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How do I submit a ticket?

The "Help Request" button on the bottom of the screen, which looks like a red question mark, will let you create a ticket. Tokens are "Item" issues.

Gasp! Forsoothe! It has been one day and my ticket has not been filled! Should I contact a GM?

Absolutely not, do not contact a GM regarding the status of your item(s) or for an ETA on when it will be available. A GM will get to your item(s) when a GM gets to your item(s).

It's been a week, and my ticket still has not been addressed, should I ask a GM about my item now?

If it's been more than a week and your ticket still has not been filled then yes, it is okay to ask about the status of your item so long as you're not being bothersome by doing it. GMs do not necessarily see the tickets in order of the time that they were made, so sometimes other people will have their tickets filled before yours despite yours being there longer.

It is also important to check the number of tickets that are in the queue, if there are a lot of them, 15-16 or so then it will take longer for yours to be processed. Once again, do not bother GMs requesting the status of your item unless a gratuitous amount of time has passed.

I've encountered a bug, should I open a ticket about it?

First, check the server status page to see if a GM is available. If it's a considerable bug then go ahead and contact a GM, if one isn't online then open a ticket detailing the happening of a bug under the appropriate section.

If your character has fallen through the world or you are stuck, feel free to send a tell to a GM.

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