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Beltharean Beltharean (contribs)

Beltharean and WoW
Well, I can say I've seen a lot through my years of playing WoW. Honestly, no matter how much I want to admit it, it's changed my life. A lot. I've stuck by it since Pre-TBC, and been into RP the whole way through. I started out on forums, spending in game time PvPing with RL friends, but as one often finds with an addiction, I began to fly solo. I went off into the world of RP full time, creating my first ever RP character; Anturokh, roughly translating to 'Protector of Worlds' in Zandali. He was a typical mary sue Troll Shadow Hunter/Witch Doctor hybrid, but in the end, he turned out to be the rough draft of Kaz, my favorite character of all time.

Kaz has been around since I first came to the server, back in November of '09, and he's been through a lot. Joined the Bloodsworn, left for a mercenary group who hunted him down after he tried to settle down with his mate, started slinging (and becoming addicted to) Ratchet White... Which gave way to his enlightenment, and training as a shaman, and eventually, his elevation into the status of Gladiator. Right along side him, have been the other characters of mine that have become rather well known. Don Bronco, Jarvi Extrawrench, and The Boss Ross. That last one managed to shake Ratchet down to it's foundations for a while, with his own cartel The Southsea Fisheries.