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This article is a guild information page for House Eduriel.

Family Structure

Family Motto: Anu Andal'aran Dela'na (Fair winds guide us)

Head of House

Current: Aurion Eduriel

Official: Aurion Eduriel

Heir of House None

Family Members

Eduriel Branch:

Heraldry: Azure, a quarter Argent. In the quarter an Elven ship Proper.

The "main" family line of House Eduriel was known for drawing consorts from its vassal families to reinforce the bloodline and select for desirable traits. The scions of the House have always come from this branch of the family, and inheritance is patrilineal - passing down through the eldest son of the Eduriel line. Though it was Aurion's wish to distance the main family's state from the branch families in order to spare his relatives the cost of rebuilding, he has begun bringing the branches back into the fold to strengthen the family as a whole.

  • Vaela Eduriel - Daughter of Faloras, Niece of Aurion (Name stricken from official family record)
  • Faloras Eduriel - Elder Brother of Aurion (Presumed deceased)
  • Sena - Wife of Faloras (Presumed deceased)
  • Asha Sunfury - FiancĂ©e of Aurion (Presumed deceased)
  • Siara Sunstar-Eduriel - Wife of Vaela. Not entitled but still a member of the household.

Dawnsail Branch:

Heraldry: Quarterly Azure and Or, the first quarter Erminois.

This line is one of the more recent family marriages. Initially conceived of as an alliance with a small shipping house, the ascension of Leanara Dawnsail to house scion brought the Dawnsail family (and Dawnsail Anchorage) within House Eduriel proper. Though the Dawnsails had a significant falling-out with House Eduriel under Athren, this branch has strongest ties to the main house in the present day. Leanara hopes to support her son in his endeavors, and is quite happy to be supported in turn by the renewed House Eduriel. This section of the family owns the lands outside Dawnwatch House, including Dawnsail Anchorage and the farming town of Dawn's Watch.

  • Leanara Dawnsail - Mother of Aurion

Snowfall Branch:

Heraldry: Per chevron Argent and Azure. In the first quarter the Eye of Dalaran.

The oldest semi-autonomous line paired with the Eduriel family, the Snowfalls are a strong and proud house in their own right. Founded in the ancient days of the Highborne people, House Snowfall had fallen greatly by the time it married into the fledgling House Eduriel. In order to marry into their bloodline the Eduriel family promised to keep both houses equal, though in truth this equality has been merely ceremonial. The Snowfalls are a house dominated by Cryomancers and Magisters of great skill, and their bloodline is known for great intelligence and an unusually high occurrence of albinism. The Snowfall family owns an estate in the snowy and isolated peaks between Quel'thalas and western Lordaeron, a place so desolate and well-warded that it went untouched by the Scourge's corruption.

Traditionally, every second Eduriel scion was born to a Snowfall to ceremonially and literally bring the bloodlines closer together. Faloras Eduriel was to be that scion, but his death has set the balance off.

House Structure


  • Vaela Eduriel

House Alliances



House Trades

Eduriel Branch: The Eduriel family is heavily invested in the shipping trade, specifically the shipping of magical goods and reagents. This includes:

  • Enchanted weapons and armor
  • Magical dusts
  • Gems and crystallized energy
  • Herbs
  • Alchemical concentrates

In addition, Aurion Eduriel owns an enchanting business of his own whose profits go towards the support of the house and its members. Known as the Rune and Shield, it has a small storefront in Dalaran as well as a mail-order service for specialty buyers.

Dawnsail Branch: The Dawnsail family is a family of merchants. Their sea-trading business is under the direction of the main branch of the Eduriel family.

Snowfall Branch: The Snowfall family is a Magisterial family with few trades outside politics. What they do have is an excess of talented Cryomancers and librarians. House trades include:

  • Arcane research
  • Private lessons and mentoring in Cryomancy and Arcane Magic
  • Library archives and limited lending for ancient Highborne texts


Eduriel Branch:

  • The ruins of Greenwake House, the ancestral home of House Eduriel.
  • Scourge-infested land and a ruined port at the headwaters of the Throndroril River.
  • The Ninth Wind Inn (title held until loan repaid).
  • 50% ownership of The Rune and Shield, including the small apartment above the shop.
  • Salvage rights to ships previously owned before the Third War.
  • 2 acres of land currently leased from House Sunfire to grow Lichbloom commercially in the Ghostlands, one of the first ventures of its kind. 70% of harvest retained, 30% given to House Sunfire.
  • A small fleet of ships, two quick cutters and three standard merchant vessels.

Dawnsail Branch:

  • Dawnwatch, ancestral home of House Dawnsail.
  • The port of Dawnsail Anchorage, and the associated town of Dawn's Watch.
  • Farmlands on the island of Dawn's Watch, at the northern estuary of the Elrendar River in southwestern Eversong.

Snowfall Branch:

  • The Wellspring Estate, comprising a mountaintop manor and a fortified Highborne library.
  • The land surrounding Wellspring, including ancient Highborne ruins.

House History

Currently under revision. The old timeline is here as a guide but is subject to change.


