. The Quillboar falling to an arrow in its snout. The wolf's memory was honored by being skinned, its fur to be used for a cloak. It was then given a passing to the spirits with a small pyre. The prize taken from the Quillboar was its bow and its head.

She returned home to due praise, humble in its acceptance. She gave the wolf fur cloak as a gift to her parents, keeping the bow for herself (later adjusted by a fletcher for her size), the Quillboar tusks used to decorate Atsuko's collar. As well, she finally decorated her green skin with the wolfish interpretations of her people's figures of history and lore.

Orvisha wanders now, sometimes with her sister, sometimes finding stories on her own. Hearthglen has proven ripe with them, especially with her father as part of the town's council. As well, her recent joining with the Earthen Ring has offered insight into even older lore. Her travels to elven towns and Silvermoon have introduced her to stringed instruments, which she adopted and altered for her orcish hands.

As time passed in the Earthen Ring and as she traversed Outland, she came to accept that only further work from her would truly aid the Spirits upon her path. Settled, and appointed an advisor to Farseer Torok's (the leader of the small Earthen Ring band she aided) mentee, she sought out another shaman she had grown to befriend, asking him to aid in her enlightenment.

He accepted, and thus her training began.

Skills and Abilities

Having left behind the key facets of being a hunter, she has only barely just begun her training as a shaman. She retains her knowledge of survival in the wild, but her bow and arrows have been exchanged for twin axes. Leather and fur kilt for leather and mail. Through her practice with Jurok, and an eye-opening test with a sapta, she has discovered the spirits of ice favor her. Lacking totems, the most she can do with the spirits' blessing is imbuing strikes with ice like she did her arrows, and some minor healing if she has clean water present.

She is a collector of orcish stories, and is a writer and painter herself. Mostly poetry, she is quite skilled at rendering images from orcish history in fine ochre, charcoal, and other natural pigments (which she makes herself) on the walls and tent canvases of Orgrimmar. Song and dance are a forte of hers as well. The instruments she plays, in no particular order of skill, are as follows:

  • Mbira - From the Trolls


  • Kalimba - Also from the Trolls


  • Hang Drum - Orcish


  • Sanxian - Elven


  • Morin Khuur - Elven


  • Bone Pan Flute - Orcish


  • Jang-go Drum - Orcish


As Seen By Others

Your head is tranquil like a still pond, Sister.