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Player: c0rzilla

Character Full Name: Tandraelyn Vielthaldonis

Character In-Game Name: Tandraelyn

Nickname(s): Her Templar “title” is White Hammer

Association(s): The Argent Crusade, Silvermoon

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Paladin (Templar)

Age: 743

Sex: Female

Hair: Strawberry blonde. A hair band made of modest, lacquered wood keeps it in line, and out of her face.

Eyes: Fel green

Weight: 129lbs

Height: 6'


Her armor consists of a white and mail, given to her by her family when she began her path as a paladin. She sold her silken robes of nobility to aid good causes, and is thus left with well-tended, modest robes. One is almost monk-like, brown with full sleeves, wrapped at the waist. If she cannot wear this to social occasions she has to attend, she chooses a simple black dress.

Her weapon of choice is a fairly simple dense triangle warhammer. She also has a tabard of the Argent Crusade stashed reverently away.

Other: Silver, divine tattoos cover her body. Marks of her ritual as a Templar.


Alignment: Lawful Good

First and foremost, she is zealous is her faith in the Light. The Light was there before the Highborne, before Silvermoon, before the Alliance, and before the Horde. From that, she possesses a marked distrust for undead, considering the sin'dorei's alliance with the Forsaken a superficial result of sudden, desperate need. Not for the greater good in the long term. Far as the Ebon Blade goes, she is somewhat more accepting, as these Knights seem to be trying to redeem themselves. Mostly. A few renegades have had their ichor-spouting skulls crushed under the weight of her warhammer. She is more hesitant to smite fel users, considering her people's history with them. They survived because of fel and had their Sunwell reignited in a strange twist of fate.

Underneath that is a relatively shy and quiet woman. Even at her age and with her experience, she can still be made to blush easily. When not performing duties for her philanthropic House or her rank as a Templar, she can be found in a humble robe studying further mysteries of the Light. The Naaru and the mysteries of Templarhood have provided much to study.

Underneath the shyness is something of a wry jokester. She has noticed the eyerolls she gains in Silvermoon with her generally sparkly demeanor and apperance, and snickers inwardly.

She has also taken a vow of poverty. While her estate is far from destitute, she disallowes herself fine clothing, and gluttonous consumption of food. The reason behind her being a pescatarian.


Tandraelyn was born to a quel'dorei noble house known for its philanthropic work. Nothing extraordinarily famous, but this successful merchant family wished to give back to Silvermoon's citizenry. Her father had progressed in his medicinal alchemy over his years, eventually attaining the mercantile wealth of her family. Contracts with the Magistry were common. Her mother was a mage, eventually marrying into her father's family. Not lazy, she aided his work with her magic. And both worked to make sure whatever contracts they got were honest work, as they were both faithful to the Light.

Life was quiet, orderly. Tandraelyn was not spoiled, learning to work alongside either of her parents, and venturing with her father when he aided the less fortunate in Silvermoon. The mix of her parents' professions and ideals produced a girl that quickly wished to be a priestess, and of course, her parents proudly obliged and encouraged. As she grew, and was allowed the right to travel, she would venture South to human and dwarven lands and learn of their views of the Light's mysteries.

She would gain her first taste of war during the War of the Three Hammers. Feeling this an opportunity to defend the Light, she aided her fellow Southern brethren in the Light in defending Ironforge and its religious holdings. It was here the spark of defender lit in her heart, along with a lasting respect for dwarf-kind. But it would be a number of decades before she found how to truly strengthen that spark into a fire. After recovering, and aiding in recovery, she would return to Silvermoon.

The First War came and went. Rumor and word drifting to Silvermoon, but few of the quel'dorei participated. Tandraelyn was not one of them, though her prayers were offered.

The Second War arrived, and with it the human's pleas for aid. While Silvermoon in general turned its nose up at first, Tandraelyn felt that spark again. She felt the Light was calling, though her parents forbade her from aiding. Despite well being an adult by now, she still held her family's wishes to heart. When the orcs assaulted Quel'thalas, Tandraelyn was quick to join in the troops Silvermoon sent to the Alliance. The emergence of paladins inspired her like nothing else had. This was what the Light was calling for, and so she was just as quick to join the Silver Hand. So she trained, trading her flimsy and ornate elven robes for hardier (but still ornate) elven plate mail.

She continued her training up until the Third War and fall of Quel'thalas. Generally remaining with her Silver Hand brothers and sisters, and not the majority of the elven troops, she was not present at the betryal of Garithos and the ensuing chaos and retalliation. As the Third War came to a close, the orcs rounded up into camps, she was assigned as an overseer in one. This did not last long. The camps run by a vast majority humans, her opinion as an elf mattered little, position as a paladin or not. Unable to change the cruelty to any large degree, and unable to reconcile it as "justice" with her Light-given powers, she left her position.