  • Settlement of Southern Eversong leads the Eduriel family to establish a trading post.
  • -3500 - Eduriel business expands to include sea trading.
  • -2800 - Eduriel family begins trade with Humans, capitalizing on a gold rush in inter-species trade.
  • -2600 - A strong union is forged between House Eduriel and House Snowfall, and the Eduriel family becomes nobility.
  • -2400 - Trade with the Dwarves begins.
  • -2200 - In an effort to breed better Magisters into the family, the Lord Eduriel begins arranging all marriages across the bloodline.
  • -800 - Athren Eduriel is born to an unassuming concubine of then-scion Kal Eduriel.
  • -600 - Athren Eduriel inherits his title, now the sole heir of the main family. His brothers and sisters are divested of their inheritance, and their children either assimilate into the branch families or become common folk.
  • -500 - Faloras Eduriel is born to Athren's favorite concubine. He becomes primary heir.
  • -230 - Faloras elopes with a Snowfall noblewoman against Athren's wishes.
    • He later returns to the family with his bride in an attempt to patch things up with his father.
    • Though he is reinstated as heir, Athren still holds a grudge against him and refuses to make the marriage official.
  • -228 - Vaela Euriel is born.
    • Her genetic defects and lack of mystical talent enrage Athren, but he doesn't have the support to disinherit Faloras.
    • Faloras' wife dies under suspicious circumstances soon after the birth.
    • She is raised alongside Aurion as a sister.
  • -113 - In a fit of rage Vaela is stricken from the family records by Athren and sent to be trained as a servant.
    • Aurion is distraught to see his sister gone, but is never told what happened. He leaves for Dalaran a year later, diving into magical studies to cope with his loneliness.
    • Faloras begins preparations to overthrow his father.
  • -50 - Aurion opens The Rune and Shield alongside a classmate at Dalaran.
  • -30 - Aurion invents a method to transmute large quantities of reagents with less risk to the casters.
    • The practice is adopted by House Eduriel and the house goes into the enchanting business full-time.
  • 19 - Aurion is engaged to Asha Sunfury in the winter.
    • Though the marriage is arranged, he comes to love her as her natural curiosity reminds him of his "sister."
    • House Eduriel stands to inherit vast tracts of land if the marriage goes through, so Aurion and Asha are returned to Eversong by boat for safety.
  • 20 - The Third War.
    • House Eduriel is decimated. The lands in northern Eversong are sacked but not overtaken, though during the fighting the winter house on the Throndroril is destroyed.
    • Athren and Faloras go missing in the defense of Eversong. They are not found during rebuilding and are presumed dead.
    • Much of the trading fleet is destroyed, and most of House Eduriel's material assets are put to the torch or lost in the Ghostlands.
  • 21 - Leaving the Alliance
    • Aurion and Asha arrive to the port city of Wavesong to find the land at war and Aurion the sole heir of the House.
    • Unwilling to deal with his new responsibilities, Aurion elects to leave with Asha on Kael'thas' expedition.
    • Under the tutelage of Rommath, many Blood Elves become Blood Magi in Outland. Aurion is among this number.
  • 23 - Rommath Returns
    • Aurion returned to Silvermoon with the Blood Magi, intent on reclaiming his homeland. What he found instead was just how much his House had suffered in its leader's absence.
    • Vaela had managed the affairs of the house as a servant and bookkeeper, but control was breaking down. Aurion is forced into the role of head of household.
  • 26 - Burning Crusade
    • Word of the Prince's betrayal hits Aurion especially hard, as it comes alongside word of the Sunfury defection. He falls into a deep depression and the finances of the house deteriorate as he becomes lost in his studies.
    • After the Sunfury defeat, Asha is presumed dead. Her body is never recovered.
  • 30 - Present Day
    • Aurion opens the doors of House Eduriel again for trade. Their finances are shaky but building.
    • He seeks new allies and business partners, as well as new magics to bring strength to the Elves and his House.

Dramatis Personae


Profit or perish

Role: Magister-Lord


Blood is Thicker than Water - The most important goal in Aurion's future is to rebuild his family's lands and title, either through the work of his own hands or through alliances with (or schemes against) other nobles. His ultimate goal is to marry again and raise a heir, re-establishing the bloodline and the chain of succession well enough to retire from leadership secure in the notion that his family will endure. Whether he will actually leave his power if that happens remains to be seen, though at this point that's only a far-off dream for him.

Mystic Mastery - Not only does he want to regain the status his family once had, but he also wants to forge a new direction for the house itself. His generation was meant to be the crowning glory of the work done by his ancestors to strengthen the magical talent of the bloodline, and even though he was not the strongest of his siblings he still finds that mystic connection to be the best foundation for his house's business and legacy. His desire is not simply to strengthen magic in the bloodline, as his forefathers did, but to advance the practice and practical usage of magic through the actions of his house. Thus, their business has shifted towards magical industries, and he believes that inventing and capitalizing on magical innovation and new ways of thinking will become the lifeblood for his resurgent house.


Honor and obligation

Role: Chief Servant, Courier, Confidant


For My "Brother's" House - Vaela has a great and obsessive love for her "brother" Aurion, and will do almost anything to see her family restored to its former honor. Even with her curse removed, or perhaps especially so since Aurion worked to accomplish that, she doesn't hesitate to serve the members of House Eduriel in all they do. What that doesn't mean, however, is that she accepts everything he does. Her sense of self is surely returning, and with it her stubbornness. She may act willfully against Aurion to preserve the house as she believes it should be, or to protect him proactively against forces she thinks are against him.

A New Lineage - Though Vaela's choice of partner may exclude childbearing directly, Vaela still holds on to a desire to have children of her own (or perhaps to look after Aurion's, should he ever have any). More than the restoration of her nobility she desires a family, her family, as it seemed to be when she and Aurion were children.

OOC notes

Is this house open for membership? Yes. I would prefer to have alliances and associations developed in-character if possible, and there is certainly a chance to rediscover "lost" relatives both distant and close if anyone would like to do so.