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What is roleplay?

If you find yourself asking this, you probably shouldn't be here.

I want to be the son of Illidan and Jaina, as well as the brother of Arthas and long lost father of Thrall. Can I do this?

Absolutely, 100% not. You cannot, and should not create a character which is directly related to any major Warcraft lore characters.

Oh... Well what should I go for in a character concept then?

Your character should be something down to earth, believable and something not overpowered. Every character has great strengths and just as great weaknesses. For more information on what your character should be along the lines of, check out the Creating a Character section.

My character likes to fight! On this server do we fight with duels or text?

On this server the way people settle IC disputes with violence is left largely up to the people involved in the scene. If both parties want to duel to settle it then duel, though it should be noted that mechanics on emulated servers are usually quite buggy.

Generally, however, disputes are settled with text battling over the strict mechanics of dueling, make sure you check with people OOC before you go around swinging blades at the closest person!

What's happened on the server exactly? What is the status of Azeroth?

The answer to these questions can be found and most adequately explained on the Server Lore page.

Is there any type of roleplay I can't take part in?

Nope! People are free to roleplay however they'd like with other people so long as the other person is comfortable with what they're roleplaying. It's also very important to make sure that what happens IC is kept IC and that what happens OOC is kept OOC. Just because your character is mean doesn't mean that you have to be too. See the question below for more information.

She said that he said that she said that I said she said someone looked ugly. Should I get back at them?

Please, please keep drama strictly IC. We're all people here and sometimes people forget that the person behind the character yours is interacting with has feelings too. We're all here to have fun, not be made fun of. OOC Drama is unnecessary and doesn't need to happen; if someone does do something to insult you, unless it's really bad, you'd likely be better off just turning the other cheek and taking it with a grain of salt than telling everyone about what happened. Only huge messes get stirred up that way. Just sit back, relax, roleplay and have fun! No need to be uppity here. See the How to Avoid OOC Drama page.

What about character death?

If it happens OOCly, then it stays OOC. Otherwise, read on...

There is no limit on how often a character can be resurrected. But if the character's life is tossed away (the character kills themself, has another murder them, etc.) then there is no resurrection. That said, if the character is to be resurrected an IC post MUST be made in this forum. Why? We've had some ridiculous deaths and resurrections in the past.

If we feel the resurrection is... bad, for lack of a better term, we reserve the right to deny it pending a better post.


A character must be dead for one week before it can be resurrected. During this week you must think of what drawbacks come from your death. The drawbacks should be listed at the end of the post. If no drawbacks are posted in the RC thread it will automatically be denied.

Resurrector & Killer

Another addition to the resurrection post must be the addition of who the character was killed by, and who resurrected them.

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