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Player: Caravan!

Character Name: Xanthe (born Novalight)

Character In-Game Name: Xanthe

Nicknames: Santy, Xanny, Mrs. Kapre

Associations: The Love Exchange, (Formerly) Novalight Shin'Ari (House of Novalight)

Race: Blood Elf

Class: Hunter

Age: 286

Sex: Female

Hair: Black

Eyes: Light green

Weight: 110 lbs

Height: 5’4”


She usually wears very plain, earth-toned garments (anything from a light blue robe to a brown jacket/pant affair), more likely than not covered in dirt, water spots, or grass stains. Lately, however, she’s been wearing nicer clothing in her travels when trying to make a good impression; when in Silvermoon, she would always try to wear something fitting to the fashion scene. Xanthe enjoys decorating her hair with the flowers or leaves of the local flora and though she no longer has a caretaker enchanting her hair, she’s come to take more attention to it and has learned how to pin it up herself. She does wear her hair down more frequently than her model would portray. Though not usually one for jewelry, she now is always seen wearing the following: a choker-styled necklace with an emerald, a simple ruby pendant, a wedding ring, and a misshapen glittered ring made by her daughter.

Almost as a rule, Xanthe never wears shoes as she prefers to be barefoot.


Xanthe is genuinely nice, which seems to take a lot of people by surprise – she has no ulterior motive to saying ‘hello’ or trying to make friends other than the sincere wish to make others happy. She never has a mean thought or word for anyone and (despite the best efforts of some) she has an unprejudiced heart preferring, instead, to focus on the good in people. Lately, however, while she is still quite polite and welcoming to strangers, Xanthe is not as trusting or open to blindly-following anyone.

When she is happy, she is very happy, but when saddened it can result in a meltdown (though lately her meltdowns have been fewer and further between, too much distress can trigger her). Xanthe is also quick to embarrassment, frequently blushing at perceived slights or rudeness (on her behalf), if she fails to comprehend effectively, or for really any reason. Though some may be off put by her idealism and relegate her to a category of incurable naïveté, she is actually very logical and rational – she thinks very deeply on the nature of Being and such. Xanthe does not register sarcasm, and many subtle communication cues slip her notice, and will respond to comments at their face value. This also leads her to sometimes believe the unbelievable and rather far-fetched: She does not lie, so why should she think others would lie to her?

While Xanthe is a staunch pacifist, she has become more defensive and protective of her new family – her husband, Kapre, and her daughter, Aria. She has slowly learned how to stand her ground in defending her love for them, even to her own family.

Alignment: Lawful Good


The youngest of Jidaeo’s children, Xanthe is the most sheltered if not also the most spoiled. She spent most of her time in and around the private residence of her family, away from the main Novalight estate and Silvermoon City. Fortunate to be born to nobility, her parents ensured that their youngest would want for nothing, at least to the best of their abilities. As Xanthe grew up, her parents quickly deduced that it was becoming more of a necessity (to save face) to keep her close. She was nothing like her siblings, and she was equally as happy to play with the children of commoners and servants as with her “own kind”, she exhibited great emotional swings and also had a difficult time with social protocols. And so, her visits to society grew shorter and more infrequent, and as her siblings were gone or on their way to leaving, the thing Xanthe would want most for was company.

Company she did have, of course, in the never-ending stream of tutors, instructors and care-takers that catered to her well-being and education in the hopes that when she was old enough she would make a suitable wife. She had not a speck of magical talent to speak of, but she seemed to take after Jidaeo in his abilities as a ranger. At that time, however, she was not an apt candidate for a soldier’s life, but the activity thrilled her and her parents spared no expense in fostering what talent she expressed. It was not lost upon most that Xanthe was at her calmest when she was in the woods. So, though she would never bring down an animal nor an enemy, Xanthe’s skill with archery and animal husbandry grew.

Years passed before the Scourge tore through their world. To date, she still does not fully comprehend what happened during that chaotic period as few took the time to try to clarify it to her ‘lest they trigger an emotional shut-down. She was frequently moved, and the pains of withdrawals were never explained to her – they were simply taken care of for her: weak substitutes were slipped into calming teas, or a game was created for the extraction of the fel energies that would inevitably affect her as it affected the rest of her people.

The road of progress is paved quite similarly to the road to Hell: positively littered with good intentions. As Xanthe was allowed to leave the estate and travel (though chaperoned) to reclaim ties with her siblings, the world had vastly changed since she had last been in it. She didn’t understand many of the social situations she was suddenly in, even some of the simplest such as holding a man’s hand. With the establishment of Xanthe as “The Butterfly Nova” of the Novalight Shin’ari, it quickly become necessary for the Elder Council of her House to think, once more, of what was good for Xanthe and what was good for all. As a Nova, Xanthe attempted to learn more about the world and how the Sin’dorei fit into it: she befriended many of the Horde and Alliance, contemplated how to soothe Noble/Commoner tensions, and how peace could be achieved between her House and others. None of this was to the satisfaction of her family and after a few short months Zariel, her brother and ‘head Nova’, would force her to step down.

She drifted for some time in the wilds of Azeroth before finding employment with the Love Exchange, an organization that could not have been better tailored to her sensibilities (though her grasp of Love in a romantic sense was weak at best). Her work as a profiler allowed her to not only practice her Orcish and Common, but also to meet a variety of interesting individuals. One such interesting individual was Terastrasza, who took notice of the elf as she tried to balance her nonviolence with advancing the Flight’s agenda against the Scourge. The dragon would take Xanthe in as a ‘sworn for her loyalty, potential, and care for life; the elf is undergoing training as well as attending to the needs of the Flight.

It is also through the Love Exchange that Xanthe came to meet Kapre, the business’ owner and head matchmaker. Over time she discovered that she was, actually, falling in love with him (a fact that solidified itself at Kapre's untimely death, resurrection, and recovery). While love presents its own set of problems, her own were exacerbated by a few simple facts: He was her employer, he was not a noble, and he was a draenei. As could be expected, her family did not approve and both her father and Zariel threatened to exile her should she pursue marriage. Her decision did not come rashly: After Kapre's own confession of love, as well as the rising difficulty of his spirit walking, Xanthe realized she needed him (and that Kapre and Aria needed her) more than her family needed (or cared for) her. With the private wedding announcement, she was exiled from the Novalight House and [happily] married to Kapre. She continues to work now as an employee of the Love Exchange and as an agent for the Red Flight.

Skills and abilities

“Bull’s Eye” – Despite being a pacifist, a little over two centuries of training with a bow has granted Xanthe an exceptional skill and precision in archery.

“Four Tongues” – In addition to Thalassian, Xanthe is fluent in Orcish and Common (though, as in her native language, some expressions trip her up). She is conversational in Draenic.

“Good With Her Hands” – Xanthe is experienced with bow-making (as she’s crafted her own for years), fletching, and making medicines from the herbs she collects. She is average at knitting and sewing, and only really uses that to make little things for Aria.

“Is There an [Animal] Doctor in the House?” – Through decades of working and living with animals, Xanthe has acquired a wide range of veterinary skills. She is familiar with most of Azeroth’s fauna and is slowly starting to learn about the animals of Outland.

“Survivalist” – She is adept at living in the wild, identifying plants, tracking and other outdoor activities.

Cartographer: In the wake of the Shattering, Xanthe has become obsessed with collecting pre-Shattering maps to preserve the knowledge. She is also a novice cartographer, working to make her own maps while also seeking to obtain updated maps of the "new" world.