Roleplay Etiquette

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Provided by SinkMarylandSink. Although these are not rules, they all are an extremely good example of how to be a roleplayer that people will want to interact with again!

1. Ask people if they want to RP, and if it's alright to come find them. Using friends list or /who to find them can be a little rude. Not to mention, you never know what you're going to walk in on.

2. When in an RP fight (text based), always type your actions using aimed, or tries. Instead of, /e lunges at you and stabs you in the chest, try /e lunges at you, aiming to stab you in the chest.

3. Take some damage! While matrix dodging is cool, so are scars. Get hacked up, scars are in this year.

4. If your character is a super spy, don't instantly assume they know everything about a character. Whisper people before hand, many people have put a lot of effort into veiling their pasts. I certainly haven't, but some have.

5. The big kill. In an RP fight, whisper someone and discuss death. I personally believe in IC resurrection, but some people take death a lot harder. Whisper them and negotiate how the fight could end, a knock out is often simplest.

6. Respect peoples IC homes, and if they're AFK, wait for them to return before waltzing in or interacting with them.

7. Don't class stereotype. Just because someone's a mage doesn't mean they're weak and frail. Some Mages may very well lift weights while reading tomes, and could be rather adept at swinging a staff. Rogues aren't necessarily stealthy and precise, some rogues are just as burly and haphazard as fury warriors. Etc. (Grakor's Addition) Keep in mind that you do play a certain class for a reason, and if your character is focused on intellect, then other aspects won't be as strong. Gods don't give with both hands.

8. If you do have a problem with someone, godmoding, whatever, whisper them. Be willing to compromise and don't totally flip.

9. Godmoding. Don't do it. If you don't know what it is, whisper me on Siv. I'll rant.

10. Try and consolidate your actions into one post, rather then posting many one liners.

11. If someone's post comes up with a (C) or a > it probably means the post isn't over, don't post until they're done.

12. Keep to post order, if you've got one going. Taking turns keeps things organized, no one likes getting lost in a sea of text.

13. Houses may not look like they have doors, but they probably do! Unless it's a merchant shop, NPC owned, might be cool to just assume there's a door there, post knocking, opening, or something to that extent.