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Prisoner Identification Form

Number 367

Name: Siv

Race: Night Elf

Class: Rogue

Height: 8'2”

Weight: 390 lbs

Hair color: Aqua

Skin tone: Grey

Eye color: Amber

Continued Physical Description

Massive, bloke is a ruddy beast. Got hands the size of frying pans and he ain't too bashful bout putting them mitts to use. Skin is an ashy grey kind of color, real shadowy like. If a 8'2” Night Elf doesn't stick out enough as is, he's got a black stripe tattooed across his eyes and a head full of dreadlocks that rattle and clank with beads and bones alike. We thought he was a Troll at first, but he wasn't hunching over…and the obvious lack of tusks. Got some filed down teeth though, yellowed and stained like.

Criminal History

Bar fighting, assault, destruction of property, theft. Put word out for a tall blue haired bloke on the networks, turns out he showed up in Mennethil a few years back and had some brief gang involvement in Iron Forge. He'd been about a week in Stormwind before the first warrant was issued for the arrest of an Elf meeting his description.

We contacted Darnassus for a history on him, couldn't get much. You know how those elves get, cloistered up in their tree perch, won't let a single thing out. He's either clean, too low for notice, or an exile. Either way he'll be serving some time in the stocks for various charges, and a few convictions of murder. No solid evidence there yet though.


There was a bar fight in one of the shadier taverns in Old Town. The ruckus got real bad and someone got thrown through a window. Stormwind's Twenty-Third Brigade took to ceasing the public disruption of peace. Amongst five other arrests was the big elf brute. Took half the brigade to get him down. Drunk as a skunk, and Light knows what else was in his system.

Critical Update

Prisoner gone missing after a riot from the cellblocks. Low priority.