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In the distant past, we used to provide custom housing for guilds/organizations. After doing so for a while, we quickly realized that despite all the work put into customizing them and adding game objects and NPCs, these places would become abandoned after a short period due to lack of interest or the organization simply dissolving. In addition, while the organization was active, the 'base' would become a sort of black hole for them, causing members to rarely (if ever) venture forth away from the location. Therefore, it was decided not to do custom housing on request anymore.

In regards to 'Claims of Land,' we do not officially support or recognize them. Players should respect one another enough to be able to 'trade off' use of hot-spots for RP for their own storylines in a mature and civil manner, although we do encourage everyone to tailor your own storylines to allow for any IC interruptions.

Please remember that, in the event of an IC dispute, although GMs will not favor either party that may be attempting to lay claim to an area, we will take into account the locale and any NPCs present and their disposition/faction.

(This page pending revision, as it was written at a late hour and may not make total sense!)

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