So, she returned to Silvermoon to find it in near ruins, though being repaired by the Magistry. She did not directly consume fel, though being around the miasma of it shifted her eyes from blue to green like any other citizen. She remained, her faith in the Light strained, though holding out. She defended Silvermoon, now the head of her noble house, her parents missing and presumed dead. She remained despite her disgust at the thought of a new breed of paladin stealing Light off a naaru, some small hope glimmering that it was the beginning of a larger turn to good. Either way, she could not return to the Alliance with her eyes now green, and Silvermoon allying with the Horde. She was not sure she wished to return, even if she could. The alliance with the orcs gladdened her heart in a way. Seeing them freed from the cruelty of the camps, and attaining a new destiny free of the Legion. Despite, she kept out of Orgrimmar, unsure if she had the right to tread there, once having worked in the camps despite her attempts at mitigating their conditions.

While a majority traveled through the portal, she remained on Azeroth. Using her House's remaining resources in rebuilding, tending to the citizens, and using her remaining faith as a paladin to fight in the Dead Scar and Ghostlands. Tandraelyn held no high reverance for Kael'thas, the Sun King. The way Silvermoon had changed, adorning its passages with monumental golden statues of his likeness as a god disturbed her. This would not end well--and she was half right.

Upon the theft of M'uru, and the summoning of Kil'jaeden she quickly joined the Shattered Sun to route the corrupt forces of Kael'thas, her hammer heavy with sorrow. Despite, the stubborn spark of hope she had kept held true as she witnessed the Sunwell being reignited, their original theft of the Naaru forgiven. Silvermoon alight with with--well, Light her faith was strengthened.

War would soon come again, this time in Northrend. House's affairs generally stable under a steward, she sought war again. How could she not take this opportunity to use her righteous gifts against the one that slaughtered her people? Despite this, how best to fight conflicted her at first. Under Garrosh's leadership, the Horde seemed just as focused on destroying the Alliance as the Lich King. She then caught wind of Eitrigg working alongside Tirion again--and there it was. She sought out the Argent Crusade tournament grounds. Divided between the Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers, she was not sure how to find her place, naturally drifting to the side decorated with red and gold for a while.

Eventually, her niche was found. While wary about socializing with humans after their injustices, she did meet one that struck her. Named Hugh Cavaliere, his insight into the Light was something she had never seen before. While she had experience many times over his, he had a precision she lacked. And wanted. Settling into the Argent Crusade fully, she fought alongside this human Templar in Northrend. An elven Templar was soon enough formally training her, and a while after that she took her rites. Fair skin lined with silver tattoos, her incliniation to Retribution even more furious when unleashed. It was here she earned the monicker White Hammer.

As wars eventually do, the campaigns against the Lich King ended with his defeat, and Hugh and Tandraelyn had become brother and sister in battle and the Light. The new Templar remaining more loyal to Silvermoon than Hugh was to the Alliance, she bid farewell for now to return to her estate's doings in rebuilding the grand city. Still, taking advantage of the neutrality her tabard offered, she kept in contact with her friend.

Currently, Tandraelyn aids in cleansing the Dead Scar and the Ghostlands. And Silvermoon of its remnants of fellish and political corruption.

Skills and Abilities

Banishing Strike: The Templar can, with a single exceptionally powerful blow(be it at range or in melee) banish any single Undead or Demon into the Nether. While this sounds grand, this will only be effective against warlock or necromancer minions. And only once a day, and it can miss.

Blessed Revelation: The Templar has pledged herself to the Light, sacrificing some physical stamina in exchange for becoming a larger vessel of divine power. In effect, it allows her to cast more without tiring or expending their powers, and even allows them to perform Resurrections without much loss of magical power. The Revelation is always accompanied by a sign of the Light's answer to their plea (in Tandraelyn's case, the silver tattoos). It has only been taken once, and because of this she only wears mail armor at most.

Holy Shock: She has gained the ability to change divine spell energy into holy lightning, manifesting it as a blast of silvery Light. This is no more powerful than a regular "smite", just a display of her focus.

Sanctity Aura: She can project an Aura around herself that increases all Holy Damage for those who use such nearby, and at the sacrifice of all other auras.

Argent Strike/Lightblade's Final Strike: She can pour all of her divine energy into a single, devastating strike, losing the ability to cast Divine spells for a time of a few hours.

Saria's Crown of Divinity: Manifesting as a halo of Light above the Templar's head, the spell protects them from Fear, and strengthens them against mind-affecting spells and abilities. It's also a fine torch.

With all this righteous smiting of retribution, her defense is lacking. Besides the Crown of Divnity and a large outpouring of Light driven might like a resurrection, her healing and shielding is weak. It's what she keeps Hugh Cavaliere around for.