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Player: Beltharean

Character Full Name: Khork Freefeather

Character In-Game Name: Khork

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Wildhammer Clan, Alliance Expedition, Alliance

Race: Dwarf (Wildhammer)

Class: Barbarian (( Warrior ))

Age: 62

Sex: Male

Hair: His head is clean shaven, but his beard consists of a solitary long braid with a bushel of blonde hair behind it. On either side of the braid, a long portion of a braided mustache can be seen.

Eyes: A crisp green

Weight: Hovers around two-hundred pounds.

Height: 5'1 (A bit taller than the average dwarf)


Usual Garments/Armor: As a member of the Wildhammer Clan, Khork almost always wears some form of ‘barbaric' outfit. For relaxing he'll wear a kilt that cuts off just below the knees, along with bracers, fingerless gloves, and of course, his hammer. When expecting a battle Khork will don mail armour with gryphon feathers woven in to make it appear as if his legs are actually covered in them. He'll pull on a new pair of gloves, also fingerless, with the same mail / feather style.

Other: Khork's shaved head has a two inch wide blue tattoo that runs from the area between his eyebrows, across the top of his head, and then down to where his skull and neck meet. His chest and biceps are adorned in Dwarven Runic tattoos (that only serve aesthetic purposes). Starting on his right pinky, running across all of his fingers (Not including the thumbs), are the letters ‘W I L D' on his right hand, and 'H A M R' on his left., one letter for each.


Alignment: Chaotic Good

Khork is at almost all times, focused externally; He bases his actions off of the literal world, the things he can see, hear, touch, feel, and taste. These are things -are- the Earth Mother, and why trust yourself when you can simply trust the Earth Mother? He does however, have a lesser-used internal train of thought which he only uses when the tangible world is simply not enough to decide on a major course of action.

If Khork's not around any member of the horde, there's no doubt that he'll either be partying, brawling, or on his way to a brawl. However, if a member of the horde (besides the Tauren) -is- there, he'll sure as fel be getting hell from Khork. He manages to compose himself in a not-too-wild manner in the goblin cities, but as soon as that orc is out of the town border; all bets are off.


Khork was born to a gryphon rider couple in the Hinterlands, their home atop a mountain peak near the vast Aerie Peak. The city wasn't as hustling as it is now, since the Wildhammer capital at the time was Grim Batol, however, as a major city Khork grew up as as much of a ‘city boy' as a Wildhammer can. However, to most of the Alliance race's standards, that isn't saying much. His true birthday takes place only a month after the celebration for the previous batch of children's, and as such Khork was always just a bit larger than most children in his ‘year'.

This being said, when the time for Dwarven puberty came about, Khork was quite the ladies man with one of the largest beards in his year. This vital period in a man's stage of life has had a profound affect on his life, since these are the times that one's personality takes shape. Never having to work hard to be noticed by the opposite gender, his self esteem boosted by a great amount, an event that still makes him who he his today.

This confidence was one of the key factors in helping him obtain his gryphon when the time of year had come. Athair, as the noble beast would come to be known as, had bonded with Khork the moment they met, and vice-versa for Khork himself. Next to him, one of the larger women of his year had found her own gryphon, Ar'on. Her name was Maise, and Khork had never payed her much mind, but in the last few months the young woman had begun to sprout the beginnings of a fine stubble, and Khork obviously took notice.

Rumors (most of them true) about the two seeing one another spread through his year, but the clamor soon died down. Maise and Khork saw each other for quite some time, and then even past their coming of age without getting married. When the two realized that Maise was pregnant, Khork proposed not long after. They were engaged for some time, and then the yearly marriage ceremony took place just around a year before the orcs came to invade Aerie Peak.

Despite Khork's pleas of her to stay with their newborn son, Maise grabbed her Stormhammer, adamantium tipped arrows, and her adamantium axe. Khork grabbed his own adamantium spear and Stormhammer, before the two left their home, leaving their child with Khork's aging father.

The couple fought fiercely, raining down thunderous hammers on the orcs from above, but an orc warlock's fel flame managed to hit Maise's gryphon in the wing, sending the two to the ground below. Khork was too enveloped in fending off a wave of orcs on the ground with his gryphon by his side to see his wife fall, and then get swarmed by orcs...

At the end of the battle Khork was circling in the sky above, and saw the limp form of Ar'on, his wife's gryphon. After some searching, he found his wife's gnarled body, six dead orcs surrounding her and her steed. Athair had also had a special bond with Ar'on as a mate (the same as their riders), and for some time the two sat in mourning over their loved ones dead bodies.

Hate filled Khork within and without. Hate for the orcs, hate for the beasts that killed his wife. He sped back to his father's home, a ways outside Aerie Peak, only to find two dead orcs outside his splintered door. Making his way in, fearing the worst, he found three more dead orcs, and the still body of his father. Khork's dead son in his left hand, a Stormhammer in the right. Khork fell to his knees, and for the first time since his childhood, wept.

The Wildhammer and his mount rode with the forces of the Alliance, traveling to each battle by air, one of the first reinforcements to as many battles as he could get to. The dwarf continued to fight after the second war, searching the skies over the internment camps for escaped orcs.

When the third war rolled about, Khork had a field day, chasing down the mass amounts of orcs that were recently escaped and running. However, his vengeance was interrupted by an abomination even worse than his green skinned nemesis'. The undead. They went against everything he had been taught as a child, against everything he knew about the Earthmother. In a way he felt bad, but an even more prevalent thought was the fact they need to be destroyed.

As such, Khork fought along side the Alliance once more, destroying mass amounts of undead for the duration of the third war. This went on for some time, until he went back to his home in Aerie Peak. That is, until the Dark Portal opened once more, and Kurdran was found to be alive. Along with many others, Khork sped off to the portal and went to the old Thane's side, fighting on the very home of the race he hated most.

In recent days, he's doing work as a mercenary, his whole family dead. He spends as much time as he can in the outpost of Bael Modan, not because of an interest in the past, but because of the proximity to the horde. From here he can go where he pleases, to the port of Ratchet, on a greenskin hunt, or simply fly to the hidden Wildhammer outpost in the mountains of Ashenvale.