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I don't see my profile in the Character Profiles forum anymore! Where'd it go?!?!

There are three things that could have happened to it. One, it was approved, copied over to the Wiki and then deleted from the forum. Two, the profile was left inactive for a period of time and it ended up getting moved to the Pending/Inactive Profiles subforum (located within the Character Profiles forum), or you said you wanted to hold the character off temporarily. Third, and lastly, you yourself may have said you were canning the character, and it was moved to another archival forum.

How do I get Peon Rank?!?! I need it to connect?!? I'm so confused!!

The Peon rank is needed to be able to create a game account. To acquire peon rank you must follow the introduction procedure. If we feel you are right for the server, we will accept your introduction. More information on introduction denials in our Policies.

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