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This article is a guild information page for The Bloodpaw.

Neutral The Bloodpaw
The Bloodpaw
Guild Leader Captain Jonoth Shyemlye
Motto If ye ain't cheating, ye ain't trying!
Thread The Bloodpaw

Jonoth on The Bloodpaw

The Bloodpaw

After betrayal led to the deaths of many that served beside Jonoth Shyemlye and the crew of the Risen Phoenix, along with the loss of loved ones in the destruction of Duskhaven, The Bloodpaw seek vengeance on their former captain and to carve out their place on the high seas of Azeroth! Courageous, relentless, vicious, and thrill-seeking, these masters of the ocean have taken their fate into their own hands, loyal to each other and the sea that binds them.

Joining The Crew

To be a part of the guild means that you either fought alongside Jonoth and was a member of the same Kul Tiras ship he was on (read Jonoth's history for info), or are a fresh recruit onto what will someday be the most dreaded vessel of the Great Sea! If you wish to have known Jonoth previously, send me a PM so we can discuss the details of their prior relationship! Otherwise, all fresh recruits will be RPed into the guild, so find me on Jonoth or one of my myriad of alts and whisper me to join!

Upcoming events for The Bloodpaw are posted in this thread, so stay tuned!

Also, you can read this awesome guide by Piroska for basic nautical terms we'll likely employ!


  • Admiral - Captain and leader of The Bloodpaw. Currently held by Jonoth Shyemlye.
  • First mate - Jonoth's second in command. Spock to Jonoth's Captain Kirk (minus the numerous "conquests" on other worlds).
  • Quartermaster - Resourceful, the ship's "Red" to Jonoth's "Andy Dufrain". The man, or woman, who knows how to get things.
  • Navigator - An experienced traveller, getting The Bloodpaw from point A to point B in one piece. Most of the time.
  • Doctor - The men and women that keep the crew healthy, wealthy, and wise!
  • Chaplain - Like Robin Hood had Friar Tuck, The Bloodpaw welcomes it's holy and unholy brethren to offer their blessings to the ship! Better to be lucky than dead(er), right?
  • Mates and Deckhands - These fearless pirates have the choice of having known Jonoth previously, or being fresh recruits to the ship!

IC Rules

  • Mutiny will be met with death. The Captain promises to make it spectacular.
  • If you are caught doing something profoundly stupid, you must get yourself out of your own trouble to prove yourself worthy of being part of this crew.
  • All bounty will be divided evenly among the crew. We are a family.
  • Lie and you will lose your tongue. Steal and you will lose your hands. Try to run away from punishment and you will lose your legs. The Captain is easy-going unless you violate the loyalty of the crew. In those instances he will be the most wicked and cruel overseer you will ever meet.
  • We do not have a uniform. If you do something stupid, we do not want to be identified with it.

OOC Rules

Follow the rules of the server. Simple, right?