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Use the Artifact Box to summarize important details about the artifacts owned by your character. This template can be used to replaced the contents of what is typically placed within the Information heading of an Artifact profile. This template is based on Piroska's Template:Charbox.


Owner Aidan Medren
Creator Aidan Medren
Type Two-Handed Sword
Age Recent
Size Large
Weight Moderate
Place of Origin Khaz Modan
Material Elementium
Magical Yes
Status In use
 | name = Silverflame
 | image = [[File:Silverflame.jpg|200px]]
 | owner = [[aidan|Aidan Medren]]
 | creator = [[aidan|Aidan Medren]]
 | type = Two-Handed Sword
 | age = Recent
 | size = Large
 | weight = Moderate
 | origin = Khaz Modan
 | material = Elementium
 | magical = Yes
 | status = In use
The name of your artifact. Defaults to the page name.
The filename of an image to include. The entire code for embedding an image must be used. See CotH-Wiki:Nopics for placeholder images to use.
The character currently in possession of the artifact.
The original creator of the artifact.
What sort of object it is. If you need help go by Warcraft item types, such as Two-Handed Sword, Trinket, Ring, or a more broad reference such as Armor.
How long ago the artifact was made. This can be as vague as "Recent" or "Ancient," or as precise as 20,013.
How big it is, relatively. This can be physical dimensions or a vague descriptor of size.
How much the object weighs. This can also be as specific or vague as you'd like.
The place where the artifact was made.
What material the item is primarily composed of. For a handy guide to WoW metals check out Feranos' Guide to Metals on the EU Battle.net forums.
Is this item enchanted or otherwise mystically empowered? Yes or no.
Notify other users if the item is in someone's possession, retired, destroyed, or lost! You may want to organize the retrieval of lost player-made artifacts so their stories can continue, or work on collecting and reassembling destroyed pieces.