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Player: flammos200

Character Full Name: Kynra Cinderstrike

Character In-Game Name: Kynra

Nickname(s): Ky, Kyn, Blood-Maiden, 'That Demon Kaldorei' (In order from friends, coworkers, and a certain Blood Elf, whom she scared... unintentionally.)

Association(s): The Alliance, The Argent Dawn(Ex.), Night Elves, The Ebon Blade.

Race: Night Elf

Class: Death Knight

Age: 2,142

Sex: Female

Hair: White, and long. As it keeps getting into her field of view, she is prone to keeping it held back, not with a band or anything like a normal person, instead drenching it in blood and letting it coagulate in a shape which doesn't impede her vision.

Eyes: Runic Blue

Weight: 100 Kg.

Height: 2,10 m


When out and about, she will generally wear robes, and other light clothing. When anticipating combat, however, she will don the armor of her kind. That being, dark-coloured heavy plates.

Other: From her right shoulder, around her arm, down to the fingers of her hand, she keeps tied a rune-scribed strip of thick, heavy leather, forming her runeweapon, Kal'falah. In addition to this, she often bears a rune-encrusted sword on her back, this one being unnamed, as of yet.


Kynra is a confused, if well-meaning individual. At least, for the most part. She is a Death Knight, and this leaves her prone to certain meanderings of the mind. She has, for one, an obsession with blood as a substance. This is in part due to the fact that it is the discipline she is most proficient in, but to it contribute other factors, such as giving the appearance of being alive and feeling her pulse, and blood flowing through her veins, alongside the dark, necrotic energies of her kind.

This state of unliving troubles her greatly, and leaves her questioning most of her own actions. She buries herself in work, or practice, or on focusing her attention on people, anything to make her mind think as little as possible about her condition, and as much as possible about the practical things needing to be done on Azeroth.

As far as races are concerned, she makes very little distinction. All races are part of the Ebon Blade, and she sees the Scourge as an obstacle to all life, discarding most racial hatreds in lieu of this view. This attitude is also the vestige of her ideas from the time before becoming a Death Knight.

Kynra is a very philosophical person, as if to counterbalance her practical nature, and she dispenses her thoughts freely. Just as freely as her doubts. In this respect, she lacks tact, and is generally straightforward.

On a lighter note, she has a penchant for the colour red and for wine. In fact, her biggest dream of yet is that, after the Lich King has fallen, she would start her own vineyard, to grow grapes and make wine.


Kynra has a normal past, as far as childhood is concerned. Her place of birth was Ashenvale. She was raised by the community, her mother a Priestess and her father a Druid. She was not a very developed child, physically, but she aspired for Sentinelhood. The impersonality of the community-raising of children so common to Kaldorei, left her wanting for someone to actually talk to and relate to. When everyone is your friend, she would say, you cannot trust any of them with secrets. To her luck, she befriended a young Druid in training, who shared with her his philosophy of nature. Something she took to with great ardor.

Things only remained at a philosophical level, however, as her coming of age was approaching, and she indeed did become a Sentinel. She trained to the very limit of what her body would allow her to do, taking a heightened interest in protecting Kaldorei lands from most natural threats.

Then the Third War came, and the Night Elves fought off the Burning Legion as they had ten thousand years ago, losing their immortality. She participated in the battle of Mount Hyjal, and ended up in surprisingly good relations with most other races as the Alliance was being formed afterwards. Such was her desire to do Azeroth a favor, that she joined the Argent Dawn, and took part in an expedition into the Plaguelands.

Combat ensued, and her band was outnumbered. A heavily plated man fell over and unto her in the turmoil of battle, knocking her unconscious. She awoke in Acherus to pain beyond pain, as she was being stripped of all that made her who she was, into her veins being pumped unholy energies, in a Ritual that was meant for the dead, and undead she did become... As the pain slowly came to an end, she encountered another torturous reality. The Lich King's voice was her master, and she was bound to his will. By this dark binding, she slaughtered her former brethren, and took part in the battle of Light's Hope Chapel, where she and the other Knights of the Ebon Blade were freed of Arthas' control, and she vowed never to forsake her freedom ever again, and redeem herself for her former actions.

She became an Ebon hunter, a weapon against the very shadows which conceived her, working for the Blade in keeping the peace, either dispatching Scourge stragglers, or Death Knights unfit for the rest of society after their freeing. She took up this post to keep her mind occupied, for the most part, and due to her generally well-meaning attitude.

Of late, however, she has shown signs of wanting to reintegrate herself into society, coming up with the dream of starting a vineyard after the Lich King has fallen, but whether she will follow through with it or not, remains to be seen. A brighter note would be that she has made friends. Among which an Anchorite in training, a Draenei Mage and the fellow Ebon Knight, Malyonis, being a few prominent figures in her current life.

Skills & Abilities

Blood...: Not so much a skill nor ability, but blood as a substance permeates most facets of her existence. She specializes in it, after all, and it has led to a slight obsession with it and its characteristics - specifically, the color red.

Blood!: Kynra has fine-tuned her control over the original Death Knight Blood abilities, as well as her Death Grips, perhaps in effort to compensate for lesser skill with the other areas of Death Knight spells.

BLOOD!: Almost all of the Death Knight abilities are reinterpreted as using Blood, rather than Frost/Unholy. For example, Chains of Frost would become thick rope-like bindings of solid blood, rather than ice.