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What are the general Chat rules?

No cursing or vulgarity in any public chat channel. Try to keep everything reasonably PG-13-rated. Being as how everyone automatically joins LFG, as an example, it really doesn't need publicly-inappropriate content. This also goes for the forums. Any OOC discussion that is R-rated and up needs to go in the Adult channel (type /join Adult). Again, derogatory comments will not be allowed in this channel, either.

These topics in ANY OOC channel (even /Adult) will result in a kick, suspension or ban

  • Rape
  • Racism
  • Drug use

We also request that things like OOC politics and religion not be discussed directly on the server or forums. There are plenty of places to have intelligent conversations about these topics on the internet, and we have no interest in the OOC drama it inevitably breeds. We don't mind if you discuss it elsewhere but leave this baggage at the door when you come to CotH.

What are the chat channels?

A: The standard chat channels are as follows! Barrens and Adult are optional, although a GM may ask you to move certain conversations there.


Detailed explanation

You're automatically entered into this channel, and it is to be used for RP-related, group, and event-seeking purposes. Please try to keep all other types of chat to the appropriate channel.


/join Chat

If you just wanna talk, this is the place. Off topic bits, laugh about something that happened IC, whatever, you can do it here. This is not Barrens chat. Talk about your life, your family, but NOT Chuck Norris. Spamming this channel will likely get you reported and possibly banned. Don't do it.


/join Barrens

For all your Chuck Norris/LOL Cat/1337 speak needs, enter this channel. Caps lock optional. Before you complain that no one is in this channel... think critically about that statement.


/join Adult

Perverted? Kinky? Profane? Get it out here, if it's not allowed in the other channels, it is here. If you enter, you must acknowledge that you'll be viewing ADULT CONTENT and by joining, you also acknowledge that you are 18 years of age or older. Please note that the rules are still in effect here. Adult does NOT mean "anything goes". If anyone asks you to knock it off, then knock it off. This is not a joke, it is a bannable offense.

A GM asked me to move my conversation to a channel I don't want to join! What do I do?

A: Drop the conversation, or take it to party chat or whispers.

What is spam?

A: In the context of chat, spam (or the act of spamming) is placing a large amount of text in the chat window in a short time, filling up the chat window and making it move quickly, making it difficult for others to keep up and generally annoying people.

There are a few things that are considered spam:

  • Replying to yourself. Try to keep your statements to one post. If you have a too much text to fit in one post, continue it in one more post and then give other people a chance to respond.
  • Chattering. Take a look at who's talking, versus who is online. If it's only you and your friend (or two) going back and forth in chat, and there's other people on, there's a good chance you are annoying them. Take your conversation to party chat or whispers.
  • Narrating. Pay attention to what you're posting about. No one in general chat is interested in how many reborn shards you have, that you only need three more gnoll spleens, or whatever. If no one responds to your posts (or you begin responding to yourself, as mentioned above), re-read your statement and ask yourself if it's something that really needs a response other than "Yup, that's nice."

Are there any channels where spamming is okay?

A: Barrens and ONLY Barrens. All other IC and OOC channels should not be spammed.

Someone asked me to move channels/stop spamming that is not a GM!

A: Due to events in the past, we've decided to ban players from enforcing the chat channel policies at all. But if you are asked to move by someone who is not a GM, then it would be wise to do so anyway to avoid any conflicts. Though you are at liberty to report the player who told you to move.

What about linking in chat channels?

A: For a long while now, it's been sort of a word-of-mouth thing that item-linking in Chat was disallowed. I believe this was originally instituted many moons ago, but it's time to clarify a bit! The initial reasoning behind not item-linking (in my mind) was to prevent any sort of domino effect, where one person would link something randomly (or not-so-randomly), and then multiple others would link something, quickly creating spam. Therefore, we simply didn't want it. Now, however, I imagine that if an item-link would help with an on-topic conversation going on in Chat (where said conversation wouldn't need to be in Barrens), then it would be acceptable. However, if the conversation turns into multiple item links, it should be moved to Barrens.

Do I need a certain standard of typing OOC?

A: Yes. The rule on Keyboarding applies to OOC text as well. Please review the grammar guides if you're not sure what is expected of you. The bare minimum is proper capitalization and punctuation. As with any channel, typos are forgiven, but please try your best, and if you see that you made a typo, try to correct it.


Please refer to the Chat Policies as well for further information and details!

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