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Neutral Siara Sunstar-Eduriel
Siara (wiki).png
Player Scout
Gender Female
Race Blood Elf
Class Rogue
Age 122
Height 5'5"
Weight 147 lb.
Eyes Emerald green.
Hair Fiery red.
Affilliation(s) House of Autumn (former)
Companion(s) Terant Sin'reial, Vaela Sunstar-Eduriel, "Easy"
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Status Alive


Siara’s a shorter blood elf, but not puny. Her height may not lend her much of an intimidating stature, but she has plenty of muscle to offset it. A lot of it remains hidden under her soft figure, however, with definition mostly coming out on her arms, calves and neck. Despite her curves, she’s fit and athletic. Her face is fairly round, and her jaw wider than typical for elves. Her fiery red hair falls at about shoulder-length, and she cuts it herself, lending to unevenly cut ends and the occasional unruly lock.

She often dresses herself in one of two extremes: clothing that leaves just the right places to the imagination, or clothing that defines her figure well. Bodices; loose shirts; laced pants; short, flowing skirts; and colorful vests often adorn her person. Quite frequently, she wears a vivid red sash around her waist, sometimes lending the sole color to her ensemble.

She almost always carries her weapons on her person--a mithril rapier, an arcanite shortsword, some daggers, and a revolver. Her armor often depends on the nature of the endeavor she’s taking upon--lighter armor for travel, and heavier, tougher leather for times she knows will be dedicated combat circumstances.


Siara is a highly extroverted individual. She finds no difficulty slipping herself into conversations with others, using whatever reason--no matter how small--to do so. Her demeanor is typically playful, casual, and quick-witted. She greatly enjoys back-and-forth exchanges, and typically prefers being around those that can keep up with her.

She is a woman of her vices, especially fond of alcohol. It’s rare to find her fully sober. She is swift to anger when disturbed, having little patience for those that try to manipulate or insult her. However, she’s often prone to similar behavior, poking small, light-hearted insults at people that she dislikes and trying to upset their composure. She keeps her guard up constantly, rarely willing to give details of her background or personal feelings.

Cold professionalism can often bleed into her general attitude, especially when she wants something done. She’s forceful and direct in her commands, usually preferring a heavy hand when it’s a question of life or death. She gets frustrated with those that refuse to follow her directions, especially when she feels like she’s giving those orders for their own good.

Despite her rough patches, she often does prefer to see people treated well if she has any positive connection to them. She will viciously defend her friends and allies from those that would wrong them, and go to great pains to ensure their safety, through whatever means necessary.


Siara was born in Silvermoon to a lower-class family, far beneath the castes of mages and nobles. She was the youngest child of three, and matured in an environment of uncertainty, given her family’s low income and large size. From a young age, she developed a knack for sleight of hand, and formed a habit of lifting coin purses from those she passed in times when money was short.

When she grew older, she wanted to join the ranks of the Magisters. However, even with her own income and some assistance from her parents, she swiftly found that the cost of teaching was more than she could afford. Despite how much she enjoyed it, she was forced to withdraw from the mage academy she had joined, returning to a life of relative hardship.

Respite from the pain of this lifestyle came in the form of a man with a blade, whom Siara met one night over drinks at a tavern. He offered to teach her swordplay, and she gleefully accepted, eager for some measure of escape. She took to swordplay easily and practiced regularly.

It wasn’t long before the possibility of mercenary work came to light, and once again, Siara eagerly pounced on the opportunity to leave her old life behind. She left her family behind her and joined with her new friend as a pair of sellswords, working both in Quel’thalas and beyond. This lasted for a time as the two of them tackled mercenary work together, but eventually, Siara’s friend and teacher was struck down in combat. She managed to collect some of his gear, and then embarked to search for other work. A connection to one of her late friend’s associates led Siara to join the crew of a pirate vessel. She remained there for roughly a decade, until she found herself wanting for more independent work again.

It wasn’t until the Third War that any further drastic shifts to her lifestyle came about, but when it hit, everything changed. Life once again became a fight for survival, as Siara found herself stranded in suddenly hostile territory. The entire infrastructure of Quel’thalas’s society collapsed in one fell swoop, and Siara was forced to take refuge in the wilds of the newly-formed Ghostlands. She evaded undead patrols and scrounged for herself, surviving barely on her wits and what knowledge she had of living in the wilderness.

Luck came to her as the forces of Quel’thalas regrouped, and within half a year, she encountered a friendly Farstrider patrol. They took her in and returned her to more or less proper civilization, and she was able to recuperate and recover, regaining lost weight and overall acclimating to a safe environment once again. She took up the name of blood elf for herself, like so many others, and was gleeful to find a solution to mana addiction in the form of fel crystals. Once she had fully recovered, she resumed her mercenary work.

As diplomatic ties shifted in the world, Siara found herself more often in goblin settlements than anywhere else. She greatly enjoyed the level of freedom available to her in such places, and often stayed in places such as Booty Bay and Ratchet. Eventually, this led her to meeting an individual named Annabelle Greene, who hired her as a more or less permanent addition to her organization, the House of Autumn.

Joining the House of Autumn put Siara at odds with a whole world of people she had never had never had to worry about before--shadow priests and warlock cultists, rallied under the banner of the Heretic Circus. The conflict between the House of Autumn and the Circus was prolonged and violent, and by the end of it, Siara had developed a hatred of shadow priests especially, and a somewhat lesser resentment toward warlocks and fel magic. Shortly following, Siara was temporarily engaged, but she and her fiancé didn’t last, and they swiftly went their own separate ways before the wedding.

In the wake of this, Siara set up more or less permanent residence in Booty Bay, still working there as a mercenary and bounty hunter. She occasionally traveled elsewhere, but the base of her operations always remained the goblin port. In light of the Shattering, however, it remains to be seen how she will adapt to the world as it stands now.

Skills and Abilities

Siara’s main mastery lies in one-on-one dueling. Armed with her rapier and shortsword, she is versed in various means of incapacitating, neutralizing, or killing her targets, able to hold her own against a variety of targets. She is particularly deadly in her skill at disarming and parrying, and also in her ability to get in close and gore her target through with her swords. She also isn’t afraid to fight dirty, pummeling with the guard of her rapier and taking advantage of a disrupted target.

She also possesses skill in fighting unarmed, trained in means of subduing opponents that takes advantage of both her strength and her speed. She is well familiar with means of controlling her target’s motion, throwing them off balance, or even fully off their feet. She is less skilled in a bare-handed fight than she is with her blades, but she remains worthy of note.

Flat-out lying to people’s faces is practically second nature to her, and she doesn’t even hesitate in bending or breaking the truth, for the most part. She’s skilled with her words, despite a cruder way of speaking, and tends to know which ones will sway someone in her favor.