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Family Structure

Head of House: Ashilynn Senn’raethi

Heir of House: Undeclared

Family Members:

  • Sinae Senn’raethi - Eldest daughter of Ashilynn.
  • Ailis Senn’raethi - Middle daughter of Ashilynn.
  • Saersha Senn’raethi - Youngest daughter of Ashilynn.
  • Coireall Senn’raethi - Cousin of Ashilynn. House advisor.

Former Family Members

  • Tylanis Senn’raethi - Ashilynn’s late husband. Died in the Scourge attack on Silvermoon.
  • Cailiel Senn’raethi - Ashilynn’s younger sister. Disinherited and exiled. Status unknown.
  • Ophelia Blacktear - Bastard daughter of Tylanis and a Fin'alah named Daelestra Amberforge. Estranged from the family at present.

House Structure

House Alliances:

  • None, yet. Your house’s name could be here!

Disliked Families

  • House Thurandal - A once tight-knit trade alliance between the houses Senn’raethi and Thurandal has disintegrated in the wake of House Senn’raethi’s continued use of fel magic.


  • None, yet.



  • Yasrin Stargaze - A mage with a specialty focus in astrology.


  • Aroes Blackstone - An old friend of Ashilynn’s.
  • Morneth Rosemourn - A death knight in the employ of the house.
  • Terant Sin'reial - A blood knight temporarily in the house's service.
  • Lovar'thil Dire'belore - House Senn'raethi lends its covert funding to the felsworn doctor's research into curing the Wretched.


House Trades

House Senn’raethi’s main source of trade is in agriculture. They own quite a lot of farmland in Eversong. Though they suffered a lot at the hands of the Scourge, they have recovered rather nicely, and crops are finally starting to flourish again. They also have a smaller, but notable revenue in the production of wands, magic staffs, and scrolls. Finally, they also offer the services of their well-trained house arcanists for those willing to pay.

House Senn’raethi has in more recent years collaborated closely with the Reliquary, though they have always been a house known for their exploratory and expeditionary tendencies.


House Senn’raethi could be said to have an absurdly massive amount of land, but by far most of it is farmland and therefore dedicated to very specific purposes. The remaining fraction mostly just consists of the estate, which is rather comfortable and has several significant components. There is a school for arcane magic there, which is more often than not simply used to train the members of the house internally, but from time to time they also accept students from other houses, or others who can afford to pay for tutelage. There are also grounds and a barracks for the training and housing of the Fin’alah, House Senn’raethi’s personal military force.

The Fin’alah is a mixed fighting force of battlemages and martial combatants, numbering around 150 strong, and divided into six platoons of around 25. They’re highly trained and practice constantly--additionally, many members of the Fin’alah are families which have been with the Senn’raethi family for generations, and as such they have a great deal of loyalty.

House Senn’raethi has an extensive library, including many impeccably maintained texts that date as far back as the fall of the Highborne. Other facilities on the estate include a laboratory, an arboretum, and an arcane observatory. Last, but certainly not least, there is a concert hall with a great pipe organ in it.

The family isn’t known for maritime trade, and as such maintains only a small number of vessels, almost all of which are built for speed and comfort, rather than trade. The notable exception to this is a ship called the Harvest Moon, which is equipped heavily for research and is well-armed. The Harvest Moon rarely stays in Quel’thalas, more often away on business.

House Senn’raethi has invested heavily over the years, and as such has accrued much liquid wealth. An amount of that was lost after the Scourge attacked, as the family’s upkeep wasn’t backed up by substantial income, but the family is still very comfortable with the amount of money it sits on.

House History

The ancient founder of House Senn’raethi was a highborne whose name has been lost to time. The house survived the Sundering and the subsequent exile from Kalimdor, and swiftly re-established its name in Quel’thalas by assisting in setting up important infrastructure for the fledgling society, particularly farms to ensure that it could be sustained. The family has since grown to become a significant force within Silvermoon politics.

House Senn’raethi is well-known for a very pure bloodline of arcanists, and a strong inclination toward making use of their skills. They do not often sit idle, and many Senn’raethis have a reputation for exploration and adventuring, often bringing back new discoveries with them. Almost all Senn’raethis have also served personally in Silvermoon’s military. The Fin’alah is frequently contributed to assist the armies of Quel’thalas and, more recently, the Horde, often with a member of the family at its head. Additionally, the house has been predominantly matriarchal for quite some time, passing the line from mother to daughter.

OOC notes

Is this house open for membership? Yes.

The family needs members to fill in guards, researchers, extended family members, and servants. Anyone who’s interested can contact Scout via PM, or on Skype under the username