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Player: Wuvvums

Character Full Name: Kiff Channix

Character In-Game Name: Kiff

Nickname(s): N/A

Association(s): Sir Tressian W. van Ravenholdt

Race: Goblin

Class: Necromancer Minion OOC: (Death Knight)

Skills and Abilities: Like most undead she is quite durable and strong, though given her limited intelligence she can not wield anything beyond a simple weapon, nor can she fight tactically. She fights physically with her bony, claw-like hands, which are capable of goring enemies.

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Hair: White, tied back.

Eyes: Undead and glowing blue.

Weight: 90 lbs

Height: 4'2”


Usual Garments/Armor: She wears whatever is given to her, which includes bloody bandages.

Other: Her skin is a deathly, pale green and she still has her jewelry on from when she died.


Given the skill of her necromancer master, she has retained a semblance of lesser intelligence, putting her on par with an abomination. She has an affinity for her master and wants to protect and please him like a dog would. She has come to confuse anything shiny with gold, making the most simple objects rewarding to discover.

Kiff does not know her own strength and is prone to lashing out at others when not under her master's supervision. She can not feel empathy for those she has hurt, though she may not care to begin with, so long as her master is safe.


Kiff was born in the Steamwheedle Port, and grew up in the desert with her family. They often took trips to Gadgetzan to sell their imported alcohol, and watch the gladiator cage matches. Kiff had so much fun whenever she watched the fights, even if they were brutal and bloody. It gave her an intense fascination for violence.

Her parents did not want her taking to the blade because of the possible health bills that would come with such a sport. They also believed, being a little goblin girl, she wouldn't stand much chance. β€œIt's not profitable!” they told her, but against their wishes she got her hands on a weapon and tried anyways.

It was a metal pole and she used it as a staff, but since she couldn't conceal pit fights in the ring, she did the next best thing and fought in alleyways. She joined one of the young gangs that often picked on and bullied the weaker goblin kids and took their money. She managed to assert a high spot on the social ladder through brute force alone. Kiff was one of the roughest and toughest, and beat her way up to the top.

She was proud to show her parents the coin she made from bullying and shaking down smaller kids, and, unsurprisingly, they were fine with this. This also managed to convince them that maybe she could make a living fighting, and it was enough for them to let her sign up in the pee-wee pit fighter circuit. It wasn't as glamorous and bloody as the adult fights (mostly because they didn't want to scare off visitors), but she felt exhilarated.

As she was weeks from to turning eighteen, she was prepping up for the gladiator matches for the grown-ups and training hard. But, her life was cut short. As she came out of her house one day an immense wave washed over the Steamwheedle port, sweeping her and the city up into the ocean. She drowned in minutes.

Death was a confusing state. The goblin wasn't even aware at first, it felt like she was in a hazy dream and playing through visions of being a gladiator just like every day. Things looked a little gray and wispy, and yet it seemed normal.

Meanwhile, as her body was pulled from the sea, it was shipped and sold with the cargo of corpses to whoever would buy them on the black market. Given her relatively preserved state, and having been in good shape when she died, she fetched an alright price. She ended up in the hands of Sir Tressian W. van Ravenholdt, a necromancer, who dragged her soul back into her body and forced her to be his minion. She forgot everything about her death, though she remembered a few things about her, mainly her name and that she liked fighting. But as far as she knew those things about her were just a dream, and she had always belonged to Tress.