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It has been many years since the Orcs invaded Azeroth and sparked the First War. Much has happened in that time, and much has yet to pass. As it stands the evils that haunt Azeroth are dwindling. But there is one that grew; One that sat idly by for five years as his power grew steadily, and now, he has awoken.

The Lich King sent a new plague across the lands, this time more deadly than the one preceding it. Though a cure for the new outbreaks was found, devastation was felt throughout the whole of the world. Not long after, while the people were still weak and disorganized, Frost Wyrms and Abominations attacked the cities of Orgrimmar and Stormwind, as well as a battalion of Deathknights assaulting Light's Hope Chapel.

In a strange turn of events involving the fabled Ashbringer, the Lich King himself was weakened and fled back to his icy throne to heal and prepare anew. It is now, at the turn of the tide, that the forces of Azeroth must ready themselves, or be destroyed.


-Plague has ravaged the world's population. Even a few months later, with all of the battles in Northrend, the world is still relatively low on people.

-The Argent Dawn and the Silver Hand have combined to create the Argent Crusade.

-The Knights of the Ebon Blade have been grudgingly accepted as help for the coming battles, though over the course of time have shown their worth.

-The armies of the Alliance and Horde have been beaten back at the Wrathgate. The Undercity has been taken over and retaken back.

-WAR! The Alliance has declared war on the Horde.

As of the restart, this server lore below does no longer apply



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