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Horde Zanthash "Adamme Dire'belore" Lightheart
Player SachikoMaeda
Gender Male
Race Wretched
Class Mage
Age 142
Height 5' 7"
Weight 138 lbs
Eyes Bright Teal
Hair Thin and brittle brown hair barely covers a few bald patches. Some hair is shorter than the rest in small patches of regrowth. The longer parts of his hair reaches an inch past his shoulders in weak curls. Even in its thinned and unhealthy state, it is cared for.
Affilliation(s) None
Occupation None
Relative(s) Lovar'thil Dire'belore (Adoptive father)
Mentor(s) Lovar'thil Dire'belore
Companion(s) None
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Alive


He usually dresses himself as finely as he can in an attempt to distinguish himself from other Wretched. He usually has a hood or hat to try and hide his balding head. Regardless of any worn, old, or torn clothes, he does his best to maintain his appearance.


Adamme is short tempered with very little patience. He usually cannot stay in the same place very long and his attention is usually scattered. He tries various methods of trying to calm himself and return to the once normal state of mind he had prior to falling to his arcane thirsts. He has very little memory of who he was prior to becoming a Wretched, fueling his frustration in trying to assimilate himself back into Sin'dorei society. He sees himself as a prim and proper Sin'dorei citizen and fails, at times, to comprehend his Wretched state.

He has his days where he is more in control of his mentality. During these calm times, he seems to be the polar opposite of the Wretched he is. He can be cool and calculated, harder to anger, and much more patient. These moments last from either a few hours to a few days. He is aware of the instabilities in his mood and seeks aid from Lovar'thil to try and keep them under control. In order to obtain this level state of mind, he is sedated to an extent. He seeks Lovar'thil continuously for guidance on trying to reverse the corruption that turned him Wretched, even if no cure is in sight. When he comes across other Wretched, he tries his best to persuade them to cooperate with Lovar'thil's studies.


Adamme was born Zanthash Lightheart over a century ago. His parents were both merchants with a skill for many things in the arcane field. From a fairly young age, they taught him the joys that arcane brought his people. He took upon inscription at age thirteen and alchemy at age fifteen. He worked with his family once he was old enough to help run the family business. It wasn't until he was older, roughly in his seventies, that he earned enough to receive formal training from a Magister. He was highly optimistic at the potential of becoming a Magister some day and took to his studies near instantly. While he was not the perfect student and had the tendency to struggle, he continued to persevere through his training.

His Magister training took longer than most, but once he finally made the cut, he studied further into the arcane. He handled his bureaucratic duties with ease, but knew he wasn't quite the caster he wanted to be. During his off time, he would travel through Eversong as he practiced various types of spells. He was content with the life he had established for himself. He lived comfortably enough to have his own home and give some of his income to his family. This continued for years until the Scourge came.

With the fall of Silvermoon and the tainting of the Sunwell, Zanthash was driven mad by his withdrawals. He wanted to find his family, but the desire for arcane was far too strong. He spent his time wandering about the ruins where his family's shop used to stand, slowly losing himself to the hunger. He wasn't even aware when he became a Wretched. His only goal was to find as much arcane as possible at any cost. He managed to scavenge about and avoid any Wretched culling attempts, straying away from any gangs, guards, or beasts, usually plucking off lone travelers with some form of arcane. For years he struggled by until he was captured off the road by a small group of mercenaries along with two other Wretched. He was dragged from the ruins of Silvermoon to the Ghostlands, spending the next few months undergoing various and often times agonizing experiments carried out by Lovar'thil Dire'belore.

In time, he slowly began to regain a state of mind closer to that of what he was prior to losing himself. He had forgotten most of his old identity during those years wandering and scavenging and took to the name that he was given by Lovar'thil. "Adamme". Trying to regain his senses was like learning to walk all over again. He had various relapses, but for once excelled where the others dragged behind. He became the only one to be considered a success by Lovar'thil's low standard. It was not quite what he was seeking, but he kept Adamme and the others close. In time, Lovar'thil adopted a fatherly role towards Adamme and in time, allowed him use of his family name as he pleased.

Skills and Abilities

Scorned. Due to being Wretched, he is unable to travel into any Blood Elven villages. He usually dresses heavily to try and hide his Wretched state when traveling, but usually avoids Silvermoon entirely.

Arcane Thirst. He is not in complete control of his hunger for arcane or fel and is prone to relapse without Lovar'thil's care. Because of this, he is usually accompanied by an escort.

Drugged Up. When sedated by Lovar'thil, he is incapable of fighting. He becomes rather lethargic and slow moving. When not sedated and his mood is elevated, his fighting is unpredictable if instigated. Any spells he uses are unstable and prone to backfire.

Two Gnomes in a Trench Coat. Any attempts to camouflage himself usually looks rather awkward. He could be mistaken for a disabled individual with an awkward gait. Any decent disguise as a normal Blood Elf is represented with a separate character bearing his birth name Zanthash.