Roleplay Etiquette: How to be OOC

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<Auntie Fawee lumbers over to her rocking chair and eases into it with creaking bones> Well my little Roleplayers, with all the recent events it seemed like a good time to offer some soft reminders of basic respect during RP. Just a few things to remember!

In all seriousness though, not directed at anyone in particular, and stuff you guys already know.. sometimes a reminder is good though as I've seen some people being lax on a few of these points.

  • When using your friend list or server status list to find other RPers, always ensure they are in a situation that welcomes other players to enter upon their scene. Ask first!
  • When observing RP OOCly, always check with the players involved to ensure they don't mind being watched.
  • When observing OOCly with permission, mark yourself as DND: OOC. You can do this by simply typing /dnd ooc .
  • When observing OOCly with permission, be quiet and discreet and do not interrupt the scene.
  • Remember that if you are watching something OOC, you cannot use any information you gained there IC.
  • Once you are watching a scene OOC, you need to stay that way. You cannot decide partway into the scene that you are IC and join in, especially without asking first.