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Three years after the defeat of the Lich King at Northrend, old hatreds have made both Alliance and Horde complacent. The heroes of both factions have failed to stop Deathwing's Return. Deathwing has left most of Azeroth drastically changed and scarred, while his servants, the Twilight's Hammer, did his bidding across the land. The Elemental Lords have also made their move, allying with Deathwing and pushing towards Mount Hyjal and the World Tree. With the strings of the Old Gods pulling these forces as they destroy Azeroth, the mortal races can only hope to survive.

The Horde and its proud warriors had been dealt a massive blow by the Earth-Shatterer. The Darkspear Trolls remain true to their warlike Warchief and allegiance to the Horde at Thrall's behest. Most of the troll tribes in Azeroth however have united under the call of the Prophet Zul, forming a massive warlike Troll Empire in a desperate bid of surival after Zandalar Isle's destruction.

For the Alliance, Deathwing's direct attack of Stormwind has left

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Status: Ongoing

The Island of Tol Barad was once an important theatre of operations during the Second War situated within the strategic Baradin Bay. It was once a staging area for Orc Raiders against Dun Modr and Kul Tiras after they took the island from Stromgarde. When the Tirassians and Stromgarde soldiers finally pushed the orcs out of Tol Barad's fortresses, they left ashes in their wake while.

Years after the war, ghosts of the Second War still haunt the villages of the northern part of the peninsula. Meanwhile, Baradin Hold itself holds more sinister secrets. It is in these isles that the Alliance and Horde once again meet to re-ignite the flames of war.

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