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Player: Skaar

Character Full Name: Gal (formerly), Malyonis (after death)

Character In-Game Name: Malyonis

Nickname(s): Mal

Association(s): His family, Darkspear Tribe, Knights of the Ebon Blade (loosely), The Horde (loosely)

Race: Troll (Undead)

Class: Death Knight

Skills and Abilities:

Age: 37 (upon death), 39 (currently)

Sex: Male

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Glowing runic blue

Weight: 127kg

Height: 2,45m

Usual Garments/Armor: Malyonis is mostly seen with his death knight armor alongside his runeblade, a large axe

Other: N/A

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral


If Mal had to be described in one word, it would be distant. He doesn't enjoy talking with people as much as people don't enjoy hanging around him, even though he enjoys that sense of intimidation. If he were still alive, he would enjoy drinking beverages and eating good food. He is as xenophobous, racist and traditional as he was before being killed and raised, favoring Darkspear trolls and regarding men in much higher standards than women.


Mal, like his brothers and sisters, was born in the Darkspear Island. He grew up to be a bit taller than the average troll though he had a rather normal childhood for a male troll. He was trained by his father to be a warrior, much like many other trolls, but mostly since he showed great interest in sparring with other kids. His life was quite a routine: helping out his father forge weapons and armor for the older ones, training intensively each evening and go on hunting parties. As he came of age, he would be mated to only one female, much to his disappointment, even though it was more than many others accomplished. In the following years she would give birth to Mal's only child, a boy called Ma'to.

A couple of years later, this routine was broken when the murlocs started attacking the tribe. Mal as a loyal warrior of the tribe, took up arms and helped drive the nasty, squishy things away from the tribe and his own family. Though what seemed a small, victorious war, it wasn't over yet. An encampment of humans harassed the tribe as well. It was getting out of hand as the combined, though unallied humans and seemingly endless murlocs attacked the tribe. Eventually broad shouldered, green creatures landed in their island. To Mal's surprise, they were not hostile, but exactly the opposite. It was just like their leader Sen'jin had visioned. With the help of the newly allied orcs, Mal and all the other warriors, both trollish and orcish fought the tribe's enemies. Unfortunately, there had been a terrible event: Sen'jin had been captured by the murlocs and taken deep into a cave to be sacrificed. Mal remembers staying in the village to help defend it, as Thrall, the orcish leader, and others ventured into the cave to rescue all those who were captured. Hours passed before Thrall returned with the bad news of the trolls' dead leader, whose last request was for their tribe to join the Horde. Vol'jin, Sen'jin's son and new leader, obliged to his father's last request and led the trolls with the orcs across the ocean, into Kalimdor. Mal still recalls watching the water swallow their old home courtesy of the Sea Witch, who the murlocs worshipped.

In Kalimdor Mal watched his son grow into a little warrior, trained by himself, just like his father had trained him. A few months later, he was called to fight the Burning Legion and the Scourge, in the so called Third War. Even though he loathed the idea of abandoning his young son, his sense of duty toward the tribe spoke louder, so he left. After the war ended, he returned as one of the few survivors, as many, many more had died. For the following years he would dedicate his full attention to his family, specially his son. As his child turned an adult, Mal was called by the Horde to scout the Plaguelands. In honor of his achievements and previous battles, Mal accepted this call and travelled to the Eastern Kingdom.

His whole scouting group was ambushed, once deep inside the Plaguelands, which resulted in all their deaths. Their bodies were taken by the foul undead Scourge to the newly built Acherus, a supposedly unbeatable necropolis.

Mal was woken up. He was sure he had died, how could he be alive? He stood up in front of a couple of hooded figures and a larger one who appeared to be in full armor. He did not feel any desire to run away or even move, it felt right to just stand there. After what seemed like an eternity, one of the hooded ones talked to him: "Whom do you serve?", he asked, at which Mal instinctively answered: "The Lich King". He knew his words were the truest he could ever pronounce. The larger figure nodded at his words, speaking himself this time: "Fallen warrior, you will be trained into a death knight, a weapon to serve the Lich King's will. Now go." And so he left, soon turning into the weapon he was told he would become. Many horrors were done by him alongside other fallen heroes. Eventually, they attacked Light's Hope Chapel, after ravaging the Scarlet Crusader's cities. After all, that was their purpose of creation: slaughter all and any who opposed the mighty Lich King! Then, the unexpected happened: Darion Mograine was freed from the Lich King's grasp, along with all the death knights created in Acherus. They were free, in mind only. They were not free from the memories of what they did while under the command of the Lich King. They would never be.

The Ebon Hold had become his new home for the following years. Even though accepted by Thrall, just like all his other previous Horde heroes, he was something different, something considered evil. He could only hope for the best and help the fight against the one who brought him back. And so he did, after a long, huge war against the undead, the Lich King finally fell and Mal left Acherus to return to his family back in Sen'jin, with only problem remaining: acceptation.